Samto 3D Pen Ver. 2015

This unique 3D pen is like no other. It is designed with the technical know-how of experts and with the sleek physical appearance of enthusiast. The first impression that one gets the moment they touch this 3D stereoscopic printing pen is that it has such a simple design that makes it easy for amateurs to use it but at the same time it carries all the features that an expert would need in a 3D pen.

A product of Samto Company, this 3D pen will most likely be in your house within 24 hours if you buy it online from the Amazon store or from Samto store. The delivery package that it comes in carries a single power adopter (supports 110 to 240 volts), three 1.75mm multicolored ABS filament, one colored (yellow, blue, pink or purple)3D printing pen, a microfiber cleaning cloth and one single user manual.

Samto 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen has 3.8/5 star rating from amazon users. Based on customer feedback, most customers are satisfied with the efficiency of the pen and are happy with the product. Customers found the pen useful in accomplishing simple tasks like writing and also complex tasks that include joining seam lines in models, creating and repairing.

Customers who were unhappy with the product complained of color leaching when changing the colors. There is a ready solution to this however, and it just requires a firm press on the ìfeedî button so that the previous color runs out completely.

Features of Samto 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen

  • Model Name: Samto 3D Printing Pen with 1.75mm ABS Filament and LCD Screen Ver.2015
  • Description: Samto 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen
  • Power input: 12V 3A
  • Heating temperature: 160-230 degree adjustable
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4-0.7mm
  • Ultra-light,65g, Perfect for children, designer, artist and hobbyist
  • 3x 1.75mm ABS Filament with different colors, 10 gram per loop
  • With filaments jamming detection, a super silence design and advanced thermal management,

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Detailed insight on Samto 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen

  • User Friendly

A 3D printing does not function like the traditional pen or pencil. Unlike the others that write on paper, it writes on air. A good 3D pen should therefore be one that gives the artist an easy time and enables them to maximize their creativity.

The Samto 3D Printing pen has been created with this in mind. It is only 65g in weight which makes it easy for even amateurs to use it and it has an LCD Screen. Changing filament color and controlling the temperature and extrusion speed has never been easier!

  • It is safe

Although the 3D pen is the new craze in town, there are models that users have complained pose as a safety risk. The Samto 3D stereoscopic printing pen is designed with an intelligence auto-standby mode that automatically switches off the pen if not used within 5 minutes of standby. This means you wonít have to worry about a child accidentally touching the hot pen whether youíre working in the office or at home. Moreover, this feature assures you of more hours of fun as it helps save energy.

  • Creativity Features

When imaginations go wild, only a 3D pen can contain the creativity of a child or an adult. However, the features of the 3D pen can determine if ones creativity will be encouraged and enhanced or if the creative person will be frustrated. Samto 3D Stereoscopic printing pen features a speed change feature that motivates amateur artists to be creative and draw even the finest details of their designs. If you allow your imagination to run wild, you will be able to virtually create everything with this pen.

  • Mechanism

This pen has been designed with a 0.7mm diameter nozzle, thermal management feature and a filament jamming detection. The last two features are very important as they ensure that you are able to control the temperatures and that the pen keeps working.

The pen has a 12V 3A power input that produces an adjustable heating temperature of 160-230 degrees Celsius. This is an extremely high temperature and it makes the pen nib and the area around the penís nozzle extremely hot. Because of this, children below 8 years of age are prohibited from using the pen and even older children and adults are advised to exercise caution when using the pen.


Why Should You Choose the Samto 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen?

The hullaballoo that came with 3D printing pens also propelled so many manufacturers into producing 3D pens. It therefore goes without saying that you should thoroughly evaluate the merits of a 3D pen before making your ultimate decision on which one to purchase. The Samto 3D pen deserves your consideration becauseÖ

  1. It is safe for use by children above 8 years of age (although adult supervision is still recommended) and itís also safe for use by all adults, amateur or experts.
  2. Changing filament color with this 3D pen is easy. It features a back button that pushes the color you are done using backwards and brings your new color of choice forward.
  • It has an auto standby energy saving feature that ensures you have hours of uninterrupted creative time.
  1. It comes with a user manual for armatures, although it is generally easy to use even by newbies.
  2. Maintaining the pen and replacing the electric nozzle is generally easy.


What Are You Waiting forÖ?

If you think you are the first one to learn about all these impressive features of the Samto 3D Stereoscopic Printing then Iím sorry to burst your bubble. Everyone is ordering!!!

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Some Review Concerns of Online Buyers of Samto 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen


  • Some users complained about the packaging looking cheap. According to them, you canít gift someone this pen.
  • With 111 user reviews, the Samto 3D pen still has 3.8 stars. This low rating is because from the total number of reviewers, there are 35 who gave it 1 star. Their reason for this was because they found that the pen has tendency of clogging after a few hours of use. In fact, one user cited frustration in using the pen. He said making a good 3D object with the pen was very difficult since the plastic filament curls out of the gun and makes it hard to make a good 3D object. Another user claimed that the pen caught fire after only a few hours of use.

NOTE: All these complaints are however with the first edition. The 2015 version has been designed with unclogging mechanism technology that prevents jamming and therefore makes maintaining the pen easy.

All in all, there are fewer users that have complained about the efficiency of the pen than those who have complemented it and found it highly effective. Drawing with this pen is fun and itís easy to use. The speed and temperature control features are what made most users to give it a 5 star rating. In addition to that, it has a user manual that makes it easy to set up the pen and you can use it almost immediately you pull it from the packaging.



With the new version of Samto 3D Stereoscopic Printing pen out, there is no longer a reason for holding back on your creativity or that of your children. So many reviewers on amazon have praised this new version which you can purchase for $70 only.

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