Best 3D Printer Under $400

Best 3D Printers Under $400

  • 1. Two Trees Sapphire Pro

Two Trees Sapphire Pro


The Sapphire Pro from Two Trees is relatively new to the inexpensive 3D printer market. The 3D printer kit has an installation space of 235 x 235 x 235 mm, a size similar to an Ender 3. But the Sapphire Pro comes in cube shape and asserts itself with a CoreXY setup .

The Sapphire Pro is aimed at medium hobbyists and beginners and is able to print quickly, precisely and reliably, with some high-tech functions in its luggage. The Sapphire Pro is aimed at medium hobbyists and beginners.

This includes linear rails in the X and Y axes as well as a two-speed BMG Bowden extruder and a filament monitor for more reliability.

With that in mind, the Sapphire Pro seems like quite a bargain, with features typically only found in printers that are at least twice as expensive.

  • 2. Artillery Genius

Artillery Genius


The newcomer Artillery has already made quite an impression with the first 3D printer, the Sidewinder X1.

After extensive research in the laboratory, Artillery released a new and smaller model, the Artillery Genius. The smaller version only refers to the size of the print bed. The data and components are similar or even identical.

Without driving up the price, Artillery equipped the Genius with several useful functions, such as a touch screen, an improved Z-axis lead screw system, a fast-heating print bed and quiet stepper motor drivers. In addition, Artillery leaves room for DIY improvements such as upgrading with an automatic sensor for aligning the print bed.

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