Wanhao Boxman-1 Curing Box Review

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Relatively recently, the supply of Wanhao Boxman-1 UV curing chamber for additional exposure of models began. Finally, we got our hands on to test this device.

With the advent of inexpensive resin printers, the question of finding budget accessories and additional equipment has become relevant. Many tasks, if desired and with a sufficient amount of time, can be solved on their own without resorting to buying additional accessories. For example, to wash models, it is not necessary to use an ultrasonic bath; you can do with alcohol and soft brushes. But it will be difficult to cope with additional illumination of the model with improvised means.

UV nail dryers have become a solution for many 3D-makers, but, alas, they cannot always produce high-quality additional lighting. Models made from some resins had to be left overnight or dried all day. There are also size restrictions (dryers are suitable only for very small models), and they cannot provide exposure from all sides. It is also not always possible to “dry up” the model in the sun in our latitudes in a natural way, especially St. Petersburgers will understand this =)

Therefore, the release of UV cameras by many manufacturers of resin 3D printers is quite logical and natural. Prices for such UV boxes are completely different. For some brands, they often correspond to the cost of the printer, and even more expensive. Wanhao Boxman-1 can be called a fairly budget product compared to other UV cameras.

Let’s take a closer look at Boxman-1.

Wanhao Boxman-1 Curing Box Review 1

Purpose of application

From a 3D resin printer, we get a “sticky” model that needs post-processing. First you need to rinse it in isopropyl alcohol, and then make an additional exposure.

The UV camera allows you to increase the surface hardness of the model, and therefore its durability. Strength also increases to some extent. Also, if you want the model to show all the mechanical properties of the polymer, it is imperative to perform additional curing.


Boxman-1 is made in a metal case and looks a bit like a microwave.

Wanhao Boxman-1 Curing Box Review 2

The door is held on secure fittings.

Wanhao Boxman-1 Curing Box Review 3

There are handles on both sides for easy transport.

Wanhao Boxman-1 Curing Box Review 4

Just above the door, there is a small touch screen for controlling the UV camera.


At the top there are 4 fans with carbon filters for cooling the LED arrays.

Wanhao Boxman-1 Curing Box Review 5

In front, we did not forget to make a viewing window with glass that does not allow UV radiation to pass through.

Wanhao Boxman-1 Curing Box Review 6

Boxman-1 looks simple but reliable.


Light source 4 UV LED arrays
Power 120 watts
Voltage 110V / 220V (switchable)
Device weight 14.5 kg
Wavelength 405 nm
The size 43 * 30 * 35cm
Curing area 32 * 20 * 20cm
LCD touch screen 57.6 * 43.2mm
Fan size 85 * 85 * 10mm
Certification CE, FCC
Viewing window 15 * 6cm
LED warranty 2000 hours – wear 30%; 5000 hours – 50% wear

The Wanhao UV camera illuminates models at 405 nm, like most of the most popular resin printers.

The curing area is quite large 32 * 20 * 20 cm, it will allow you to light one or two large or many small models at once.

Principle of operation

Now let’s figure out how the UV camera works.

All interior walls of Boxman-1 are mirrored.

Wanhao Boxman-1 Curing Box Review 7

The table on which the models are placed is made of transparent glass. Even the table pillars are transparent. This is done so that the models are exposed from all sides.

Wanhao Boxman-1 Curing Box Review 8

In theory, you can make additional glass tables with stands yourself and light up low models in several tiers.

On top of the inside of the camera there are 4 UV matrices with LEDs, very reminiscent of the matrices from Wanhao D7. They also produce exposure of models.

Wanhao Boxman-1 Curing Box Review 9

Power on and control

Mastering the work with the Wanhao Boxman-1 is not difficult – just plug in the power cable, press the button on the back – the display turns on, which means the camera is ready for use.

The display shows the preset exposure time, the settings menu and the Start button.

Wanhao Boxman-1 Curing Box Review 10

In the settings, you can set the required exposure time. Usually 5-10 minutes is enough, but it depends on the model.

It is possible to pause or stop the exposure before the set time.

Wanhao Boxman-1 Curing Box Review 11

Important! Do not open the door during illumination. There are no opening sensors or a door blocker installed there when the device is running, so the matrices continue to shine even when the door is open. This means that it is better to use the camera away from children, just in case.

Wanhao Boxman-1 Curing Box Review 12

Wanhao Boxman-1 Curing Box Review 13


We used Wanhao Boxman-1 for additional illumination of models from different resins. As a result, all the models were ready 5-7 minutes later, if the models are larger in size, respectively, it will take a little more time. The UV camera is very simple to use (the instructions for starting up the camera take only one page, everything else is devoted to the characteristics and safety measures).

Previously, we used nail dryers for additional illumination, of course, using a specialized device is many times more pleasant, more productive and faster.

Boxman-1 is a reliable device with good ergonomics, absolutely without any “bells and whistles” and interesting additional functions. But it copes with its task by 5 points, and for quite reasonable money compared to other UV ovens.

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