Scribbler 3D Printing Drawing Pen

If you have landed on this site then itís probably safe to assume that you have some knowledge on 3D pensÖor maybe not. 3D pens are just like ordinary pens, except that they donít use ink but a flexible plastic-like material that can be easily melted to draw in air.

The Scribbler 3D printing pen is a futuristic gadget that gives you unlimited possibilities for putting all your imaginations into reality. The best part about it is that your designs donít have to be locked up in your studio where you are the only one that can access them but you can go with them everywhere.

This article will shed light into the real attributes of Scribbler 3D drawing pen and why you should or should not put it in your consideration of the 3D pen to purchase.

Features of Scribbler 3D Printing Drawing Pen

  • It weighs 65g which is an ideal weight for armatures and experts, children and adults.
  • It has a smooth speed control feature which makes it a flexible tool to work with.
  • It comes with 3 loops of ABS filament, each 1.75mm.

How Does The Scribbler 3D Printing Drawing Pen Work?

The scrubber 3D Pen has a filament inlet from where you feed in plastic ABS filaments. It also has a heating mechanism that warms up the filament and a metallic nozzle tip from where the warmed drawing material is ejected. When the colored plastic melts, you press a button on the body of the pen to eject it and you can use it to draw or make any art creation. Once the molten plastic is in contact with air it begins to cool and after several minutes when itís completely cooled it becomes a hard inflexible structure again and what you had created can freely stand on its own. The scribbler 3D pen is an ideal pen for making embellishment pieces, 3D works, adornments, models and gems.


From the online reviews, thereís no doubt the Scribbler 3D pen is the most preferred by both armature and expert artists. It comes with a lot of attractive features as you will clearly see below.

  1. Flexibility

The designs made from scribbler 3D printing pen are a wonder. These designs that range from very tiny to enormous, simple to complex, often look flawless and attractive. The Scribbler 3D pen gives you an opportunity to naturally and easily bring to life all your wild imaginations.

  1. Attractive Design

Not only is the scribbler 3D pen comfortable to hold and use, it is also attractive to behold. Just imagine yourself luxuriously holding a 3D pen to make your imagined design to every single detail and you will picture what Iím talking about.

  • Itís overly portable

Since the scribbler 3D pen uses a battery that can be easily recharged, it does not restrict you to using it in your studio like most of the other corded 3D pens. The best part about it is that it has a USB port which means you can charge the battery even through your laptop. You no longer need to be afraid of travelling with your 3D pen to wherever your artistic imaginations inspire you to work.



The advantages of the Scribbler 3D pen are so numerous than one can easily think it has no shortcomings. However, all inventions have something thatís limiting in them and the scribbler 3D pen is not left out in this regard.

  1. Branding ñ the pen is not clearly labeled and one cannot easily tell the company thatís manufactured it. This means counterfeit issues can easily arise especially with the increase in dishonest dealers.
  2. User Guide ñ Although the pen comes with an instructions manual, it does not clearly illustrate how to regulate the nozzle temperatures. But this can be solved by use of the screw beneath the elastic fold that can be used in temperature control.


Should I buy the scribbler 3D pen?

Scribbler 3D Pen has been designed with the competitive nature of 3D printing industry in mind. Like all other 3D pens, there is no guarantee that you will be perfect on your first sculptures but one thing is for sure, the scribbler 3D pen gives you a better chance of producing exactly what you imagined. I fell in love with this 3D pen the moment I held it in my hands, Iím sure you will too. If you were looking for advice on which 3D pen to purchase, donít forget to put the Scribbler 3D Printing Drawing Pen on top of your list of considerations!

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