At 3DTechValley, our goal is to make 3D printing more accessible to the masses. We believe that additive manufacturing is the future and strive to demystify it to the masses.

3dtechvalley product test lab
Our Product Test Lab

We do this by carrying out hundreds of tests of products unveiled by different manufacturers from all across the world. Our modern Test Lab boasts of experienced additive manufacturing enthusiasts with many years of experience in the field.

Product Test Process

We are rigorous with our machine reviews. We test new products from a beginner’s point of view, all the way to the expertise level.

Our goal is to be as hands-on as we can with the product and provide what we learn in a concise manner to educate our audience on how the various products work.

Review Philosophy

We follow and adhere to a strict review philosophy that is constantly evolving. Our philosophy is simple:


We make understanding 3D printing easier for beginners, intermediates, and experts through our in-depth reviews. We understand our audience and aim to provide value to them regarding the particular products that we review.


Hands-on: We do not just scout for reviews online, but get our hands on the machines. We tinker with the products to understand their operations inside-out, put them through multiple tests and compare the results we get with those of comparable machines on the market.

Expert Commentary

After testing your product, which can take from a few weeks to months, we provide an expert commentary about it. This commentary is meant to help our audience understand what to expect based on our experience with the product.

Here are examples of product reviews we’ve written in the past:

And here are product comparison posts that we’ve written:

Here are some beginner guide posts:

We also write round-up posts, which are a curation of the best products in a particular category. Here are some examples:

Want us to Review Your Product?

We do not charge any fees to review products. This helps us to maintain an unbiased opinion when creating our review content.

If you’d like our team to review your product, please get in touch with our Testing Lab Manager through kevin (at)

PS: We have testing labs in both the US and UK. Please get in touch for the addresses. We also have collection points in China (for our Asian) potential partners).