Best 3D Pen Review

Which is the best 3D pen on the market? Read on to find out.

3D technology is making everyone go bananas. From 3D printers to 3D pens, no one wants to be left behind in using these design accessories. To address the needs of everyone, 3D pen manufacturers are now producing affordable yet quality pens. In this review, we take a look at the 10 best 3D pens that will give you the most value for your money and revolutionize your doodling experience.

But first off, let’s check a table highlighting the main features of the 3d pens.

Best 3D Pens of 2021

Now, let’s look at an overview of these top rated 3D pens on our list.

1. Soyan 3D Pen

Best 3D Pen Review 1

With all the attractive features of this pen, it couldnít have failed to make it in our top 10 list. The Soyan 3D printing pen has a light frame and features a sleek design that makes it a beauty to behold and to hold. The pen has control buttons that can be used to regulate speed and temperature. These make it convenient for use by both slow amateur artists and expert artists.

You donít have to worry about monitoring the speed and temperature as these are shown on the LCD screen. You simply need to press the buttons back and forth while watching the changes on the screen. The energy-saving feature of the pen makes it stand out from the competition. When you want to take a small break from your fun-filled creative moment, simply put the pen on standby mode.

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2. Scribbler 3D Pen

Best 3D Pen Review 2

The Scribbler is a sleek and sturdy 3D pen with breathtaking aura. The doodle pen weighs only 2.3Oz, which is lighter than most competing pens and makes it perfect for use even by little hands of children. The Scribbler comes with 3 spools of filament of different colors to provide an exciting doodling experience. This 3D pen also has an LCD display that makes it possible to adjust the speed of thermoplastic discharge from the nozzles as well as the temperature.

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3. YaYa 3D Pen

Best 3D Pen Review 3

This outstanding 3D pen features a 0.7mm copper nozzle that makes it durable. Using the pen does not require installation of any software or programs. However, the creative designs you can make with it are exquisite. You can use the designs to accessorize rooms in the house.

The YaYa3D pen is the perfect gift for creative people for special occasions. You can also play around with the 3D printing pen with your family and enjoy quality time. Art and craft students will also find the pen excellent for making great designs.

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4. 3doodler Create

Best 3D Pen Review 4If you want hours of unlimited fun, the 3doodler Create is what you have been searching for. This 3D doodler uses thermoplastic material, thatís heated and solidifies the moment it gets into contact with air. The plastic filament material can also be used in repairing household items like microwaves and coffee mugs. Moreover, you donít have to worry about replacing the filaments. When you purchase the 3doodler Create, you will be given a 25-pack refill filament. It will take you quite some time to finish using the filament.

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5. CCTRO Scribbler

Best 3D Pen Review 5

The CCTRO Scribbler is an excellent 3D pen to buy, especially if you have kids above 12 years in your house. The pen allows both kids (above 12 years) and adults enhance their creativity by engaging in fun art and craft activity. Children can use it to season up their science and math projects and also become the teacherís pet in their arts class.

The CCTRO Scribbler instruction manual is comprehensive yet easy read and be understood even by amateur artists. Even better, this 3D pen comes with 3 spools of filament in black, white and blue. It is fun to mix up colors and come up with creative designs using the CCTRO Scribbler 3D pen.

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6. CreoPop 3D Pen


Best 3D Pen Review 6If you want your jewelry prototypes and other designs to be outstanding and advertise themselves, buy the CreoPop 3D printing pen. The company behind the pen is famous for experimenting with different techniques. It does not come as a shock therefore that this 3D pen makes it to our top 10 list of the best 3d pens in the market. It will be long before any other 3D pen in the market can match up to this breathtaking 3D pen.

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7. Ipeson 3D Pen

Best 3D Pen Review 7This is a stereoscopic 3D pen with a diameter of 1.75mm and an LCD display screen. Designing with the Ipeson 3D pen is so much fun. There is no limitation of the kind of thermoplastic material you can use with the pen. You can use either the ABS or PLA technology to print with the pen. Moreover, you can monitor and adjust your temperature as desired via the display screen. With these features, holding the pen and finding out how light and comfortable it is will amaze you.

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9. MYNT 3D Pen

Best 3D Pen Review 8The MYNT 3D pen has user-friendly features that make it easy for use by both kids and adults. The 3D doodler has speed and temperature control buttons for adjusting the speed and temperature to the most favorable for you. The features a 2-in-1 design that incorporates a plug design. This means you can replace the nozzle or heater when something goes amiss. Since the MYNT 3D pen is slim and lightweight, it has a perfect hand grip and one of the best 3D pens for kids and adults. The pen also comes with several filament colors. You are guaranteed to have fun by mixing up colors to find the best for a design.

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10. Lix 3D Pen

Best 3D Pen Review 9The Lix is famous for being the smallest 3D pen in the market. This pen has an aluminum body that is 0.55 inches wide and 6.45 inches long. It also weighs only 1.23 ounces, making it one of the lightest 3D pens in the market. However, the small size does not compromise its performance. The Lix cools fast and can use both ABS and PLA plastic. Moreover, its light weight makes it one of the best 3D pens for doodling in the air.

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There are many 3D pens in the market. However, none are as versatile and as user friendly as our collection of the best 10. These top rated 3D pens come with user manuals that are well-written. Even amateurs can easily get started with the pens and come out with breathtaking results.

Most people think the heating technology in 3D pens compromises their safety for use. However, this is not the case. Only the nozzle tips are usually hot since they are used for melting the thermoplastic filament. The filament usually hardens the moment it gets into contact with air.

Also, the top 3D pens in our ten list come at affordable prices. Some pens cost quite a bit, but they provide the best value for the money.

To avoid disappointments with the 3D pen you want to purchase, do your homework well. Read 3D pen reviews of the particular pen you want and evaluate your specific needs and expectations.

Also, there is an age restriction for use of most 3D pens. Follow the restrictions and keep the pens from young kids. Overall, Iím confident that you will find the best 3D pen that will suit your needs from this list. The best thing is that you can use your pen both for hobbies, fun or client projects.

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