Creatbot F1000 Large Industrial 3D Printer Review

The CreatBot F1000 is a large industrial FDM 3D printer designed to make large format 3D printing affordable for small and medium enterprises. For this, the printer is equipped with:

  • A cubic meter printing chamber
  • Double extrusion with a nozzle heating temperature of up to 420℃
  • A thermostatic closed chamber with heating and regulation of the temperature in the chamber and the temperature of the platform

Other features of the printer also help with this.

Read our CreatBot F1000 large industrial 3D printer review to find out more about the unit. the article.

Creatbot F1000 Review

Creatbot F1000 Large Industrial 3D Printer Review 1


Creatbot F1000 Specifications


  • Shipping weight: 640 kg
  • Dimensions with packaging: 1910 x 1510 x 2205 mm
  • Power supply: 220 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz
  • Dimensions: 1740 x 1300 x 1920 mm
  • Weight: 550 kg
  • Software: CreatWare, Simplify 3D, Cura, Slice 3r
  • File formats: STL, OBJ, GCode, AMF


  • Number of extruders: 2
  • Maximum build chamber temperature: 60°C
  • Maximum extruder temperature: 420°C
  • Operating system: Win7 / 8/10, MacOS
  • Power consumption: 4000 watts
  • Working chamber: 1000 x 1000 x 1000 mm
  • Layer thickness: from50 microns
  • Positioning Accuracy: XY-axis 0.011mm, Z-axis 0.0025mm
  • Printing material: ABS, PLA, Carbon Fiber, PETG, Nylon, PC
  • Thread diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 1mm (0.4 ~ 1.5mm)
  • Display: 9.7” full color touch screen, independent operating system (multilingual)
  • Interfaces: USB
  • Print speed: 60-120 mms


  • Table temperature: up to 100°C

Overview of Creatbot F1000

Creatbot F1000 Large Industrial 3D Printer Review 2

CreatBot F1000 is designed and built to make industrial 3D printing of large objects as easy as possible. With this machine, you can print functional parts and prototypes even if you are a small enterprise.

This industrial 3D printer features an intelligent dual extruder, heated enclosed chamber, auto-calibration system and built-in camera. The camera in the printer allows you to control the printing process through the software.

Thanks to the fast heating platform and heating chamber, the printer can print large objects in high quality with durable engineering plastics with extrusion temperatures up to 420℃.

Creatbot F1000 Features and Benefits

Creatbot F1000 Large Industrial 3D Printer Review 3
Satisfied customer, photo of the manufacturer.

A cubic meter is an impressive volume for FDM printing with filament. With this volume, you can print large single parts on a 3D printer, as well as a series of small products. This makes the machine suitable for mass production.

The large chamber volume and the size of the parts implies that Creatbot was able to overcome the common difficulties experienced during FDM 3D printing.

Let’s look at an overview of the features.

Double Extruders up to 420℃

Creatbot F1000 Large Industrial 3D Printer Review 4

The F1000 is equipped with an intelligent dual extrusion system that manages temperatures of up to 420℃. The extruder can print large PLA + PVA models with water-soluble supports for rapid prototyping. It can also print engineering plastics to obtain durable parts for direct use from ABS, PC, nylon, carbon fiber, etc.

The double hotend is easy to maintain and replace.

High Accuracy

Creatbot F1000 Large Industrial 3D Printer Review 5

The accuracy of printing on the F1000 reaches 0.1 mm. The printer prints stably at speeds up to 200 mm/s.


Creatbot F1000 Large Industrial 3D Printer Review 6

The machine is in an all-steel housing that keeps the printer stable and reliable during operations. The first batch of CreatBot 3D printers that were in a steel case lasted nine years and more than 30,000 hours.

Precise Linear Guides

Creatbot F1000 Large Industrial 3D Printer Review 7

The dimensional and shape accuracy of linear rail guides affects the printing accuracy. The F1000 slides are 4-5 times more accurate than consumer printers.

Closed Printing Chamber

The machine has a completely closed print chamber that maintains an internal temperature of 60℃. The enclosure also protects the print from external influences, such as drafts, changes in ambient temperature, dust penetration and others. Finally, the enclosure also reduces the noise level during printing.

Filament Drying Chamber

The built-in plastic drying chamber heats up and keeps the temperature from 45℃ to 65℃. This means it can effectively dry nylon, polycarbonate, ABS and other high water absorption materials.

Creatbot F1000 Large Industrial 3D Printer Review 8

The printer automatically remembers the print point in case of a power outage and stores this data. In case of a power outage, the printer will lower the platform and performing retraction. It will then resume print from where it stopped when the power is restored.

If the filament runs out, the printer will stop printing and sound an alarm.

Internal Webcam

Creatbot F1000 Large Industrial 3D Printer Review 9

The built-in webcam in the print camera, together with the software, allows you to remotely monitor and control the print. This is a useful feature for large models and long prints.

Auto-Calibration Platform

Creatbot F1000 Large Industrial 3D Printer Review 10

The printer uses automatic 25-point platform surface calibration from the BL-Touch sensor. It then adjusts the print accordingly using a smart Z-height compensation table.

Creatbot F1000 Large Industrial 3D Printer Review 11

The F1000 recently printed a 1-meter and 35-pound snake head for a theme park. The result was a product with a high surface quality. This model printed for 250 hours with a 1.2 mm nozzle.

Creatbot F1000 Large Industrial 3D Printer Review 12

The model was printed with PLA + plastic with 5% filling. Its exact dimensions were 990 x 980 x 950 mm.

Creatbot F1000 Large Industrial 3D Printer Review 13

A 15kg swan model was also printed with PLA + 1.2mm nozzle, 0.5mm layer thickness and 5% infill, in 60 hours. The dimensions of the model are 600 x 550 x 600 mm.

Creatbot F1000 Large Industrial 3D Printer Review 14

An automotive equipment manufacturer used the CreatBot F1000 to design and develop molds for the injection molding of car seats. Watch the video below:

Since the parts had to withstand a pressure of 100 MPa, nylon-carbon fiber was used for printing. The material printed with a filling of 50%.

Creatbot F1000 Large Industrial 3D Printer Review 15

The accuracy of the finished prints was +0.1 mm. The cover of the form was printed in 120 hours and weighed 9 kg. Its dimensions were 820 x 748 x 160 mm.

The mold bowl was printed in 200 hours and weighed 16 kg. Its dimensions were 820 x 748 x 200 mm. The form was tested and completely satisfied the customer.


The productivity of CreatBot F1000 is at a level or even higher than that of some well-known industrial brands of 3D printers from Germany and the USA. However, the Creatbot F1000 costs about three times cheaper than American and German counterparts with similar characteristics. This makes the F1000 one of the market leaders in large format FDM printers.


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