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Which is the best 3D pen on the market? Read on to find out.

3D technology is making everyone go bananas. From 3D printers to 3D pens, no one wants to be left behind in using these design accessories. To address the needs of everyone, 3D pen manufacturers are now producing affordable yet quality pens. In this 3D pens review, we take a look at the best 3D pens that will give you the most value for your money and revolutionize your doodling experience.

But first off, let’s check a table highlighting the main features of the 3d pens.

Best 3D Pens

Feature 3Doodler Create+ MYNT3D Professional 3Doodler Pro SCRIB3D P1 PIKA3D Pro
Suitable for Beginners Hobbyists/Intermediate Advanced Users Hobbyists/Intermediate Hobbyists/Intermediate
Temperature Control 2 Settings 130-240°C (adjustable) Wide Range 1-degree increments Buttons
Speed Control 2 Speeds Adjustable slider Dial Switch Buttons
Filament Compatibility PLA & ABS PLA & ABS Wide Range (Metal, Wood etc.) PLA & ABS PLA, ABS, Wood
Special Features Multiple Accessories OLED Display, Removable Nozzle LCD Screen, Multiple Nozzle Sizes LCD Screen, Auto-Sleep Auto-Standby, Nozzle Airflow
Price Range $50-70 $100-120 $150-200 $70-90 $80-100

Here’s a quick summary:


  • 3Doodler Start+. Safe for children (6+) with low-heat PLA filament.
  • MYNT3D Professional. Great for intricate work with adjustable temperature and removable nozzle.
  • 3Doodler Pro. Most versatile with wide filament compatibility and professional features.

To find the right 3D pen, consider your experience level, desired features, and budget.

Now, let’s look at an overview of these top rated 3D pens on our list.

#1. 3Doodler Create+

3doodler create 3d penThe 3Doodler Create+ is a product of the pioneer 3D pen manufacturers; Wobble Works. This 3D pen is an improved version of the 3Doodler Pen. The drawing gadget is lightweight and appealing in its aluminum body. It also has simple but intuitive controls. This pen can only be adjusted to two temperatures and two speeds.

There are many accessories available for the 3Doodler Create 3D pen. These include a Doodle Pad that can be used as a Doodling surface, a changeable nozzle set, a project book, a foot pedal for relieving fingers and a Jet pack (portable battery pack). 3Doodler also offers EDU Create+ bundle that can be used for educational purposes.


  • FDM technology (ABS and PLA filament)
  • Appealing look
  • Multiple accessories
  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Compact build quality
  • Hot nozzle
  • Easy to handle and use


#2. MYNT3D Basic 3D Printing Pen

mynt 3d penThe MYNT 3D pen uses FDM technology and has two buttons on the side that unload or extrude the filament when pressed. The unload button can also be double-clicked instead of being held continuously to feed the filament. This makes doing big projects relatively easy.

The MYNT3D Professional 3D printing pen has a removable nozzle that is easy to clean or switch in case of a clog. The pen also has an OLED display that will show both the temperature of the nozzle and the material being used. You can adjust the temperature in 1-degree increments to between 130-240 degrees Celsius. The pen also has a side slider that you can use to adjust the extrusion speed to your preference.

This is one of the best 3D pens for kids and adults. 


  • Adjustable temperatures (in 1-degree increments) between 130-240 degrees Celsius
  • FDM technology(Both ABS and PLA filaments)
  • OLED screen that displays the temperature of the nozzle and material used
  • Removable nozzle for easy maintenance
  • Lightweight (40grammes)
  • Speed control slider
  • Filament feed and unload buttons
  • A smart feed button for a continuous stream
  • Easy to handle and use

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#3. 3Doodler PRO

3doodler pro 3d penThe 3Doodler PRO by Wobble Works is an improved version of the original 3Doodler. This new 3D pen is made with more versatile materials and features an improved nozzle.

The Doodler Pro can use all types of conventional 3D printing filaments, including metal filaments, polycarbonate, nylon and even wood, in addition to the full range of 3Doodler filament materials.

The nozzle sizes available for the 3Doodler Pro are 0.5mm, 1mm and 1.5mm. There are also different nozzle opening shapes like ribbon, square and triangle.

The pen has integrated dials at its rear end that can be used to adjust the extrusion and temperature speeds. An LCD screen on the pen will help you in monitoring the speed and temperatures while an adjustable in-built fan helps to keep the pen cool.

The Doodler Pro 3D pen is designed for expert artists. The pen is flexible, luxurious and produces excellent 3D creations.


  • FDM technology (uses a wide range of filament materials, including metals, nylon, wood and even PLA)
  • Has a professional design
  • The in-built fan is adjustable
  • LCD screen can be used to monitor speed and temperature
  • Speed control dial
  • Temperature adjustment dial
  • Can be used wirelessly or plugged into a power source
  • Portable and easy to use

This is one of the best 3D pens on the market.


#4. SCRIB3D P1 3D Printing Pen

ipeson 3d penThe SCRIB3D PI 3D Printing Pen has an LCD screen that you can use to monitor the nozzle temperature. There are also two buttons on the body, next to the LCD screen, for adjusting the temperature in 1-degree increments.

The SCRIB3D 3D pen also has filament unloading and extrusion buttons and a switch on the side for controlling the speed of extrusion. The safety feature automatically switches the pen into standby mode after five minutes of non-use. There is also a filament-jam detection system that prevents the nozzle from clogging.

This unique professional 3D pen can be powered by either a battery or a USB cable. This makes this 3D pen highly portable.


  • A button for adjusting the temperature in 1 degree increments
  • FDM technology (ABS and PLA filament)
  • Filament-jamming detection system
  • Safety feature that automatically shuts down the pen after 5 minutes of idleness
  • Extrusion and reverse buttons
  • LCD screen for monitoring nozzle temperature
  • Powered either using a battery or through a wall adapter
  • Hot nozzle (is therefore, not suitable for children)
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Quiet operation
  • Speed control switch


#5.  PIKA3D Pro 3D Printing Pen

Best 3D Pen 1

The PIKA3D Pro 3D Printing Pen lives up to its name. The 3D drawing pen uses FDM technology to extrude ABS, PLA and wood filaments. This pen is lightweight and has both the look and feel of an artistic model. The 3D pen is designed has an auto-standby mode that takes effect after one minute of idleness.

The nozzle of the PIKA3D Pro has an airflow design that will make it easy for you to be in control of your project. This pen has a pair of buttons on one side for controlling the filament extrusion speed. There is also an unload button on top of the feed button that you can use to switch between filaments or clean up after use.

Two buttons for controlling the nozzle temperatures are located further down the pen. To The LCD screen on the body of the pen will help you see any temperature adjustments you make.


  • FDM technology (ABS, PLA and wood filaments)
  • LCD screen for monitoring nozzle temperatures
  • Nozzle temperature control buttons
  • Speed control buttons
  • Feed and Unload button
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Professional design tailored for artists


#6. 7TECH 3D Printing Pen

7tech 3d penThe 7TECH is an affordable 3D pen for expert artists. Like most 3D pens, you can choose between ABS and PLA filaments, control the speed of extrusion and set the nozzle temperatures. The 7Tech 3D pen also has a filament-jamming detection that helps to prevent clogs. The gadget works quietly and will go into sleep mode if idle for five minutes.

You can monitor every data about the pen from the LCD screen on the body.


  • Speed control slider
  • FDM technology (ABS and PLA filament)
  • LCD material that displays the nozzle temperature, extrusion speed and the filament material being used
  • Hot nozzle that makes it dangerous for use by children
  • Automatic filament jamming detection
  • Unclogging mechanism
  • Automatic standby mode after 5 minutes of inactivity
  • Easy to use and extremely quiet

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#7. 3Doodler Start+ Essentials Kit

Best 3D Pen 2

Equipping young minds with creative tools can spark a lifelong passion for innovation and exploration. The 3Doodler Start+ Essentials Kit stands out as an exceptional 3D pen specifically designed for children:

Unlike traditional FDM pens with high nozzle temperatures, the Start+ utilizes low-heat PLA filament, making it safer for younger users. The ergonomic design and easy-to-use controls allow children to focus on their creations without complex settings. The kit also comes with stencils and activity guides, inspiring kids to bring their artistic visions to life in 3D.


  • Low-heat PLA filament. Safe for children to use with adult supervision (age 6+ recommended).
  • Ergonomic design. Comfortable for small hands to hold and maneuver.
  • Two speed settings. Allows for adjusting the material flow rate for finer details or faster filling.
  • Rechargeable battery. Provides portability and convenience.
  • Includes stencils and activity guides. Fuels creative exploration and learning.

By incorporating the 3Doodler Start+ Essentials Kit into a child’s creative toolkit, you can nurture their imagination, introduce them to the exciting world of 3D design, and spark a passion for innovation that can blossom into lifelong skills.



There are many 3D pens in the market. However, none are as versatile and as user friendly as our collection of the best. These top rated 3D pens come with user manuals that are well-written. Even amateurs can easily get started with the pens and come out with breathtaking results.

Most people think the heating technology in 3D pens compromises their safety for use. However, this is not the case. Only the nozzle tips are usually hot since they are used for melting the thermoplastic filament. The filament usually hardens the moment it gets into contact with air.

Also, the top 3D pens in our ten list come at affordable prices. Some pens cost quite a bit, but they provide the best value for the money.

To avoid disappointments with the 3D pen you want to purchase, do your homework well. Read 3D pen reviews of the particular pen you want and evaluate your specific needs and expectations.

Also, there is an age restriction for use of most 3D pens. Follow the restrictions and keep the pens from young kids. Overall, Iím confident that you will find the best 3D pen that will suit your needs from this list. The best thing is that you can use your pen both for hobbies, fun or client projects.

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