Modix Big 40 3D Printer Review

Is the Modix Big 40 3D printer worth the money? What are the specs, features and price of the printer? Read on to find out.

Modix Big 40 3D Printer Review

Modix, the Israeli company, has cut a niche for itself in the 3D printing world through the production of quality industrial large format printers. One of their printers in the Big series is the Modix Big 40. This industrial 3D printer is a budget-friendly DIY kit with a large build volume of 400 x 400 x 800mm.

Apart from the large build volume, the printer has a number of useful features that make it easy to get started with. For example, the printer has a filament detection sensor, automatic bed leveling system, and can be equipped with an additional print head.

Like is the case with the higher versions, the Modix Big-60 and the Modix Big-120, the Big-40 is reliable and stands out for its precision. The printer has a robust frame made of T-slot aluminum profiles as well as powder-coated brackets and joints.

The Z-axis motion system of the large format 3D printer has four ball screws that improve stability. In addition, the axes have Hiwin MGW motional rails that ensure smooth movements.

The large format 3D printer’s heat bed is made of cast aluminum plate (MIC-6 aluminum mold alloy) and has dual heating zones. This machine operates reasonably quiet thanks to the Trinamic TMC2660 stepper motors. You can also upgrade the printer with the E3D Super Vulcano hotend, a high-temperature sensor, or an active air filter.

The Modix Big 40 3D printers is powered by RepRap firmware. This firmware is easy to configure to fit your needs. This industrial 3D printer is perfect for experienced makers involved in prototyping projects or batch production of tall and narrow parts, such as prosthetic legs.

Here is a video showing the printer setup:

Modix Big 40 Specs


Company Modix
Application Prototyping, Research and Development, Restoration
Industry Art, Automotive, Construction, Consumer products, Education, Sign and graphics
Technology FFF FDM
Printer type Filament deposition
Launched in 2020
Assembly DIY Kit


Materials PLA , PETG, PVA, ABS, ASA, PC, Nylon, TPU/TPE, Woodfil, Copolyester, Corbon composite
Material system Open material system

Build size (XYZ)

Print size metric 400 x 400 x 800 mm
Print size imperial 15.7 x 15.7 x 31.5 inches


Diameter 1.75 mm
Layer thickness 40 – 800 Microns
XYZ accuracy 4 x 10 x 0.5 Micron
Closed print chamber Yes, fully enclosed
Feeder system Direct
Extruder Single
Print bed details Heated bed, PEI surface
Bed leveling Fully automatic
Display LCD
Connectivity SD card, USB cable. WIFI is optional
Camera Optional


Slicing Cura, Simplify3D, Slic3r

Dimensions (XYZ) & weight

Dimensions metric 870 x 720 x 1,520 mm
Dimensions imperial 34.3 x 28.3 x 59.8 inches

What’s in the Box

Modix Big 40 3D Printer Review 1

When you purchase the Modix Big 40, here is the list of items you’ll find in the box.

  • Modix Big 40 main units
  • Dual print head (optional)
  • Power supply
  • Power cords
  • Spool holder
  • 7-inch touchscreen
  • Aluminum print bed
  • Spare parts
  • SD card
  • Cable and wire sets
  • Hex and screwdriver sets
  • Powder-coated aluminum brackets and joints

Modix Big 40 Features


Modix Big 40 3D Printer Review 2

The Modix Big-40 3D printer comes in black with red trimmings. This printer looks stylish, smart and features premium-grade components. The smart design makers it excellent for application in various professional and industrial settings.

The Modix Big 40 3D printer can print layers at a minimum layer height of 40 μm. At this height, your prints will come out with smooth exterior surfaces.

Modix Big 40 3D Printer Review 3

The large format 3D printer’s nozzle measures 0.4 mm, which provides a good balance between detail and speed. However, you can change the nozzle to others of different sizes, depending on what you are working on.

The printer can also take an additional nozzle to enable it print multiple materials simultaneously.

Modix Big 40 3D Printer Review 4

Check the video below to see the quality of prints with dual colors:

The Modix Big 40 3d printer’s head runs on Hiwin MGW9w motion rails. The rails make printing precise, fast and reliable. Together with the upgraded stepper motors, the rails ensure your projects are printed more accurately and without a lot of noise.

Modix Big 40 3D Printer Review 5

Printer Controls

The Modix Big 40 has an in-built 7” LCD screen with all the controls you need. The printer can also be controlled through a smartphone or PC.

Modix Big 40 3D Printer Review 6


Coming to connectivity, you can print your models via SD card, USB, or Wi-Fi.

Modix Big 40 3D Printer Review 7


The industrial 3D printer is compatible with different software, including Printerface, Cura, Slic3r, and Simplify3D. The printer can also interact with 3D models of nearly any format (.stl, .obj, etc.)

Modix Big 40 Materials

The Modix 40 can printer a wide range of materials, including PLA, ABS, TPE & TPU (flexible) Co- polyester, Nylon, HIPS, PHA, Magnetic, Brass, Copper, Wood, Carbon fiber and PETG.

Modix Big 40 3D Printer Review 8

Each of the printer’s extruder has a fan, which means you can print any PLA-type material. The fans also provide additional cooling, which helps to reduce stringing, warping and other issues typically encountered when using FDM printers.

Modix Big 40 Build Volume

The Modix Big 40 has a build volume of 400 x 400 x 800 mm (16 x 16 x 32 in.). This size is large enough to allow you to print just both small and large items. In particular, you can easily print tall and narrow pieces in one go.

For example, below is a prosthetic leg cover that was printed using the Modix Big 40.

Modix Big 40 3D Printer Review 9

Modix Big 40 Price

The Modix Big 40 comes at a price of about $4500(check current price). This is an affordable industrial 3D printer that provides value for many based on its capabilities.

You can purchase the 3D printer at Top3DShop.

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