Cool Things to 3D Print

Looking for some cool things to 3D print? Check our recommendations below for items that you can bring to life using your 3D printer.

The possibilities of 3D printing are increasing every day. As a result, the list of cool things to 3D print is growing everyday. We can use 3D printing technologies not only in the industry, but also for business or even home use. With a good 3D printer, you can create unique items as a hobby or business.

Cool Things to 3D Print

The use of 3D printers at home use is becoming more common. 3D printing technology allows you to create many things, according to our own layout, and that have various functions.

If you have a 3D printer, below is a list of cool things to 3D print.

Interior Design Items

The home interior creates coziness. Therefore, you want the interior to have unique and interesting things. Good examples of unique items you can have include a wall clock or a table vase. With the right 3D printer, you can bring any fantasy to reality and give your interior space a unique look.

You can use a 3D printer to create interior décor items that are easy to use and cheap.

Cool Things to 3D Print 1
3D model of the luminaire

Download the 3D model of the floor lamp:


3D printing uses accessible and practical materials that can be printed into familiar utensils. The advantages of such self-production are low cost and ease of implementation.

With the right materials, you can 3D print unique tableware at home.

Cool Things to 3D Print 2
3D model of cups

Download the 3D model of the cups:


Before the advent of professional and inexpensive 3D printers, making furniture was time-consuming and limited in terms of design. However, today you can easily find ready-made furniture created using 3D printing. Alternatively, you can order 3D printed furniture online.

However, the price of 3D printed furniture is several times more than conventional furniture available in stores.

Still, every year, 3D printing technology is becoming more accessible and cheaper. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before it replaces the traditional way of making furniture.

With that said, the undeniable advantages of 3D printing are obvious. These include reduction in production time, financial costs for prototyping, reduction in the production of wood and other natural materials, among others.

Cool Things to 3D Print 3
3D model of a stool

Download the 3D model of the stool:


A 3D printer can help a child explore the world by printing plastic toys. The printed toys turn out to be strong and mobile. However, the result largely depends on the chosen material and the quality of the 3D layout.

The ease of making such toys at home may compete with the convenience of purchasing them in stores. In addition, the child can participate in the process of creating a toy.

Cool Things to 3D Print 4
Typewriter VW Beetle BAJA BUG

Download the 3D model of the car:

To get your child started with 3D printers, check the following guides:


Organizers have become a part of our lives, as they allow you to free up and clear space from various little things. You can make such a stand using a 3D printer. For example, you can make office supplies organizers, cosmetics organizers or hygiene items organizers. These useful things can even be created for sale.

3D printing makes it possible to make organizers of different sizes, and unique design according to your layout.

Cool Things to 3D Print 5
Organizer 3D model

Download the organizer 3D model:


Kitchen utensils are crucial accessories in the kitchen. These items are not changed often, even when it’s obvious they are deteriorating due to wear and tear. Thanks to 3D printing, you can design and manufacture unique spatulas, vases, pots and cooking aids.

3D printed kitchen utensils are more environmentally friendly, cheaper, and replacing it takes less time than going and shopping in stores.

Cool Things to 3D Print 6
Spatula 3D model

Download the 3D model of the spatula:

Bathroom Accessories

3D printing can also be used to create a variety of bathroom accessories. In just a few hours you can make a unique soap dish according to your own layout. The model will not only be practical, but also decorative.

Also, using a 3D printer, you can make a shower head, replacing a familiar part with it.

Cool Things to 3D Print 7
Coral soap dish

Download the 3D model of the soap dish:

Car Holders

Thanks to the ability to create moving parts on a 3D printer, you can even make car phone holders. This make using the phone on the road more convenient and safer for you and other road users.

The car holder is made “seamless”, which minimizes the time for its assembly and preparation for use.

Cool Things to 3D Print 8
Car or Wall Mount Smartphone Holder Grip System

Download Car Holder 3D Model:

3D Printed Models for Swale


The advent and development of 3D printing has made it possible to create products that cannot be made using traditional methods. For example, using the technology, you can make statues with bizarre curves that cannot be carved out of stone. You can also make 3D paintings, whose images can be touched.

Getting started with 3D printing has also been made easier. You only need a budget 3D printer, your imagination and the ability to handle specialized software.

Depending on the type of 3D printer you have as well as your skill level, you can create costumes, miniatures of characters and locations for filming in cinematography cheaper and faster.

Cool Things to 3D Print 9
3D-printed statue

Download the 3D model of the statue:


With 3D printing jewelry, things are not so simple. Jewelers can create complex blanks using a 3D printer, which are difficult to obtain using standard methods. And thanks to the reduction in the cost of jewelry production, it has become easier to enter this market, since even one craftsman with a minimum level of training can now create jewelry.

Along with the simplicity of creating jewelry is the opportunity to recreate long-lost jewelry from a photograph or from the words of an eyewitness.

Cool Things to 3D Print 10
3D model of the ring

Download the 3D model of the ring:

If you want to get started with 3D printing jewelry, check out the following guides:

Sewing Accessories

With the help of a 3D printer, you can create almost all the necessary accessories for cutting and sewing. Any seamstress needs buttons, and with 3D printers, you can make them and other decorative elements according to your own design.

As the industry develops, it will be possible to 3D print clothes at home. To learn of the possibilities of 3D printed clothes, watch the video below:

Cool Things to 3D Print 11
Holders for fabric

Download the 3D model of the fabric holder:

Cooking Accessories

New 3D printing technologies allow many useful things to be printed. For example, cooking accessories such as an egg separator, can be 3D printed. Printing goes in the usual way – from top to bottom.

You can also print food forms, which can later be used when sculpting baked goods. For printers that can do that work, read our guide on the Best 3D Printers for Cookie Cutters.

3D printing gives us the opportunity to obtain many kitchen accessories in an unusual and sustainable way.

Cool Things to 3D Print 12
Egg separator

Download the 3D Model of the Egg Separator:

Business Goods

The business goods industry is not that widespread right now. However, 3D printing can help you enter this market. For example, a shop counter can be easily made on a 3D printer capable of working with metal chips.

With a metal 3D printer, you can make almost everything that is required for the operation of the business. Your only limit will be your imagination as well as the materials available.

Cool Things to 3D Print 13
3D model of the shelf

Download the 3D model of the shelf:


3D printed shoes are no longer a novelty these days. Various famous brands – for example, Adidas and Nike – are already releasing models of 3D printed sneakers. The only drawback is that it’s impossible to produce the entire pair, since only its sole or individual elements are made.

Watch the video below covering 3D printed sneakers:

It is also possible to print insoles, including orthopedic ones. You can read more about 3D printed orthopedic insoles.
The stiffness of the sole is not familiar. Therefore, such shoes are not suitable for every customer.

The technology is still far from the mass consumer due to the high price of the products. However, over time, 3D printed shoes will become widespread.

Cool Things to 3D Print 14
3D model of sneakers

Download the 3D model of the sneaker:


With a good 3D printer at home, you can independently develop and manufacture fishing lures according to your stile This requires a computer with specialized software such as Fusion 360 and a 3D printer.

By making your own bait, you save some money. Moreover, you can make unique tackles and even some of the best fishing lures that will help you to be successful in fishing.

Cool Things to 3D Print 15
Swimbait Fishing Lure

Download the 3D model of the bait:

Outdoor Advertising

Advertising helps to attract the attention of potential consumers to what is being sold. You can use a 3D printer to create signs, volumetric logos and all kinds of stands.

You can print unique advertising signs that will attract attention and create the desired effect. Even better, the cost of production are often not too high.

Cool Things to 3D Print 16
Signboard MARVEL

Download the 3D model of the sign:

Instructional Layouts

Visual aids help to better understand the material received. As a results, layouts are used quite often in educational institutions. However, they are often inaccurate or tend to become outdated over time. Using a 3D printer, you can bring the mock-ups required for training into reality. For example, you can print geometric shapes or highly detailed models.

Thanks to 3D printers, students can apply knowledge from textbooks. This significantly increases the effectiveness of learning.

Cool Things to 3D Print 17
Space Shuttle 3D Model

Download Space Shuttle 3D Model:

If you are an educator, check our recommendations of the best 3D printers for schools.

Gadget Accessories

Thanks to 3D printing, you can create a case with unique patterns in your design that is unique, and will also protect the device during a fall.

With 3D printing, creating unusual accessories that can be sold is possible.

Cool Things to 3D Print 18
3D printed covers

Download 3D model of the cover:


With 3D printing technology, you can make all kinds of magnets with different designs. The technology is not subject to seasonality. Therefore, you can make an unusual souvenir at any time with a digital model of the product and a 3D printer.

Cool Things to 3D Print 19

Download the 3D model of the figurines:


Pots, paintings, photo frames – all these creates coziness and emphasizes the sophistication of the interior. Thanks to the development of 3D printing, you can produce interior décor not only from plastic, but also from plaster and other materials. Your limit will only be limited by the capabilities of the 3D printer.

Thanks to the high printing accuracy, you can create, for example, vases with stucco elements. For, this you only need to add the necessary details to the 3D model of the desired accessory. Cheap and affordable materials allow you to optimize production.

Cool Things to 3D Print 20
3D model of a flower pot

Download 3D model of the flower pot:

Light Fixtures

you may want a floor or pendant lamp to illuminate a room or its individual areas. Unfortunately, 3D printing does not yet allow the production of fabric. However, it can cope with printing a rack or frame. You just need to choose a design and print time.

A wide range of lamp fixtures can be printed at a low cost using 3D printers.

Cool Things to 3D Print 21
Floor lamp

Download the 3D model of the floor lamp:

Other Uses of 3D Printing


The use of 3D printing in medicine will brings solutions to some health problems. For example, if you have a high-quality tomography, you can recreate the required bone and replace it with an artificial analogue.

Today, blanks used in operations of hard-to-reach places are produced in the form of a special guiding element.

Cool Things to 3D Print 22
3D model of the bones of the foot

Download the 3D model of the bones of the foot:

If you are interested in the capabilities of 3D printing for dentistry, check some of our previous guide s:


3D printing is now increasingly used in the construction industry. The technology helps to reduce the cost of manufacturing materials. Therefore, using an industrial 3D printer, you can make bricks that will not be inferior in their characteristics to classic materials created in the usual way.

The availability of printers that can use multiple materials makes it possible to manufacture construction tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, hand-held screwdrivers, etc.

Cool Things to 3D Print 23
Wrench 3D Model

Download Wrench 3D Model:

3D Copies of People

To create a 3D model of a person, we need a high-precision 3D scanner like the Scantech Axe BII 3D scanner that will scan a person. After that, you have to create a model from the scan and then print the model.

When scanning a person, the main challenge will be getting proper scans due to the texture of hair and clothing due to possible patterns on it. A plus will be tattoos, making it easier to scan the human body.

The figurine turns out to be small in size with duller colors, but with an accurate reproduction of human features.

It is not yet possible to 3D print living organisms. Instead, we can only create an exact reduced copy.

Cool Things to 3D Print 24
Bust of Albert Einstein

Download 3D model of the bust:

Automotive Spare Parts and Equipment

Replacement of spare parts is one of the biggest expenses of owning a car. However, thanks to 3D printing, the costs can now be several times cheaper.

To 3D print automotive equipment and spare parts, you need a 3D printer capable of handling powder raw materials. Apart from this, you need a mockup of the required spare part. This is the mockup that you will print.

The sphere below has some limitations. However, in the near future, the flaws will be conquered as 3D printing technology advanced. Repairing auto parts of replacing equipment will become cheaper and more affordable. Printing gears on a 3D printer will be several times cheaper than creating them the traditional way.

Cool Things to 3D Print 25
3D model of the part

Download 3D model of the part:


3D printing enables the creation of different items for business or home. The technology can greatly reduce the cost of things we are used to and make our wildest fantasies come true. The above ideas of cool things to 3D print should help you see the capability of this technology.

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