charley terrenceI’m Charley Tellier (not related to the French engineer) and I’m a freelance graphics and motions artist. I believe in the future of 3D printing and this is why I blog at

On this blog, my aim is to provide readers with guidance and practical information on 3D printing. I generally write about 3D pens, printers, models and products in the market. I also curate tutorials and models from the internet with the aim of making the site a one-stop shop for everything 3D.

I have a curated page of 3D printing price comparison service. On the page, you can find the right prices, materials and 3D printing services both for hobby or commercial projects..

I am a passionate and experienced digital artist based in Houston, TX. Over the years, I have built friendships and partnerships with various industry players from all around the globe. My goal with this website is make 3D printing mainstream and accessible to everyone.