Ortur 10W Laser Upgrade Review

Of late, our Test Lab has been spending some time on laser equipment We started with laser engravers with a 5W laser, such as the Longer Ray 5. However, after working with the 5W module for some time, it was clear that we needed to upgrade.

So, we’ve been playing around with a couple of 10W lasers. For example, we recently reviewed the Longer Ray 5 10w laser, as well as the Snapmaker 10W module.

In this guide, we’ll be lookin g at the Ortur 10W Laser Module. Let’s get started.

Ortur 10W Laser Review

Ortur 10W Laser Upgrade Review 1


What’s in the Box?

When you purchase the Ortur 10W Laser Module, you will get the following in the box:

  • The 10W Ortur Laser Module
  • An adapter board: LA_CONV_v1.0
  • A narrower mounting rail for the new module
  • A 24V – 2A plug-in power supply (110-240V)
  • Pressure regulator & hose coupling for the integrated Air Assist device, as well as 1.5m hose, which I forgot in the picture (a compressor is not included)
  • Various screws and cable ties
  • Brief instructions (describes the case of upgrading the Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro)

Ortur 10W Module

Ortur 10W Laser Upgrade Review 2

The Ortur Laser 10W module seems identical to the module found on  the Ortur Laser Master 3. I can interchange the two modules, and the work flawlessly. Apart from the color, these modules are basically the same. The upgrade module is black, while the one that comes with the OLM3 is grey.

The upgrade kit lacks the rubber stopper for the hose connection when the Air Assist is not used.  If the stopper is important for you, you would have to print something from TPU.

Comparing the two 10W modules from Ortur, this module is a little stronger overall (approx. 6%) than the module from the OLM3.

Ortur 10W Laser Upgrade Review 3

The Ortur 10W laser module maintains the Air Assist theme, the easily foldable focusing aid and the short stray light protection.

The Circuit Board: Ortur LA_CONV_V1.0

Ortur 10W Laser Upgrade Review 4

The circuit board is quite interesting. It has 5 different inputs with a wide variety of connectors and 12 & 24V support. Among the inputs is one for the new round connector from the OLM3.

For output, we have 4 different outputs,  as well as 12V/24V support. Only 1 input may be used at a time. The supplied power pack is connected to INPUT E.

The laser is operated with 2 power supplies; the power supply that was already included with the laser, and the power supply from the upgrade kit. If you then use Air Assist, then  there will be 3 power supplies. That literally calls for a switchable multiple socket. As soon as the power pack from the upgrade kit is connected, the fan of the connected laser module runs continuously. The fan is quite noisy.

In my opinion, this board allows me to connect an Ortur 10W laser a wide variety of lasers. On the same note, I should be able to use this board to connect a wide variety of modules, e.g. to an OLM3 or even a completely different laser.

How to Install Ortur 10W Laser Module

This kit is only advertised for the Ortur Laser Master 2 and the Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro. To test my theory that this kit can be used on different Laser, I opted not to upgrade the OLM2 Pro with it. Instead, I chose the Aufero 1.

The Aufero 1 is a quite smart and compact 5W laser, which the 10W would also look good on. Just to be clear, the Aufero is also from Ortur and is also 24V. I wouldn’t want to deal with too many unknowns in the first test.

The mounting rail supplied in the upgrade kit fits the Aufero without any problems. With other laser manufacturers you will probably have to draw and print such a part yourself.

For the Aufero 1, the conversion was completed in 5 minutes:

Ortur 10W Laser Upgrade Review 5

Here is a rundown of the process:

Unscrew the old rail on the Aufero Laser 1. Don’t lose the 2 plastic spacers as they will be needed again soon. Next, screw the new rail and the new laser module on it. Finally, glue the  adapter board on the stepper motor with adhesive tape.

For the the OLM2 Pro, the circuit board in its acrylic glass box fits directly onto the carriage of the 10W laser head, and can be screwed tight there with the screws provided.

Insert the cable from Aufero 1 to the laser to input E of the adapter. Also, insert the power supply unit cable supplied with the kit to input E. Finally, insert the cable for the 10W laser module to output B. The Aufero power supply unit stays on the Aufero.

I didn’t have to do anything else with the Aufero 1, not even moving the end stops. The installation space isn’t smaller either. So, this upgrade is completely problem-free.

I also didn’t need to do any changes in LightBurn, apart from reducing the laser power a little since the 10W laser module has significant power than the 5W module.

Ortur 10W Laser Upgrade Review 6

This upgrade process will probably not always work so easily with other models or lasers from other manufacturers. However, it is still definitely doable.

My Thoughts

The Ortur 10W Laser module is an uncomplicated solution for upgrading older lasers that lack a 10W module or that have a power supply that is too weak for 10W. What I mostly like about it is that it can be used to upgrade different devices, including those not from Ortur.

My thoughts: The cables can be a little messy and the fan is quite noisy. However, the included power supply is a good thing as it is more more universally usable.

The Aufero 1 laser upgraded here works perfectly with the 10W module.

Ortur 10W Laser Upgrade Review 7


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