How Much Does 3D Printing Cost?

Ordering 3D-Print , or 3D-Printing , is something that more and more companies and private individuals are using. It is becoming more common, and beneficial.

Instead of buying a 3D Printer, Filament (or other raw material) and everything else, it is often much more advantageous to order a 3D print with regard to cost, time, knowledge, etc.

Purchases of 3D prints are most often made for the purpose of trying out individual prototypes (3D models), or for example to replace a broken part that is otherwise difficult or expensive to obtain.

You can use 3D Scanning to scan in a 3D model of the object you need to replace to make it easy for you.

Below you will find a list of manufacturers that offer 3D printing as a service. You can easily filter in the list, to get a local 3D manufacturer who can assist with expertise or a quote. The list includes both individuals and companies that manufacture in 3D.

If you want to order 3D printing , read on below and we will go through everything you need to know.

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What are 3D prints used for?

A common area of ​​use is prototypes. Companies that want a fast prototype to reduce lead times and other things usually want to print these prototypes in 3D to get an indication of the end product. It is a cost effective way to try your product in different ways.

Other common reasons are, for example, replacing a broken plastic part that is not easy to get hold of, or a spare part for a chest of drawers, shelf, furniture, TV, or other.

Decorations are also something that is becoming more common. You may want to create a unique, own design, for someone you like. Or why not to himself?

How to order 3D printing?

It can be said that there are two types of order bases that are made. These are “without any drawing” and “with your own drawing”.

Without a drawing or model, you simply describe what you want to create, and the actor you have hired thus creates a model according to instructions from you. This method is slightly more expensive as the actors have to sketch and draw a complete 3D model in the computer.

However, if you have a drawing or model of some kind, you can only order a printout of this drawing, which is much cheaper. Often (if not always) a double-check of the actor is included which you have hired to see so nothing looks strange in the drawing and dimensions.

Whether you have a drawing or not, you choose the material, type of printing (some want a specific type of 3D Printer such as SLS or other to print), and other attributes and properties you want.

What happens last is that the model is printed with a 3D Printer and you get the model delivered in a suitable way.

Where to order 3D prints?

We recommend that you contact the seller of 3D prints directly, by phone or email, to get a price. If you do not have any prior knowledge, it is always good to call them directly if possible, to find out as much information as possible.

This also makes it easier for the player who is to print the 3d model to give a correct price.

There are private individuals who print for companies and other private individuals, but there are also companies that do this. We will list a number of alternatives here in the near future.

How Much Does a 3D Printing Cost?

3D prints have different prices depending on what you want to get printed. The most common factors that determine are the material cost and the shipping cost, as well as a commission that a third party takes (the web services).

A simple model that does not require support material can cost around SEK 600.
Decomposed, this means approximately SEK 200 for materials, SEK 200 for labor costs and time, SEK 100 for commissions to the web service, and SEK 100 otherwise as freight.

Of course, there are players who are both cheaper and more expensive than the price example above.
If other methods of printing are also required, such as SLS, the price goes up.

Web services for ordering 3D printing

3D prints can be ordered through many web services, and most of these work according to similar methods. You upload a drawing, choose materials etc., get a number of quotes, and choose one of the quotes that you are happy with.

Then you get the product delivered to you.

However, as I said, the reality is often that you have to adjust the price (drawing, sketch, material, etc.), which gives a higher price than you thought from the beginning.

If you do not have good control, we always recommend direct contact with the actor who will provide the model / 3D printout to you to avoid misunderstandings.

How do 3D printing web services work?

Most of these work through similar processes, namely by sending out the drawing and the documentation that you have uploaded to several actors who are connected to the service, where the actors get the chance to bid.

The platform that offers the service often also receives a commission / commission on the price, usually taken from the seller of the 3D printout.

Some other platforms have fixed prices that they give and also charge for directly, and then they send out the drawing to an actor who will print it.

Advantages of ordering 3D printing

There are many benefits to ordering 3D-printed items, and we have piled up a few below that may be worth considering.

Minimum costs The
costs of ordering a single 3D-Print are often much lower than it would have been if you had had to acquire 3D Printers, materials, knowledge and everything else.

previous knowledge required Prior knowledge is basically not needed, as you simply just describe what you need and have it printed.

Save lots of time
It is often much faster to order than to have to create everything from scratch yourself.

By this we mean that there are many actors who print according to your needs, and it is you who decides the material, type of printing, etc.

Do you need to know something about 3D Printers before ordering?


No prior knowledge required. If you do not have any knowledge of the 3D industry, you must describe in words what you want, and the player you have hired will go through everything that is needed.

Do you get to know the price immediately?

Depending on which service or player you use, you can actually get a price directly in the computer via the website or email. However, this varies.

We recommend that you first have direct contact with the player you are going to hire, so as not to miss any details in the price.

The web services that offer price directly on the screen are often with minimal interference and hand-laying, which is rarely the case. As a result, these prices often change afterwards and can lead to discussions that are unnecessary.

Delivery time for 3D prints

The delivery time for a 3D printout can be anything from the day after to weeks after you have placed the order.

That is why we recommend that you check where the player you hire is located, so that shipping and delivery time will not be a problem for you.

Order 3D Scanning

3D Scanning can also be ordered, just like 3D printing. But it then requires that you submit the object you want scanned to the actor. In these cases, it is convenient if the operator is at a close distance so you can have contact and not get too high shipping costs.

Usually, the same actor who scans the 3D object can also print it for you if you wish.

How accurate must the measurements be if you do not have a drawing?

The dimensions to be used to print the 3D order must ultimately be very accurate. If you do not know the exact dimensions and do not have requirements for which dimensions the 3D printout must meet, then you must give tolerances to the actor who will do the job.

It is thus possible not to have any exact measurements, but tolerances must be stated so that the actor who is to create the model and the drawing has something to follow.

A 3D Printer is an accurate machine that prints with millimeter tolerances.

Privacy for 3D Prints

If you have a prototype that you need to have confidentiality on, this can also be arranged through a special agreement / agreement between the actor who will provide the 3D printout and you.

This is unique to each customer’s needs, and needs to be discussed between the parties, but is therefore excellent to arrange, and is not too unusual either.

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