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When impeccable model surfaces are required, the choice between FDM and resin 3D printers is obvious. A few years ago, resin-based printing technology was not available to everyone due to its high cost. That all changed when several manufacturers started making affordable and efficient LCD 3D printers. At the end of last year, the championship branch deservedly passed to the Elegoo Mars 3D printer .

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First introduced back in 2017, Elegoo Mars has become a strong competitor in the newly formed low-cost resin 3D printer market segment. At a low cost, it offers excellent print quality, reliable assembly and ease of use.

In February, it will already be possible to purchase a printer in our store , but for now let us share our impressions of Elegoo Mars based on the ALL3DP.COM review, which awarded it at the end of 2019 2 awards: “Best Budget Photopolymer 3D Printer” and “Editor’s Choice “.

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Elegoo Mars is a compact 3D printer with 2560×1440 2K HD resolution LCD and 3.5 ” color touch screen.

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It competes with the popular Anycubic Photon and even has a large plotting area along the XY axis.

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About Elegoo

Elegoo, located in Shenzhen, China, was founded in 2011. There are now over 100 employees working there with a 3280 square meter factory.
Elegoo is dedicated to the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of open source hardware, 3D printers and parts.

Elegoo Mars characteristics

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Assembly and appearance

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Mars is built at a very decent level. It is not heavy, thanks to its light weight (5 kg) and rubberized feet, it is easy to transport and turn. Taking into account that the USB port is not located in the most convenient way – on the rear panel, it will have to be rotated periodically.

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Despite its light weight, the printer stands stably on its 4 legs and does not sway during printing.

Elegoo Mars has a removable cover made of red plastic, transparent on all sides, it will be very convenient to monitor the printing process. But fans of Anycubic Photon and other pop-up lid printers may find it inconvenient to remove the lid before every print.

The Elegoo Mars print area is 120 x 68 x 155 mm. For comparison, the Photon S is 115 x 65 x 165mm.

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Printer calibration is very simple and fast and is similar to many resins. To level the print bed, loosen the mounting screws, lower the bed, and calibrate it with a piece of paper.

Materials used

Elegoo Mars is not whimsical and is compatible with most modern resins with a light wavelength of 405 nm. One thing – a resin bank is not supplied with the printer, so you will have to purchase it before printing. The fact that the printer is versatile in terms of the use of resins of different brands is confirmed by many users on the network, demonstrating impressive results from printing from different resins.


The printer is very easy to use, the most difficult thing, perhaps, is the correct preparation of models for printing.

Elegoo Mars uses ChiTu Firmware and ChiTu Box Slicer. Mars is one of the few printers officially supported by ChiTu software.

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The ChiTu Box slicer has all the basic functions that are required when preparing models for printing. In addition to placing supports and filling models, there are additional ones, such as changing the position of one of several models on the platform without removing the supports that were so carefully placed. In the settings menu, you can also find an anti-aliasing (AA) function that can reduce the effect of stairs on the surface of the model. Perhaps this function is not so necessary with the recommended Elegoo layer thickness of 0.01-0.2 mm, however, there is such an option.

The photo on the left shows an approximate fragment of the model without using anti-aliasing, on the right using this function:

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This feature will probably come in handy with thick layers to balance speed without sacrificing detail.


The print quality on Elegoo Mars is impressive. Generally, when printing on LCD 3D printers, any imperfections in Z-axis printing are striking, with Mars you won’t. The resolution accuracy is standard – along the Z axis it is 0.00125 mm, along the XY axis – 0.047 mm.

Below are the print results of Elegoo Mars users from the Internet:

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However, found flaws in testing. After prolonged printing, the firmware may crash when loading new files. The printer either creates the appearance of the beginning of printing and after one layer immediately displays the completion or simply does not print the file. Turning the printer off and on helped fix the error. We hope that the next software updates will correct these shortcomings.


Is the Elegoo Mars printer worth your attention? The answer is definitely yes! This printer has an ideal price-performance ratio. And these are not empty words. For RUB 31,900 you get one of the easiest and most hassle-free resin 3D printers to use. It can easily be forgiven for small flaws in the form of an inconveniently located USB port and a noisy fan. Mars offers very high print quality at the lowest cost of the competition. At the moment, the demand for it all over the world is growing and it already has a rather impressive user community. Simple and effective – it deservedly received the title of “Best Budget Photopolymer 3D Printer” and “Editor’s Choice” by the portal

Look forward to our personal review of Elegoo Mars in the coming months!

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