Best Resin (SLA) 3D Printer

Here is our selection of the best resin 3D printers (LCD, DLP & SLA 3D printers) for summer 2020, including test reports.

esin 3D printers have an incredibly high level of detail, they can be equipped with many different materials and they can also print out parts reasonably quickly. These high-precision printers cost tens of thousands of euros until a few years ago. Nowadays they are incredibly cheap as desktop printers.

The best cheap resin 3D printer

We went inside ourselves, thought back and forth and racked our brains about which of these resin 3D printers we can recommend with a clear conscience. The Phrozen Sonic Mini deserves our praise for being a resin 3D printer that makes use of LCD technology, with which it can print incredibly quickly. The price is very low (around € 215), but this does not detract from the quality.


Best Resin 3D Printers

There are currently loads of inexpensive resin 3D printers out there that are also suitable for makers on a smaller budget. Below are the printers that we think are the most interesting.

These devices, which offer you a lot of performance for little money, are classified according to price and not according to our preference.

Anycubic Photon Zero

Anycubic Photon Zero




In our opinion, the Phrozen Sonic Mini is “The Best Budget Resin 3D Printer” for summer 2020. Thanks to a monochrome LCD screen, the Sonic Mini can achieve layer curing times of two seconds. The Sonic Mini is a fast MSLA powerhouse for smaller budgets.


Due to its gigantic installation space and its high level of user-friendliness, the Peopoly Phenom can also be recommended without hesitation. In the 276 x 155 x 400 mm installation space, wearable parts of a costume, drone parts and other large objects can easily be printed without having to share the models with modeling software. Unfortunately, such a large installation space also comes with a large price tag – namely € 1,770. But in our opinion it is worth it.

Best Choice for Very Large Prints: PEOPOLY PHENOM

The Peopoly Phenom is one of our recommendations for the “Editor’s Choice” in summer 2020. Thanks to MSLA technology and a huge print volume, the Peopoly Phenom is a real productivity beast that can process large and detailed prints quickly.


For professionals and companies, our article Best 3D Printers for Professional Users is probably a little more helpful, because it explains which 3D printers are best for advertising and design purposes. And if you don’t have the time, take a look at the Formlabs Form 3 . This resin 3D printer really impressed us in our tests. Without a doubt, it is the most complete of the printers in this category currently on the market.



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