Scantech AXE-B11 3D Scanner Review

The 3D scanner is designed for professionals that want to take large-scale 3D measurements. With this device, you can capture accurate data without the need of having extra equipment. Read our Scantech AXE B11 review to find out the specs, price and capabilities of the scanner.

Scantech AXE B11 Review

The Scantech AXE B11 is a handheld professional 3D scanner manufactured by Scantech. This scanner uses a Class II, eye-safe laser technology that comprises of 11 blue laser crosses and an extra blue laser line.

Scantech AXE B11 Specs

Accuracy up to 0.02mm
Connectivity Gigabit Lan
Display No
Manufacturer Scantech
Manufacturer country China
Technology Blue Laser
Depth of field 500mm
Light Source 11 Blue laser crosses (+ 1 extra blue laser line)
Max. resolution 0.1mm
Measurement rate 1300,000 measurements/s
Output formats .ply, .xyz, .dae, .fbx, .ma, .obj, .asc, .stl or customized
Scanning area 550mm×600mm
Stand-off distance 450 mm
Volumetric accuracy 0.020mm+0.035mm/m
Texture / Colors No

Unboxing the Scantech AXE-B11

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When your package arrives, this is what you’ll find:

  • The Scantech AXE B11 scanner
  • Built-in photogrammetry system
  • Class II laser
  • USB cable



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The AXE B11 comes in black and has a stylish design. The machine can be used in different industries for works involving 3D inspection, reverse engineers, rapid prototyping, and 3D visualization.

The Scantech AXE-B11 is integrated with a photogrammetry system that increases its volumetric accuracy level up to 0.020 mm/n. The machine provides a high-quality 3D scanning experience thanks to the combination of helpers engineer kit, reference bar, and more.

This 3D scanner can be used for R&D, quality control and more.

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Scan Volume

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The scan area of the Scantech AXE B11 is 550 mm x 600. The depth of field is 500 mm while the stand-ff distance is 450 mm. Finally, the photogrammetry depth of field is 2,500mm.

You can use this portable handheld professional scanner to measure large objects without the need of using any additional equipment.

Scan Accuracy

The Scantech AXE B11 has multiple crossed laser lines that ensures 3D data is capture in high precision and efficiently. Only a few markers are required to scan a large 3D object.

The 3D scanner has both single-line scanning mode and efficiency scanning mode. In single-line scanning mode, the scanner can perform both deep hole scanning and dead angle inspection. In the large-volume scanning mode, the device can scan large objects more efficiently.

The Scantech AXE B1 is quite fast, performing up to 1,300,000 measurements/s. This helps you to save time when you have large or many objects to scan.

The AXE-B11 has a photogrammetry function that enables it to scan scan objects with an accuracy of 0.020mm. The scanners resolution is 0.100mm.

The scanner is also quite fast thanks to the 11 blue laser crosses. The device’s scanning speed is 1,300,000 measurements/s. The blue laser lines make it easy for the scanner to easily get 3D data of parts that are not easily accessible.

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The accuracy of this handheld 3D scanning device is amazing, even on shiny or reflective objects.

Scanner Controls

The scanner’s controls are accessible on a computer through the device’s USB. After generating the 3D data, you can export it to different file formats (STL, ASC, OBJ, MA, FBX, DAE, XYZ, PLY, and more).

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Scantech AXE B11 Price

The Scantech AXE B11 is an affordable industrial 3D scanner that is easy to use. You can see the price of the scanner at Top3DShop.

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