Snapmaker Announces 1064 Nanometer Infrared Laser Module for Precision Engraving

Snapmaker Expands Multifunctionality with High-Detail Engraving Capabilities

Snapmaker, a leading innovator in desktop 3D printers, announces the 1064nm Infrared Laser Module, a revolutionary addition to their existing lineup. This new module empowers users of Snapmaker 2.0, Artisan, and Ray models to achieve high-precision engraving on a wider range of plastics and metals.

snapmaker 1064nm infrared laser module

Unlocking a World of Creative Possibilities

The 1064nm Infrared Laser Module is meticulously crafted for exceptional detail and versatility. Unlike other Snapmaker laser modules focused on high-powered cutting, like the 10W laser module, this infrared marvel excels in intricate engraving. Boasting a focal area as small as 0.03mm, it allows users to:

  • Etch exquisite designs on a variety of metals, including gold, silver, copper, titanium, and more.
  • Add razor-sharp personalization to acrylic, ABS, and other popular plastics.
  • Transform creations into masterpieces with unparalleled engraving precision.

Material Versatility

The 1064nm Infrared Laser Module breaks free from limitations. It functions flawlessly with a vast array of materials, including:

  • Metals: Gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, titanium
  • Plastics: ABS, acrylic, and many more
material versatility
Laser engrave with a variety of plastics and metals. Combine laser engraving with 3D printing and CNC!

This extensive compatibility opens doors to a universe of creative projects, allowing you to personalize nearly any object made of metal or plastic.

Seamless Integration with the Snapmaker Ecosystem

As a Snapmaker user, you’re already familiar with the power and convenience of their 3-in-1 ecosystem. The 1064nm Laser Module seamlessly integrates with your existing setup, working alongside your 3D printing and CNC capabilities. Design, print, and engrave all within the Snapmaker suite, streamlining your workflow and empowering you to bring your visions to life with exceptional efficiency.

1064nm is compatible with other snapmaker products
The 1064nm Laser Module is Compatible with Snapmaker 2.0, Artisan and Ray series

A 3-in-1 Powerhouse

The 1064nm Infrared Laser Module isn’t just another tool; it’s a key to unlocking the full potential of your Snapmaker. Imagine the possibilities:

  • 3D Print the Base, Engrave the Details: Design and 3D print a custom phone stand, then use the laser module to engrave your name or a decorative pattern for a truly personalized touch.
  • CNC Mill intricate shapes, Laser Etch for Perfection: Mill a wooden plaque with the CNC function, then let the laser’s precision come alive by etching a detailed family portrait or a meaningful quote.
  • Prototype, Refine, Personalize: The combination of 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser engraving allows you to rapidly prototype designs, refine them with high-precision milling, and finally personalize them with exquisite laser engraving.

This is just a glimpse of what’s possible. With Snapmaker’s 3-in-1 capabilities and the new 1064nm Infrared Laser Module, your creativity has no boundaries.

Safety First, User-Friendly Design

Safety is paramount at Snapmaker. The 1064nm Infrared Laser Module incorporates several safety features, including:

  • Built-in detector that halts operation if disconnected from the machine, if the laser head tilts, or if the laser fires for an extended period.
  • User-friendly software controls and laser focusing calibration systems with additional safety features.
safety detection features
The module has a built-in sensor that stops operation if the laser head tilts or in case of incorrect installation

Snapmaker: Empowering Creators Worldwide

“With every product we release, we want to empower our customers to realize the artists, creators, and dreamers within themselves,” said Zhi Cong, Product Manager at Snapmaker. “The 1064nm Infrared Laser does just that – the accessory enables our community to add custom designs, specialized artwork, and personalizations to all kinds of gifts, crafts, and other products – almost anything made of metal or plastic.”

Pre-Order Now and Unleash Your Creative Potential!

snapmaker 1064 infrared laser module


The Snapmaker 1064nm Infrared Laser Module is available for pre-order starting May 7th, 2024, at 8:00 AM PDT for USD$399 (US/Global) or €449 (EU, Price Includes VAT). Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your creations with unparalleled precision engraving.

Visit the Snapmaker Store to Pre-order Today! 


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