ORTUR Aufero Laser 1 Review: The Perfect Laser Engraver for Beginners

Looking for a low cost entry level laser engraver for your workshop? Read our Ortur Aufero Laser 1 review and find out why we recommend it.

ORTUR, the well-known laser engraving equipment manufacturer, has just released a low-cost laser engraver targeted at beginners and home users. The engraver – Aufero Laser 1 – has been released under ORTUR’S sub-brand Aufero, – is poised to make laser engraving more affordable and friendly, especially to hobbyists.

There are two things that set the Aufero Laser 1 from the competition: price and usability.

Consumers looking to get started with laser engraving usually have to contend with high cost of laser engravers. Moreover, most laser engravers have intricate setup and assembly steps that are overwhelming to beginners.

Understanding the frustrations that beginner hobbyists have with existing laser engraving equipment, ORTUR R&D team went back to the drawing board to create a functional laser engraver that is easy to set up, affordable, and can undertake complex engraving works.

This creation is the Aufero Laser 1.

ORTUR Aufero Laser 1 Review: The Perfect Laser Engraver for Beginners 1


ORTUR Aufero Laser 1 Review

aufero laser 1

Easy Setup

Unlike most laser engraving machines on the market, the Aufero Laser 1 is ready to use straight out of the box. There is no complicated setup or assembly requirements. Simply get the machine out of the box, put it on your workbench and start making awesome creations!

Affordable Engraver

If you are a beginner looking for hands-on experience with a laser engraving machine, the Aufero Laser 1 is a no brainer. Available at less than $300, this entry-level machine is what you need to get started with your laser engraving hobby.

High End Performance

When its Ortur behind a product, you expect nothing but the best in terms of performance. Professional laser engraving consumers love the highly successful Ortur Laser Pro 2 that was released earlier in 2021.  The Laser Pro 2 stands out for its unmatched performance. And in the Aufero Laser 1, the same principles of high-end technology and performance are evident.

The Aufero Laser 1 is powered by ORTUR’s 9th generation OLM-PRO-V1.2 motherboard that is fast, delivers smoother movements and has a higher carving accuracy. The motherboard has the most advanced OLF-1.8 series firmware, which greatly improves the engraver’s gray scale engraving effect. The increased accuracy will see you carving figures in photos very realistically, despite being an amateur laser engraver.

The performance of the OLM-PRO-V1.2 motherboard is not only superior to other engraving machines that come at the same price range, but also comparable to some different brands that are more expensive.

3 Laser Plugs Bring Your Imagination Alive

The Aufero Laser 1 can carve objects up to a maximum size of 180 x 180 mm. You can carve your designs on different materials, including wood, glass, oxidized metal, ceramics, leather, plywood, acrylic, paper, corkwood, stone, stainless steel, among others.

The machine comes with three laser plugs that give you the freedom to accomplish a wide range of creative engraving activities. The three laser plugs are:

1 .Option 1-LU2-2 Laser Module:

lu2-3 laser moduleThis laser plug features high-precision patterns and is suitable for materials with low hardness. Users can engrave their favorite patterns on the mobile phone shell, engrave unique characters on bread/steak, engrave photos with wooden boards instead of paper photos, easily complete “paper-cut” paintings with paper, and print their own unique marks on leather products such as wallets and belts, etc., so that they can exert their creativity at will.

2. Option 2-LU2-4-SF:

lu2-4-sf laser moduleThis laser module has good cutting ability. However, it has better carving performance and is suitable for materials with high hardness, such as glass, stone, ceramics, stainless steel and so on. For example, users can carve commemorative patterns on transparent glass to make a beautiful artwork for friends; You can also carve personalized images on a small stone slab, which is also a good-looking ornament at home; If users are shopkeepers, they can also carve small pieces of ceramics on the logo of their own store and give them to patrons; Even, users can carve their own business card information on stainless steel iron, making it the most unique and durable stainless steel business card.

3. Option 3-LU2-4-LF:

lu2-4-lf optically compressed laser moduleThis laser module has a good engraving effect and a more perfect cutting effect. Users can use some beautiful wooden boards to match their own personality design and cut them into artworks of different shapes. Of course, in addition to wood, it also supports a variety of materials such as leather, black acrylic, etc. it can also cut these materials into the shape required by users and engrave pattern design. In short, users can be creative and leave the rest to Aufero laser 1.


Whether you are a novice or expert laser engraving enthusiast, safety is critical when operating a laser engraver. The Aufero Laser 1 is designed with beginners in mind and as such, extra R&D was undertaken to ensure its safety.

For example, when the engraver is moved horizontally during operations, the laser head will automatically pause to keep the user safe. The unit also has anti-collision technology that is at par with the more expensive laser engravers for professionals available on the market.

There’s also a laser beam safety function that automatically prevents the laser module from emitting light in case of a poor USB connection or a bug in the machine. This safety function does a great job of prevent fire hazards.

Another safety feature of the Aufero Laser 1 is a function that automatically stops the machine from working when it fails to detect input instructions within 30 seconds.

Finally, when the engraver is shut down, the main board will cut off the current output to the laser module to prevent fire hazards. You don’t have to pull out the plug manually, as is the case with most laser engravers, to prevent intermittent charges that can lead to accidental fires.

Engraving with the Aufero Laser 1 is a joy from the start. Coming ready to use out of the box, and with three different engraving modules, you will love seeing your creations coming to life. The unit has its own eye protection cover through which you can watch the engraving process without the need to wear protective goggles.


The Aufero Laser 1 is compatible with various engraving software, including LightBurn and LaserGRBL. Moreover, it can work directly without a drive. Whether you prefer designing on a Windows or Mac, and regardless of the software that you use, you can be sure of the compatibility of the Aufero Laser 1

Unmatched Support

The affordable Aufero Laser 1 is backed by the high-quality support that laser engraving professionals have come to know from Ortur. You can get support through the company’s website as well as social media platforms

While professional by all means, this unit is easy to get started with, is compatible with multiple operating systems and laser engraving software, and comes at an affordable price. This is the perfect laser engraver for anyone looking to dip their toes into laser engraving, or even a pro looking for an additional unit to add in their workshop.

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It’s time to let your creativity soar with the Aufero Laser 1. Get this hot new laser engraver from Aufero and transform your imagination to reality through laser engraving. Safe, reliable, and affordable.; these are the three words that undoubtedly sum up what to expect from the Aufero Laser 1.

Head over to Aufero Laser Official website and get your engraver today.


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