Fusion3 F410 Review

If you are looking for a professional 3D printer with a large build volume, the Fusion3 F410 may be for you. This printer boasts of quality prints and reliable speed. Read our Fusion3 F410 review to find out all the specs, features, price and more about the printer.

Fusion3 F410 Review

3D printing hobbyists are usually looking for affordable 3D printers for their passion or hobby projects. However, for professionals and educators, price is at the bottom of the consideration list when it comes to picking a 3D printer.

Engineers and designers need professional 3D printers that are fast, reliable, and produce high-quality models. For teachers in a classroom setting, safety will be more of a concern when selecting a 3D printer.

One of the best large format 3D printers that are suitable for both professionals and schools is the Fusion3 F410. This printer is solidly made and does a great job for classroom use or prototyping. The printer is designed, assembled and calibrated in the United States.

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The printer is fully enclosed, has a high maximum print speed, boats of a large build volume and sport other features not typically found in budget 3D printers.

Read our Fusion3 F410 review for all the nitty-gritty details of this machine.

Fusion3 F410 Specs

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Print Technology FFF
Build Volume 355x355x315mm
Machine Size 724 x 775 x 648mm
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Min. Layer Resolution 20 microns
Max. Print Speed 250 mm/s
Build Plate Heated glass with multizone heater
Max Build Plate Temperature 140°C
Build Plate Material Glass
Build-Plate Leveling Automatic Bed Leveling
Materials PLA, ABS, HIPS, TPU, PC, Nylon, TPE, FLEX, PETG, Metallic PLA, Wood PLA, Carbon Fiber, etc
Print Head E3D Volcano
Extruder Bowden
Nozzle Diameter 0.4, 0.6, 0.8mm
Max Nozzle Temperature 300°C
Connectivity SD Card
Operating Systems Windows, Mac, Linux
File Types .STL, .OBJ

What’s in the Box?

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When you buy the Fusion3 F410 3D printer, this is what you’ll get in the box:

  • Fully-assembled f410 3D printer
  • Power cord
  • Quick-start guide
  • Simplify3D license key card
  • Getting started packet
  • Spare print surface
  • 1kg roll of PLA filament
  • Filament spool holder
  • External DS card
  • Toothbrush
  • 2 purple glue sticks
  • Part removal tool
  • Spray bottle
  • Operator’s toolkit

Look and Feel

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The Fusion3 F410 3D printer comes in anthracite black. The printer looks stylish and will compliment any small business, end-user production, school, or rapid manufacturing workshop.

This printer measures 724 x 775 x 648 mm and weighs 39kg. The spool holder is mounter internally on the side.

Fusion3 F410 Features

Build Volume

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The Fusion3 F410 printer has a build volume of 355 x 355 x 315 mm (14 x 14 x 12.4 inches). This area is large enough for printing nearly everything. Below is an example of a prosthetic hybrid cover printed using the F410.

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Fusion F410 3D Printer Materials

On the outside, the printer’s enclosure ensures the temperature in the heating environment remains stable when printing high-temperature materials. The print bed maintains a stable 45°C all across, which means you can print a wide raneg of materials, including Nylon, ABS, and Polycarbonate, Carbon Fiber, Wood PLA, Metallic PLA, PET, FLEX, TPE, PC, TPU, HIPS among others.

In fact, there is nearly no material that this printer cannot handle.

The printer F410 prints with open-source 1.75mm filaments. Therefore, you can print a wide range of materials with it.

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The filament has a fan for printing PLA materials. The fan helps to cool down the printer to reduce instances of stringing and warping, which usually degrade the quality of prints.

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Here is another adjustable wrench model printed from generic ABS. You can see the quality and accuracy that the printer is capable of.

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While most FDM printers have a single zone, heated print bed, the F410 has a multi-zone heated bed made of glass.

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The Fusion3 F410 is also a safe printer thanks to its enclosure. You can use the printer in the classroom without worrying about the safety of your students since the print bed enclosure offers protection from the print bed or heated nozzle.

The large format printer also has optional HEPA and Carbon air filters. When installed, the filters reduce odors and harmful emissions.

During our tests, we found the printer to be reasonably quiet.

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Fusion F410 3D Printer Print Quality

As a result, your parts will come out with smooth exterior surfaces. The printer is reliable and combines consistent print speed and high precision to allow you to print large parts from different materials and at the speed and quality you prefer.

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One of the advanced features that the Fusion3 F410 has is a maximum print speed of 250 mm/s. At this speed, the printer can rapidly prototype parts and improve production workflows.

Coming to quality of print, the F410 has a minimum layer resolution of 20 microns and print tolerances within 0.003 inches.

The extruder of the Fusion3 F410 has filament monitoring. Should the printer detect that the print job is running out of filament (or should the extrusion stop), the print job will automatically stop.

The extruder also has a filament cleaning mechanism to reduce instances of failed prints resulting from clogged nozzles.

This printer has an E3D Volcano hotend and its steel nozzles can be changed to use 4, 6 or 8 mm. Depending on our requirements, you can print high quality parts in fine detail.

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The print head runs on rails, which helps to make the printing accurate and fast.

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The print heads cost about $160 and can be interchanged by loosening two screws. For fast printing speeds, use the 0.8mm print head. With this nozzle, the F410 will print at 250 mm/s. The 0.4 mm print head is also fast, churning 110 mm/s.

Apart from the different print heads, the printer comes with different sizes of extrusion tips. The speed and quality of the models you’d like should help you decide which tip to use.

There’s the0.4mm tip, which can print 20-to-300-micron layers with a resolution of 75 microns. For more precision, you can use the 0.6mm tip, which can print 100- to 400- micron layers at a resolution of 115 microns. Finally, the third option is the 0.8mm tip which can create 200- 500- micron layers with a resolution of about 150 microns.

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While some professional 3D printers still use the traditional rubber belts, the Fusion3 F410 uses a Kevlar cable system. This system improves print speed and accuracy.

Both the printer’s enclosure and frame are made from strong aluminum, which ensure the device does not vibrate a lot when carrying out a print job.

Printer Controls

The F410 3D printer comes with an onboard controller and a touch display that has all the settings you need to operate it. The touchscreen display is easy to operate, and is integrated with a web sever that allows you to monitor a print job via an Ethernet connection or from a web browser.

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To print your 3D models, you’ll need to do so through a microSD card.

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The F410 is quite a large printer. Therefore, it can take a big chunk of space on your printing desktop. If you don’t have enough space, the printer has an optional rolling cart that can also be used as a storage space.

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Finally, when you but the Fusion3 F410, you also get a free copy of Simplify3D, one of the best 3D printer slicing software programs. Usually, the software costs $149.

The software is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, and works with the most common file formats.

Fusion3 F410 Review: Verdict

The Fusion3 F410 can quickly create models from a wide range of materials. This large format printer packs a lot more punch than many of its competitors that are larger and more expensive. At just abo$4000 (check current price), the F410 is a bargain that any professional or organization should pick without a second thought.

Where to Buy

The Fusion3 F410 is a speedy 3D printer that is perfect for schools, prosumers and workshop. You can purchase the printer at Top3DShop.


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