CreatBot D600 & D600 Pro Review

The CreatBot D600 is a large industrial 3D printer that is popular in the additive manufacturing industry. What are its specs and how does it perform? Read our CreatBot D600 Pro review to find out.

The CreatBot D600 is a large industrial 3D printer that boasts of build volume of 600 x 600 x 600 mm. This stable and versatile printer can handle a wide range of materials, including PC, Nylon, and other high-temperature thermoplasts.

CreatBot D600 Pro


CreatBot D600 Pro Review

The industrial 3D printer uses extrusion 3D printing technology and is an upgrade of the D600. The D600 Pro is similar to the D600 but has a heated chamber, auto bed leveling and a heated filament area.

Check the video below to see the printer in action:

 CreatBot D600 Specs

General (Printing)

Fused Deposition Modeling

Build Volume


Number of Nozzles




Layer Resolution


Filament Diameter


Filament Compatibility

PLA, ABS, Carbon Fiber, Wood, Nylon, PC, PTEG, HIPS, PP, Flexible, TPU, PVA, etc.

Nozzle Diameter

0.4mm (0.3, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0mm)


Software Bundle

CreatWare Multi-language

Supported File Types


Operating Systems

Windows (7,8,10), Mac OS X

Size and Weight

Product Dimensions & Weight

915*845*1085mm 125Kg

Packing Size & Weight

1000*1030*1360mm 190Kg (Pallet)

What’s in the Box?

CreatBot D600 & D600 Pro Review 1

Here is what you will find in the CreatBot shipment package:

  • The printer (CreatBot D600 or D600 Pro)
  • User manual
  • USB cable
  • Pin for cleaning the nozzle
  • Toolkit
  • Spare parts
  • Bed tape
  • Casters
  • Two plates for the sides
  • Filament guide tube
  • Two bobbins of PLA filament

Look and Feel

CreatBot D600 & D600 Pro Review 2

The CreatBot D600 and D600 Pro come in a white and blue configuration. The printers look stylish and set for use in various advanced industrial applications,

The two printers measure 915 x 845 x 1085mm and both weigh 375lbs. The spool holders are mounted inside the printer.

CreatBot D600 Pro Overview

Both the CreatBot D600 and D600 Pro are FDM industrial printers that come full assembled and leveled up from the factory. Therefore, you won’t need to tinker with the printers before getting started with your first prints.

The printers are shipped in well-secured wooden boxes to ensure they stay safe during transit.

On the outside, the printer features a fully enclosed chassis that is made of high-quality and durable steel. All the parts of the printer have been optimized for smooth operation and efficient cooperation.

The CreatBot D600 Pro features two extruders that are made of metal and high-temperature hotends that allow it to handle a wide range of materials. The enclosure ensures that the internal temperature is kept constant during the printing process for accurate prints, lower noise levels and repeatability.

Both the D600 and the D600 Pro have wheels on the bottom for easy transportation.

CreatBot D600 Features

The CreatBot D600 and D600 3D printers have a number of noteworthy features that give them an edge among other industrial FDM printers. Some of the features include adjustable nozzle height, automatic shutdown after printing, power outage recovery, and filament detection.

Here is a video showing how the filament detection works:

Speaking of filament, the feeding system provide high print speed and an accuracy of 0.05mm. The feeder system is powered by a direct head driver that allows it to extrude the filament smoothly.

The CreatBot D600 Pro is designed to handle high-temperature materials easily.

Both the D600 and the D600 Pro are operated through a responsive touchscreen.

CreatBot D600 Pro Features

The CreatBot D600 Pro has all the features found in the D600, plus some additional highlights. For example, the printer has a fully automatic bed leveling based on 25-point BL-Touch probing. The automatic bed leveling ensures the printer is optimally calibrated before any job starts.

The printer also has a heated build chamber and a filament storage area that manages temperatures of between 45°C to 65°C. The printer’s high thermal technology enables it to handle high-performance materials such as PC< nylon, carbon fiber mixing, and more.

The D600 Pro is suitable for small-scale manufacturing, aircraft engineering, and prototyping. This FDM industrial printer can also be sued for aerospace and automotive applications, industrial design and modeling, and more.

Below is an example of a model printed by the UiTM innovation team. The print comes out accurately and smooth.

CreatBot D600 & D600 Pro Review 3

Here is another example, this time, the Tardis. The model took 4 hours and 38 minutes to print and came out clean and polished.

CreatBot D600 & D600 Pro Review 4

CreatBot D600 Test Prints

Both the D600 and D600 Pro can print layers at 50 microns. At this resolution, you can be sure your printed parts will have smooth surfaces. The printers print fast at 200 mm/s and maintain the print quality on large runs.

In case power is lost during the printing process, the printer can recover the print job. The power-off recovery system automatically memorizes the nozzle positing while saving the print data. Therefore, the printer is able to restart the print job from where it is left.

The D600 also has a filament run-out detection feature that will alert you when the filament is about to be depleted during a print job. As a result, you can be sure that none of your jobs will fail due to the filament running out.

There is also the BuildTak platform that provides optimal bed adhesion to reduce the risk of your prints cracking when you want to remove them. The auto leveling function ensures that your prints come out more accurately.

CreatBot D600 & D600 Pro Review 5

Both the D600 and D600 Pro have two height-adjustable nozzles measuring 0.4mm in diameter. However, the printers also accept replacement nozzles ranging from 0.3 to 1.0mm in diameter.

CreatBot D600 & D600 Pro Review 6

The D600 print head runs on linear guide rails. Its filament feeding system is accurate to ensure the filament feeds in smoothly, prints fast and has high reach.

CreatBot D600 & D600 Pro Review 7

 CreatBot D600 Pro Materials

Both CreatBot D600 and D600 pro can print different engineering and high-performance materials. The printers are capable of printing PLA, ABS, Carbon fiber, PC, PA, PVA, HIPS, PETG and other materials.

The dual extruder has a fan for printing PLA materials. The printed PLA printers can be cooled down to reduce stringing and warping and improve the quality of prints.

CreatBot D600 & D600 Pro Review 8

The printers have a heatable platform that has four different layers attached with special stickers. The layers are the Buildtak, the glass bed, the heating plate, and the metal support. The vertical thermal conductivity of the printer ensures effective heating. You can also set the printer to turn off after printing a number of set layers.

The fully enclosed chamber and heated bed make the printer more reliable when dealing with ABS filaments.

The enclosed industrial 3D printer’s chamber can manage temperatures of up to 70°C while the print bed heats up to 100°C.

CreatBot D600 & D600 Pro Review 9

Both the CreatBot D600 and the D600 Pro have two replacement extruders that can handle different types of materials. The left hotend heats up to 260°C and is designed for printing standard filaments (PLA, ABS, flexible materials, and Carbon fiber).

The right extruder is made of martensite steel and heats up to 420°C. This extruder can process high-performance thermoplastics.

CreatBot D600 & D600 Pro Review 10

The two printers are compatible with any third-party 1.75mm filament.

CreatBot D600 Build Volume

CreatBot D600 & D600 Pro Review 11

Both the CreatBot D600 and D600 Pro have a build volume of 600 x 600 x 600 mm. Therefore, you can print large sized models in one go.

Check the images below for examples of sculpture printed with the 5Kg roll of PLA. These sculptures took about 80 hours to be completed.

CreatBot D600 & D600 Pro Review 12

Printer Controls

To operate the D600 or D600 Pro, you need to access the functions through a 4.3-inch touchscreen monitor that is on top of the printers. The display has a One-Key for preheating, printing and other operations. This display is easy to operate and responsive.

CreatBot D600 & D600 Pro Review 13

To start printing, you have to transfer your 3D models from the computer via a USB cable.

CreatBot D600 & D600 Pro Review 14

The D600 and D600 Pro are bundled with CreatWare 3D printing software. The software runs on Windows (7, 8, 10), Mac OS X and Linux, and supports STL, AMF and OBJ file types.

CreatBot D600 & D600 Pro Price

The CreatBot D600 and D600 Pro are similar printers with very few differences. In fact, the only difference between the two printers is that the D600 Pro version has a heated chamber, auto bed leveling and a heated filament area.

The  prices of the printers are also similar. You can see the current price of the D600 and the D600 Pro at Top3DShop.


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