Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review

Scantech KSCAN20 is an industrial 3D scanner that has many capabilities. For example, the professional scanner has a double laser scanning mode as well as photographic mapping function. Read our Scantech KSCAN20 3D scanner review to find out the features, price as well as what you can accomplish with the machine.

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 1

The KSCAN20 3D scanner is manufactured by ScanTech, a world-class intelligent visual inspection equipment company based in China. The company provides 3D digital solutions to various industries.

Some of the company’s products include global photogrammetry systems, tracking 3D scanners, color 3D scanners, global 3D scanners, composite 3D scanners, and handheld laser 3D scanners.

Their PRINCE series is widely popular in aviation, automotive and other industries for its capability to capture extreme details. Another popular series by the company is the AXE series, which stands out for its high volumetric accuracy.

Scantech KSCAN20 Specs

Scan Mode Standard Mode Red/ Hyperfine Mode Blue
Laser Source Mode Red- 7 red laser crosses
(+ 1 extra red line)Mode Blue -5 blue parallel laser lines
Accuracy 0.020 mm
Built-in photogrammetry Support
Hyperfine scanning Support
Volumetric accuracy (based on part size) 0.020 mm + 0.035 mm/m /0.010 mm + 0.035 mm/m
Volumetric accuracy with high-precision reference bar 0.020 mm/m
Resolution 0.050 mm /0.010 mm
Measurement rate 650,000 measurements/s
Laser class CLASS Ⅱ
Scanning area Up to 550 mm × 600 mm
Scanning area (photogrammetry) 2500 mm × 3000 mm
Stand-off distance 500 mm/180 mm
Depth of field 620 mm/200 mm
Depth of field (photogrammetry) 2500 mm
Single point repeatability 0.030 mm
Tracking frequency (portable CMM) 60 hz
Edge accuracy 0.030 mm
Pipe inspection in software Support YBC/LRA data
Output formats .stl, .ply, .obj, .igs, .stp, .wrl, .xyz, .dae, .fbx, .ma, .asc or customized
Interface mode USB 3.0
Operating temperature range -10 ~ 40 °C
Patents CN204902790U, CN206905709U, CN107202554, CN204902785U, CN106403845, WO2018049843, CN106500627, WO2018072434, CN106500628 , WO2018072433, CN206132003U, CN104501740,US10309770B2

ScanTech KSCAN20 Overview

ScanTech spent over 2 years of research and development to come up with the KSCAN20. Designers and engineers at the company wanted to build an industrial scanner that offers unmatched performance on the market.

The result was the ScanTech KSCAN20 3D scanner.

This scanner captures high details thanks to its double laser scanning feature. The scanner is also integrated with photogrammetry functions that allow it to scanner a wider area at increased accuracy.

The KSCAN20 can measure objects from 0.02 to 10m on each axis. Therefore, it can be used in a wide range of industries, including medical, automotive, shipping, energy, entertainment, education and research, aviation, among others.

ScanTech KSCAN20 Features

Micro & Macro Scanning

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 2

The machine can scan both small and large objects, from 0.02 to 10m on each axis.

Dual Scanning Mode

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 3

The scanner has dual laser scanning mode, i.e., Red Laser and Blue Laser. The Red Laser mode allows you to scan objects extremely fast. On the other hand, the Blue Laser mode is suitable when you want to get extreme details of an object.

High Precision

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 4

The device supports large scale scanning and has a high volumetric accuracy of 0.035 mm/m. This feature makes it one of the best 3D scanners for 3D printing.

High-Res Micro Scanning

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 5

With the scanner, you can scan minute objects at a high resolution of 0.01mm

Inner Object Scanning

The scanner can probe the inner surface of hollow objects such as pipes

Edge Detection

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 6

The KSCAN20 3D scanner has inbuilt intelligent edge detection capability, which ensures that the necessary parts of an object required are captured at high details.

Powerful Software

The KSCAN20 3D scanner is powered by ScanViewer, a multifunctional software that makes it easy to operate the device and customize the settings of your scan job.

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 7

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 8

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Software

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 9

KSCAN20 is powered by ScanViewer, a powerful imaging software by Scantech. This software make it easy to operate the 3D scanner in all phases of production, i.e., design, development, and product quality inspection.

The data captured by the scanner can be used for 3D-displaying, reverse engineering, prototyping and other application.

The scanner software has a GD&T function that allows you to directly create and analyze objects, take measurements and determine deviation values from the data gathered during the scanning process.

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 10

There is also a Dimensional Inspection function that enables you to merge the scanning data and the CAD file and quickly generate a report.

KSCAN20 VS Creaform HandySCAN Black

The direct alternative industrial scanner of the KSCAN20 is the Creaform HandySCAN Black. This scanner is a high-performance metrological device that captures micro details quite well.

Let’s peat these two scanners head-to-head to see how they compare:

Parameters KSCAN HandySCAN Black
Modes Standard mode Red/Hyperfine mode Blue One mode
Laser source 7 red laser crosses (+ 1 extra red line) /5 blue parallel laser lines 7 blue laser crosses
Accuracy, mm Up to 0,02 0,035
Integrated photogrammetry function Yes No
Volumetric accuracy 0,02 mm + 0,035mm/m /0,02 mm + 0,035mm/m 0,020 mm + 0.060 mm/m
High-precision volumetric accuracy 0,025 mm/m (optionally) No
Resolution, mm 0,05/0,01 0,1
Measurements per second 650000 /650000 800
Laser class 2M (safe for eyes) 2M
Scanning area, mm 550 × 600 310 × 350
Stand-off distance, mm 200 — 420 300
Depth of field, mm до 550 до 250
Single point repeatability, mm 0,03
Intelligent edge control Optionally No
Edge accuracy, mm 0,03 No
Software ScanViewer VXelements
Output formats .stl, .ply, .obj, .igs, .stp, .wrl, .xyz, .dae, .fbx, .ma, .asc .dae, .fbx, .ma, .obj, .ply, .stl, .txt, .wrl, .x3d, .x3dz, .zpr, .3mf
Interface USB 3.0 USB 3.0
Operating temperature range, °C -10 — +40 -5 — +40

As you can see from the comparison table, the Scantech KSCAN20 is definitely superior to the similar HandySCAN Black. When it comes to accuracy and versatility, the KSCAN20 easily trumps the HandySCAN. In fact, the KSCAN20 is the best portable 3D scanner that we have tested in our lab.

KSCAN20 Vs HandyScan Black Elite

Another competitor of the Scantech KSCAN 3D scanner is Creaform HandyScan Black Elite. This is a high-end model of the regular HandyScan.

The Creaform HandyScan Elite is a powerful metrological machine. However, how does it compare to the KSCAN20? Check the table below for the features of the two 3D scanners:

Parameter ScanTech KSCAN20 CreaForm HandyScan Black Elite
Modes Mode Red/Mode B
Laser source 7 red laser crosses (+ 1 extra red line) /5 blue parallel laser lines 11 blue laser crosses (+ 1 extra blue line)
Accuracy 0.02 mm /0.02 mm 0.025 mm
Volumetric accuracy 0.02 mm + 0.035mm/m /0.01 mm + 0.035 mm/m 0.020 mm + 0.040 mm/m
Integrated photogrammetry function Yes No
High-precision volumetric accuracy 0.025 mm/m (optionally) No
Measurements per second 650,000 /650,000 1,300,000
Laser class 2M (safe for eyes)
Scanning area 550 × 600 mm /250 x 300 mm 310 × 350 mm
Object size 0.05 – 10 m 0.05 – 4 m
Support of proprietary markers Yes No
Operating temperature range -10 — +40 °C +5 — +40 °C

One of the areas where the KSCAN20 beats most industrial 3D scanners is its inbuilt photogrammetry. The versatile machine significantly expands the scanning area. For example, it can scan objects that are up to 10 meters along each axis. On the other hand, the HandyScan Black Elite can only scan objects that are 4 meters maximum on each axis.

Accuracy is another area where the KSCAN20 3D scanner beats the HandyScan Black Elite. Whether you are scanning in Red Laser mode or Blue Laser mode, the KSCAN 3D printer provides more detailed virtual images. The scanner also wins in terms of volumetric accuracy.

Finally, if you would like to further improve the accuracy of the KSCAN scanner, you can purchase an optional feature known as the Scale Bar. This upgrade will improve the scanner’s accuracy, making it 0.02mm + 0.02 mm/m.

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 11


ScanTech KSCAN20 3D printer has a higher resolution than the HandyScan Black Elite. When using the Standard Mode (Mode R), the scanner’s resolution is 0.05mm. Compare this to the best HandyScan Black Elite’s resolution which is 0.1mm.

Even better, you can go to the finer resolution mode (Mode B) on the KSCAN scanner, which offers a resolution of 0.01mm.

Common to the scanning area, the KSCAN30 can scan 550 x 600 mm in Mode R while Creaform’s scanner only manages 310 x 350 mm scan area. The larger scan area of the KSCAN means that you will use fewer markers, which ultimately makes the process cheaper.

In Mode B, KSCAN20 3D scanner’s area is small, 250 x 300mm while the Creaform’s area is 310 x 350mm.

Coming to energy matters, the KSCAN20 operates at -10 °C while the HandyScan Black Elite +10 °C. Therefore, the KSCAN scanner can be used in extreme conditions, for example, even in unheated factory rooms.

Finally, ScanTech’s software is better optimized for low-end PCs. Many of the software’s features are also free, e.g., the ability to compare scans.

Use Cases for the KSCAN20 3D Scanner

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 12

The KSCAN20 can be used in a wide range of industries. The scanner is particularly essential in the quality control process of die-cast aluminum products, which are popular in the manufacture of domestic appliances, electronics, and in the automotive industry.

Aluminum die-casting has many challenges. The end products must be taken through specific quality control steps to ensure they meet industrial and international standards. This, therefore, means that manufactures need to know the exact dimensions and the accurate deviation values of the items so that they can identify errors in good time and prevent the release of sub-standard products.

Let’s consider a use case in the automotive industry.

The passenger car segment comprises the largest sector of the automotive mold market for the vehicle type category. Passenger car manufacturers are constantly in need of molds and innovative offerings to cater to the needs of their customers.

Today, car manufacturers are increasingly relying on molded exterior car parts to differentiate their offerings. This demand for molded exterior car parts is sparking innovation among vendors that offer die-casting models.

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 13

Manufactures can use 3D scanning technology to digitally capture the shape of objects and collect its data.

Handheld scanners like the KSCAN 20 are being favored by many auto enterprises for a number of reasons, including the ability to work as a normal handheld 3D scanner and photogrammetry system.

How to Scan with KSCAN20 3D Scanner

Scanning with KSCAN20 3D is easy. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Attach the markers and capture each of them using the scanner’s built-in photogrammetry system. You’ll need twice as more markers than you would with a traditional handheld scanner.

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 14

For this tutorial, we are going to scan an aluminum detail measuring 200 x 200 mm.

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 15

Step 2: Quickly scan your object. For quick scanning, which will not capture many details, use the Red Laser mode. For scanning that requires the best detail, use the Blue Lase mode.

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 16

As you scan, you can see real-time visualization of the object on your computer screen.

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 17

Step 3: The next step is getting the full 3D point cloud data using ScanView. Check the image below to see how our object looks like at the front.

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 18

And this is how the back side looks like:

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 19

Here is the highlighted area in zoom.

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 20

Step 4: Calculate the deviation values

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 21

With the KSCAN 3D Scanner, you will dramatically reduce the time it takes to scan an object since you will need very few markers. For our tutorial, the whole process of attaching the markers to generating the report was not more than 16 minutes.

Real-World Applications


ThinkSmart, a company from Vietnam developed an intelligence system to produce body parts required for repair in different vehicles. Using the KSCAN 3D scanner, the company gets a virtual model of the part and then converts it into CAD design. The design is then printed on an SLA 3D printer with ABS plastic.

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 22

By using the industrial scanner an SLA 3D printer and ABS plastic, the company can produce high quality and accurate parts that are durable and heat-resistant. The process allows the auto company to produce parts at a lower cost than they would through aluminum die-casting technology.

Dongfeng Honda

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 23

Dongfeng Honda, a subsidiary of Honda, uses KSCAN20 3D scanner to take measurements as well as identify defects in parts for the purposes of quality control. The company chose KSCAN20 3D for its versatility, accurate metrological data and accurate measurements.

What We Like

The KSCAN 3D scanner is a versatile industrial scanner that produces highly detailed virtual models of scanned objects. The scanner is also easy to operate, has high repeatability and requires much fewer markers than competing scanners.

However, getting the perfect ray geometry with the scanner can be a challenge.

KSCAN20 3D Scanner: Our Verdict

Scantech KSCAN20 3D Scanner Review 24

ScanTech KSCAN20 is a portable 3D scanner with cutting-edge features. The device allows you to scan and create 3D models of the objects where quality control is paramount.

You can purchase the Scantech KSCAN20 at Top3DShop. The scanner is sold with the official guarantee, training and best service from industry professionals.


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