Best 3D Printer for Beginners for All Budgets

Do you want to buy a 3D printer? Here are the best 3D printers, including a 3D printer test, purchase advice and alternatives.

At 3DTechValley, we spend countless hours testing and tinkering with a wide range of different desktop printers. This is followed by not inconsiderable further research, debates and haggling in the editorial team to decide which ones should really be chosen as the best.

In short, the Original Prusa i3 MK3S is and will remain our favorite among desktop 3D printers. It combines print quality, good value for money and durability – and not only thanks to the phenomenal commitment of the Prusa team, which has created a coherent environment for its printers, but also because of the large user community.

There’s a reason the MK3S is the most compact, cutting-edge 3D printer available today. Not least because it is the manufacturer, Prusa Research, who uses the devices on his printer farm more than anyone else and produces thousands of parts from which the printers are assembled and then shipped. Not only does the enthusiastic community benefit from all the improvements made by the company, but also its own production line.

Get the kit, assemble it, learn a few new things – and you will be rewarded with a great printer. Alternatively, you put a little more money on the table and it will be delivered to you ready to use.

Of course, there isn’t ONE perfect 3D printer for all needs. That was clear to us and that is why it took us a little longer to agree on a clear recommendation regarding requirements, wishes and the budget for printing.

This introduction is just the tip of the iceberg – please read on for our full list of the best 3d printers


Our favorite of the best 3D printers for use at home or at work. The result of countless hours of hands-on testing and printing plus further research.


You know our collected top favorites (actually, they are all recommendations on this page). But we editors are a stubborn bunch: Here are the printers that we definitely want to mention.

While the MK3S is worth every penny of its price of around € 1,000, it is of course clear that not everyone has that much play money available. But even if you don’t want to spend that much money, you don’t have to be content with bad prints. With prices in the hundreds rather than thousands, our cheap 3D printer recommendations are for makers who have to be careful with their wallets.

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