Modix Big Meter Review

Modix is known for its high-performance large format 3D printers of the Big series. In this Modix Big Meter review, we look at what you should expect in terms of performance of the printers, as well as touch on the features, specs, and price.

Modix Big Meter 3D Printer Overview

The Modix Big Meter is a professional resin (FDM/FFF) 3D printer whose setup involves self-assembling. The Big Meter is part of the Big series that includes the Big 40, Big 60 V3, Big 120Z, Big 120X V3, and others.

The Modix Big stands out for its large build volume; a whooping 1,010 x 1,010 x 1,010 mm, and a bunch of other features that make additive manufacturing more accessible even to hobbyists and small print shops. Some of the printer’s features include dual-zone silicone heater, filament run-out sensor, 100-probing-points automatic bed leveling system, and the ability to be equipped with a secondary print head.

The printer also comes with a PEI print surface that ensures the layer stick properly during printing and can be removed without a hassle when the job is complete. The unit also produces high-quality prints with a smooth finish. The printer minimal layer thickness is 40 microns.

The Modix Big Meter 3D printer is a reliable machine that produces precise prints. This unit features a sturdy frame made of T-slot aluminum profiles with powder-coated aluminum brackets and joints. The axes have Hiwin MGW motion rails that ensure fast and smooth movements. On the same note, the Z-axis motion system has four ball screws to improve its stability.

The large format 3D printer operates relatively quiet thanks to the low-noise Trinamic TMC2660 stepper motor drivers. The printer runs on the RepRap firmware that is easy to upgrade.

To improve performance and capability of the Modix Big Meter, you can upgrade it with the E3D Super Volcano hotend, a high-temperature sensor, and an active air filter.

The Big Meter is an industrial 3D printer that is intended for experienced makers. The machine is perfect for film, sculpting, product development, batch production of automotive parts, prototyping, advertising, among others.

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The large build volume and high-quality prints with smooth finishes mean that the Modix Big Meter 3D printer can be used for various applications. For example, you can use it to print the casings and enclosures of other 3D printers.

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Modix Big Meter Specs

Accuracy 10 x 10 x 0.5 Micron
Application Displays, Fashion, Mold Making, Prototyping
Assembly DIY Kit
Bed leveling Fully automatic
Closed print chamber Yes, fully enclosed
Compatible with 3rd party filaments? Yes an open material system
Connectivity SD card, USB cable. WIFI is optional
Display 7-inch LCD touchscreen
Extruder type Single (Optional Dual)
Frame Steel and aluminum
Manufacturer Modix
Manufacturer country Israel
Max extruder temperature 572 °F / 300 °C
Mechanical arrangement Cartesian-XZ-Head
Outer dimensions millimeters (xyz) 1,300 x 1,470 x 1,830 mm
Print bed details Heated bed, PEI surface
Printable material(s) PLA , PETG, PVA, ABS, ASA, PC, Nylon, TPU/TPE, Woodfil, Copolyester, Carbon, and other composites
Printer type Filament
Slicing Cura, Simplify3D, Slic3r
Build volume 1,010 x 1,010 x 1,010 mm
Layer height 40 – 800 Microns
Technology FFF FDM

Unboxing the Modix Big Meter 3D Printer

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When your order arrives, this is what you will get:

  • Modix Big Meter main units
  • Dual print head (default)
  • Power supply
  • Power cords
  • Spool holder
  • 7-inch touchscreen
  • A large aluminum print bed
  • Spare parts
  • SD card
  • Cable and wire sets
  • Hex and screw driver sets
  • Powder-coated aluminum components

Modix Big Meter Design

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The Modix Big Meter looks sleek in its black and red trimmings. This stylish printer is made of high-grade components and is suitable for multiple professional and industrial applications.

The printer measures 1,300 x 1,470 x 1,830 mm (51 x 58 x 72 in) and weighs 220kg (440 lbs.)

Modix Big Meter Features

The Modix Big can print layers at a minimum layer height of 40 μm. This means that the parts produced have smooth surfaces.

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The printer has a nozzle size of 0.4mm, which offers a good balance between detail and speed. If you wish, you can use other nozzles of different sizes, depending on the type of project you are working on.

You can also install an extra nozzle on the printer for multi-material functionality.

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The print head of the Modix Big Meter 3D printer runs on Hiwin MGW9W motion rails, which help to ensure the printing is precise, fast and reliable. The motion rails, together with the Trinamic TMC2660 stepper motor drivers ensure that the printer does not produce a lot noise when undertaking a job.

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Modix Big Meter Materials

You can print a wide range of materials with the Modix Big Meter. The printer is compatible with PLA, ABS, PETG, TPE & TPU (flexible) Co-Polyester, Nylon, HIPS, PVA, PHA, Magnetic, Brass, Copper, Wood, and composites such as Carbon fiber.

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Each of the printer’s extruders has a fan, which allow the printing of PLA materials while providing additional cooling. The cooling is important to reduce instances of stringing, warping and other common issues usually experienced with FDM/FFF printing.

This printer can also simultaneously print materials of different colors.

Modix Big Meter Build Volume

The Modix Big Meter professional 3D printer has a large build volume of 1,010 x 1,010 x 1,010 mm (40 x 40 x 40 in). With this large print area, you can print just about anything.

The large build area enables you to print large models or multiple small models at once.

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Printer Controls

You can control the Modix Big Meter through its inbuilt 7-inch LCD display. You can also use your smartphone or PC to control the printer.

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Coming to connectivity, the printer has USB, WI-FI and SD card options for sending your models for printing.

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The printer is compatible with the common slicers on the market, including Cura, Slic3r, Simplify3D, Printerface, among others. You can also create objects in nearly any format.

Modix Big Meter Price

The Modix Big Meter is an affordable industrial 3D Printer. You can check the price at Top3DShop.


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