Scantech Simscan 3D Scanner Review

Today, we are providing an overview of the portable 3D scanner ScanTech SimScan . This lightweight and convenient device is designed for use in production. The model is the smallest industrial 3D scanner in the world.

What is SimScan?

Scantech Simscan 3D Scanner Review 1
SimScan wins prestigious RedDot design award

Whether in tight spaces or working with large objects, SimScan performs high-quality 3D scans everywhere. This is regardless of any constraints on the work environment. The product has a metrology-level measuring system that captures every detail and helps to build a 3D model in a short time. The SIMSCAN has a minimalist metal body, effectively striking a balance between weight and performance.

SimScan Features


  • Working temperature: -10 ~ 40 ° C
  • Dimensions: 203 x 80 x 44mm
  • Weight: 0.57 kg


  • Scanning: 11 blue laser crosses; 7 blue parallel laser lines; 1 additional blue laser line


  • Modes: Ultra-fast scanning; Superfine scanning; and Deep hole scanning


  • Depth of field: 250mm
  • Scan area: Up to 410 x 400 mm
  • Interface: USB 3.0
  • Laser class: CLASS Ⅱ (safe for eyes)
  • Volumetric Accuracy: 0.020mm + 0.015mm/m
  • Scan Resolution: Up to 0.025 mm
  • Object distance: 300 mm
  • Scanning speed: Up to 2,020,000 measurements/s
  • Scanning accuracy: μm
  • Volume: 20 + 40 m
  • Data output format :pj3, asc, igs, txt, mk2, umfazi, stl, ply, obj


One-handed Operation

Weighing only 570g and measuring 203 x 80 x 44mm, the SimScan portable 3D scanner makes it easy to scan anything with one hand.


The SIMSCAN 3D scanner is easily portable, thanks to its size and weight. As a result, you can take 3D measurements anywhere and at any time. You can do this when working with any objects and in any spaces, be they spacious and confined.

Detail and Efficiency

In the parallel line and deep scan modes with a single beam, not a single detail will be hidden from the laser. This is irrespective of how difficult the surfaces are.

11 blue laser crosshairs, 2,020,000 measurements per second and a 410 x 400mm capture field ensure smooth and efficient 3D digitizing.

Beauty and Strength

The all-metal shell protects the device reliably. On the other hand, the ergonomic design ensures the scanner fits in the palm of your hand. So, in a nutshell, with this scanner, you get both aesthetics and practicality.


ScanTech SimScan is the world’s smallest and most user-friendly industrial 3D scanner. The product is designed for aerospace, automotive, energy and other manufacturing applications. Wherever you need a scanner that is compact and convenient to use, this unit will meet your needs. Scantech Simscan 3D Scanner Review 2

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