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Think Big With a Large 3D Printer!

You will find while searching for the right 3D printer that most on the market today have relatively small building volumes. Most of them are giving you 6î or less to build your objects inside.

But what would happen if you need to print a model that is larger than 1:200 on the architecture scale? This would mean that now youíll have to advance to a 3D printing machine with a larger build volume.

Something very important you have to know before buying a large 3D printer is that it will require a bit setup and upkeep more than those printers that were designed specifically for home-based use that can easily be plugged in and used. Rather than scaring you off this should just be something you remember when you purchase such a machine.

Below are some of the 3D printers that might provide you the required build volume. They are listed according to build volume. Also, note that the bigger the building volume of your 3D printer the higher is the price youíll have to fork out for it.


LulzBot TAZ 6

Although this is the amongst the smallest 3 Dimensional printers on the list you will be satisfied to know that still comes with a building capacity of 1200î cubic. To better translate, this simply means that you would almost have twice the building size that comes with most consumer home-based printer machines.


Setup is Quick and Easy

Some of the features that make this model stand out from the others on the list are the fact that it is relatively easy to set up, reliable and require very few maintenance.

When you first receive the printer you will have to do some assembly that takes on average about an hour. After this, you will have the opportunity insert the strand into your printer and start printing. The loading of the filament should not really give you any complications since it is mostly automated.

Instructions that are included are very clear to understand so that you can go through that process stress-free.

Automatic bed leveling is one of the features that the TAZ6 introduces to the world and is more than a welcome addition. This makes set up and calibration of the printer very easy. You have to include 4 metal diskettes on each side of your printing bed for the process to continue smoothly.

Another great feature that comes standard on this printer is the felt platform that is programmed such that it wipes the extruder before every print. So you donít have to worry about any additional filament that might spoil your succeeding print.


Great Compatibility

This printer is compatible with a wide assortment of filaments on the market. The extruder of this printer is able to heat up more than 500∞F allowing you to use materials like ABS and nylon. You can also use some of the exclusive options and blended options in this printer.

Lulzbot only recommends that you donít use any carbon fiber filament options because it may harm the extruder of the printer.


Hassle Free In Use

This printer comes standard with the very well praised Cura software. It has more than enough tweaking options for a beginner and more advanced user to get the best 3D object out of their printer. Faster prints usually have to sacrifice their quality while prints that are produced at a slow pace are of much higher quality. These settings can be tweaked in the Cura software to your liking.

After you finished designing your object you may go ahead and send it to your printer through a USB link or the SD card slot.

The LCD display on the printer has several functions including the ability to stop a print or see how far it has progressed.

Something that might bother some consumers is the fact that this is one of least quit printer on the market. Everything on the printer is a little loud including the drive motors and the cooling fans. This is definitely something you would not want to put in your family room.


High Print Quality

You will rarely see any spider webs with the quality prints this machine produce. There are also smaller chances that you see noticeable blobs on your printer.

When you switch over to the highest detail option in the Cura software it will enable you to reach a 0.18mm coating height. This is fantastic for most uses especially when you are building a large object like in this case.

Turning over to high speed you will get something around 0.38mm and a print that finishes much faster. On average this could be something round 3 times faster than the superior setting.



This printer is very easy to set up and opens up your 3D printing world to a wide range of filaments to choose from.

Youíll find it useful for most application due to the fact that it provides great quality prints.

Even though you get spoiled with a large build volume this printer will definitely disappoint you in some way when it comes to the application.


Creality CR-10

Creality have some of the best large volume 3D printers available on the market today.

There are three options you can choose from when it comes to the build volume of choice including:

Creality CR-10
Build Volume: 300x300x400mm (11.8? x 11.8? x 15.6?)

Creality CR-10 Plus
Build Volume: 400x400x400mm (15.8?x15.8?x15.8?)

Creality CR-10 Max
Build Volume: 500x500x500mm (19.68?x19.68?x19.68?)

The CR-10 is the newest addition to their line of 3D printers. Creality launched it in early 2017 and at a rather low price tag for a big format printer. But all this created a positive stir and the reviews by developers were also promising immediately causing this company to build a reputation for themselves.

The demand for their printer raised so high that some consumers had to wait a few week to get their hands on one as they were shipped from China. Taking this as a learning the company has stepped up their game and delays are now an only 3-5 day when you purchase it online.

It ships with a few trimmings in the packet including masking tape, PLA thread and a cut tool that allows you to remove models from the printing platform.


Easy Setup

Once you start setting up this printer you will need some DIY skills just for the first few parts. It is adviced that you unbox everything and go through some of the tutorial videos that they include in the box and the instruction manual.

The aluminum border will have to be bolted to the platform after which youíll have to connect some wires to the motors.

By default, the power source will be 220 volt that needs to be switched to 110 volts to match the power sources available in the US. Lastly, you will be required to fit the filament tube onto the extruder of this printer.

The biggest difference between the TAZ6 and the CR-10 is the fact that you will be required to physically fine-tune the bed leving. The job can be rather tricky and will require you to also manually calibrate your printer.

If you are a patient person this should not worry you too much. No calibration will be required if you have done it correctly the first time. Printing some large adjuster wheel will help make the bed leving informal.

All of the initial set up of the printer will not take longer than 1h which is something good considering the printing quality you get from this machine.



The nozzle temperature is variable on this printer ranging from 180-220∞ celsius and a hotbed temperature of 50-60∞ celsius. This allows you to make use of most kinds of the filament on the market including the exclusive blends.

Unfortunately, the open chassis design does not allow you to produce ABS as effectively as other 3D printers on the market. If you want to do this desperately youíll have to create a cover so that draughts does not affect your build.


Print Quality

Its hard to find any fault with the models that are produced by the CR-10 3D printer. You are less likely to see any blobs on the final product. Resolution is also very good from 40 microns down to 100 microns where you can barely notice the steps taken to produce the final product.

Although the large printing bed takes time to warm up it will stay at that temperature and heat all the way up to the edges.



This printer played a very important role in establishing large 3D printers that are available to consumers today. Its hard to beat the incredible value for currency you get for such a large printer.

Even though the printer was only introduced to the market in 2017 it has already received a lot of praise from consumers and developers. If any problems arise the developers of this incredible product wonít hesitate to answer your burning questions.


Where can you buy these large build volume 3D printers?

All these large build volume 3D printers are available for purchase from the Amazon store. You can follow the links below to buy your printer.

  1. LulzBot TAZ 6 buy on Amazon from $2,500.00
  2. CREALITY CR-10 buy on Amazon
  3. CREALITY CR-10 Plus buy on Amazon
  4. CREALITY CR-10 Max buy on Amazon




The Best Large Format 3D Printer

This would be the perfect time to start shopping around for a big 3D printing machine. The Creality CR-10 range of printers has totally turned the printing world upside down. Any above 11 inches should serve as enough encouragement to go and get your CR-10 3D printer today.

If you are confident that your prints won’t exceed 11 inches than something like the Lulzbot TAZ 6 should be just fine. They have been around for a very long time and provide exceptional quality for the money.

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