MYNT3D Pen Review: Create Beautiful 3D Art, Miniature Art

3D pens have been hyped so much it is impossible to imagine that a few years ago no one could convince you that something can be drawn on air and to appear life-like. Actually, the idea of drawing in air wouldnít even be a proper topic of discussion some decades back.

But 3D pens came and revolutionized the world of art. It gave more people the courage to express and develop their artistic imaginations in a way that two dimensional arts was incapable of.

The MYNT 3D pen is perfect for beginners in the artistic field. Learning to draw, even on paper is very challenging. The 3D paper makes the process of learning easy as it only requires your imagination. Some people imagine that drawing in air is difficult, I would say it is challenging at the beginning, but with practice and patience one can easily become an expert in a really short time.

How Does The MYNT 3D Pen Work?

3D pen is a new technological innovation. It therefore goes without saying that it uses an approach that is unique and which you have to be intrigued and self-motivated to learn.

  1. The pen does not use normal ink or lead thatís used by ordinary pens but instead sticky plastic ink. The two most common types of these are PLA (which is organic) and ABS (petroleum based). Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages.
  2. The plastic ink is fed into the pen as solid filaments. A mechanism inside the pen then heats it up from where you can squeeze it out using some push buttons on the sides of the pens body.
  • After the ink is extruded, you shine strong violet light which usually emanates from the tip of the pen and this helps harden the ink. It is advised to take extra precaution with the UV light as shining it on the eyes could cause damage to your eyes.
  1. To prevent the sticky ink from blocking the nozzle, you should always hold the MYNT pen in an upright position.
  2. Although it is said that youíre drawing in air, you still need a surface to support your art creation especially at the start when you need to cure the ink to form your base.

Features of MYNT 3D Pen

The MYNT 3D pen is noticeably cheaper than most of the other 3D pens. However, I always caution against equating price directly to quality and features offered. This 3D pen has most of the features that are available in other 3D pens highly priced plus more.

  • Design: It ergonomically designed and is light weight. This makes it luxurious to hold and gives you a chance to put more effort in making your imagination a reality.
  • Power Outlet: 10 Watts outlet and 5 volts/DC 2A input. This makes it ideal for using outdoors.
  • OLED Display: The MYNT 3D pen has a crystal clear and good size display. This makes it possible to easily monitor the battery level and temperature of the pen.
  • Extrusion Speed control: This pen has a function that allows you to control the speed by which the thick ink is ejected from the nozzle. This means you have a better chance to perfect all the intricate details of your art work which will come out the exact way you imagined it.
  • Adjustable temperature setting: An excellent and unique feature of the MYNT 3D pen is that it gives you an opportunity to make one degree increments in temperatures. This means you are able to determine the thickness of your extruded filament. When the temperature is high, the ink becomes thinner and vice versa. The adjustable temperature ranges from 130 to 240 degrees.


Why MYNT 3D Pen Is Perfect For Beginners.

  • It comes with a comprehensive easy to understand instruction manual.
  • Setting up the pen is relatively easy and does not require any form of preparation. You can literally use the pen ten minutes after removing it from the box.
  • It is lightweight and therefore very easy and comfortable to handle.
  • It is perfect for small hands and can be therefore used even by 7 year old kids.
  • Itís an ideal gift for people with artistic minds.

Click here to read finer details on suitability of this pen.


Why A MYNT 3D Pen Could Be The Best Option For You.

  1. People who are armatures with 3D pens donít have to be anxious about coordinating between how they hold the pen and shape their designs. This 3D pen has a feed button which only needs one to double click in order to get continuous flow of ink.
  2. The MYNT 3D pen comes with an easy-read instruction manual that makes it easy to learn how to use the pen.
  • If you want to have fun with your kids or donít want too much mess then you can draw on glass as it easily peels off. It will also be a great way of teaching your kids how to be stable on their 3D pen skills.
  1. Since it has both a USB and an electrical outlet, you donít have to worry about being off charge as you can utilize a portable power bank to recharge it.
  2. In comparison to other pens in its class, this pen is jam free and intuitive which makes it a fun tool to invest in.
  3. This pen works very quietly in comparison to other pens. You can easily work at night with it and not be worried about waking your loved ones.
  • It has a relatively clear display which makes it easy for one to monitor the inks temperature and adjust according to their preference.


Some Review Concerns

The MYNT 3D pen has got a lot of positive feedback and praise from users. Among the features itís famous for are its user-friendly design which makes it perfect for enthusiastic art beginners and also for children.

However, like any other product in the market, it has also got some criticism. These include:

  • A few users have complained about the heating system being dysfunctional. But this resolves itself on consequent tries.
  • Some users criticize it for being cheap and opt for more expensive pens which according to them have better features. Of course this is subject to discussion.



The MYNT 3D pen is a perfect blueprint for greater styluses in the 3D futuristic technology. It is not a promise that you will be an expert sculptor from the moment you get hold of the pen but one thing is for sure, the MYNT 3D pen will shine more light on your artistic capabilities.


It is also a great garget to use to introduce your kids into the world of art and help boost their self-esteem. The best part of this pen is it will produce fine products regardless of how experienced or inexperienced the holder is. If you prefer more expensive gadget that has more advanced features thatís ok. But keep in mind that the more advanced the 3D pen, the more challenging it will be for you to master the skill of using it.

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