5 Best 3D Pen Filaments

The introduction of 3D pens in 2013 revolutionized the way people look at art. 3D pens are capable of giving life to artistic creation, in addition to being so much fun keeping both adults and children glued for hours on end.

The mechanism used by 3D pens is capable of melting a drawing medium filament thatís fed in the pen, which quickly solidified on contact with air. This technology makes 3D pens fun to use. However, like any writing material, this filament can run out and therefore compel you to re-fill in order to continue using the pen.

One can purchase some of the best 3D pen filaments from online stores. Some of these filament refill options are compatible with most 3D pens that use filament as ink and can be found in a variety of colors.

Samto 3D Pen ABS 1.75mm Fun Sampler Pack

The Samto 20 pack filament is amongst the best 3D filament pack expert 3D artists can purchase for their projects. The filaments are made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material, which easily hardens but also has a very consistent thickness. The highest temperature that these filaments will heat up to is 260 Degrees Celsius. This is the same filament used on the Samto 3D pen.

The package features very interesting color shades, from classic blacks and greys to more vibrant shades. One filament from this pack can draw up to 20 meters which should suffice a good sized doodling project. The quality of the material is reliable and makes drawing easy. With all ití excellent features, this filament package is definitely more than the price.

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3D Artist Supply 3D Filament Fun Pack 1.75mm ABS

The 3D Artists package consists of 12 colorful filaments and a bonus glow in the dark color is a dream-come-true for any doodler who wants to create images that give a statement. Each of the strands can draw up to 20 feet long and the filaments solidify very easily. Also, if you are not happy with this filament pack, you simply contact the customer care, who will ask you to return the remaining filaments and then claim your lifetime money back guarantee.

The filaments are composed of premium grade material and are compatible with almost all the brands of 3D pens. The temperature range for these filaments is also tolerable by most pens and will dry very fast as soon as it gets in contact with air. You can also use the range of stencils that the package comes with and create unique designs.

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HATCHBOX 1.75mm 12 Color Sample Pack ABS 3D Pen Filament

The Hatchbox filament package will be a perfect choice for people who are thrilled with colors and are looking into creating amazing colorful designs. This package has 12 assorted colors; both solid and transparent shades which will give you freedom of creating life-like drawings.

These 12 filaments are of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material and each can produce up to 20 feet of lining, which is perfect for creating multiple drawings for an enthusiastic 3D artists. Since the range of colors in this pack can be easily paired up (neon green and green, gold and yellow), you should be able to create out of this world art doodles with this filament package.

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Sunwin ABS 1.75mm 3D Filament Sample Pack Fun Pack

The Sunwin ABS is an excellent filament refill package for doodling armatures. The package features six colors; Purple, Yellow, White, Blue, Black and Red and will heat up the nozzle to about 230 ñ 260 degrees Celsius. The Sunwin filaments are capable of producing doodles to amazing detail and will, therefore, help beginners experiment with their new pen while at the same time creating unique designs. The filaments can draw up to 20 meters which ensures that the fun you will have in making doodles is endless.

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7TECH 3D Pen Filament Refills

The 7Tech filament refill pack also comes with 12 colors that are compatible with major 3D pens. The diameter of the 7Tech filaments produces fine and durable drawings. The filaments, which are the same ones used on the 7Tech 3D pen, are made of ABS material which easily dries up the moment you draw therefore allowing you to continuously be amazed by your products as you draw. You can easily mix up colors with these filaments and obtain unique combinations for outstanding designs.

The package also comes with a desiccant which will help in the filaments and consequently harden your drawing. The accuracy of these filaments has been estimated at +/- 0.5 ranges which ensure consistency in your strands from whichever angle you draw with your pen. There are also 2 aluminum spatulas that come with this package which help you protect your fingers from the heat of the nozzle as you continue drawing.

Other accessories like silicone mat for keeping your drawing surface safe from damage and a lovely pouch that can be used as a carrying case for the filaments when traveling are also included to make this package a dream come true. The best part about these 7Tech filaments is that they are compatible with most pens and offer excellent value for money.

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The feature that makes 3D printing interesting is the filaments used for drawing. The above filaments that we reviewed are compatible with major 3D pen brands and can be used for both armatures and expert artists for fun and amazing doodling experience. With these filament re-fill packs, your 3D printing creativity will just become unstoppable.

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