9 Things You Can Decorate With A 3D Pen

How Fun Can 3D Pens Get?

A common misconception about 3D pens is that they are only ideal for children. On the contrary, owning a 3D pen comes with numerous opportunities for putting life to household items in your home and even creating cool objects that you can sell to others or display for advertising your business. Read on for 9 things you can use a 3D pen to decorate.

  1. Pen Holder

The creative designs you can use in creating a pen holder for your office or home study room can radiate the particular space. You can for example create an angel carrying a baby on the wings, or hands with weight lifts if you are in that kind of thing. A personalized pen holder made by your 3D pen will not only make the space you put it more attractive, it will also be a secure place to keep your special pens and avoid losing them. You can also design pen holders and give it as a gift to that special person.

  1. Letter Opener

Though technology has somehow pushed back letter writing for most cases, it can never completely demolish it. Documents from companies, emergency notices and monthly bills for example continue to come in writing. Because of this, there is still need for a letter opener. Customized letter openers are advocated for this task in place of a knife. The side of the opener for opening the envelope should be sharp but flat enough to prevent it from tearing into the letter. You can use a 3D pen to design the holder of your letter opener and make it more attractive and accommodating.

  1. Book Mark

Booklovers need book marks to help them track their progress. Standard bookmarks are made of paper that is susceptible to destruction by dust or water. It is also not possible to clean paper bookmarks and using the dirty ones will lead to your book getting untidy. A bookmark made with a 3D pen is ideal as it can be easily cleaned and also lasts longer. You can also create your preferred design for the bookmark though itís important to make your design long enough and flat.

  1. Keyboard Stand

With a 3D pen, you can avoid costs like those incurred in repairing broken keyboard feet. You can simply customize your keyboard stand to the size that you want using your 3D pen. Itís is however important to test the size before designing the stand so that you donít end up with an uncomfortable stand.

  1. Office Organizer

Instead of purchasing the ordinary office organizer from a stationery dealer you can use your 3D pen to make a unique piece. You can design your office organizer into any form or object. From varying size tower designs for placing different sized objects to animated designs. The most important thing is that the colors you choose for designing your organizer matches your workstation or office.

  1. Cable Holder

If you work in a busy room with several USB and HDMI cables then a cable holder will help you a great deal in keeping them in order all the time. With a 3D pen you can design a sleek cable holder for keeping your HDMI, USB, charger, printer and laptop in place. The cable holder you create should be compact and should match up to the colors of the cables. Also ensure that you place it in a stable base. Keeping your cables in place will make your workstation more accommodating and enhances your creativity and productivity.

  1. Classy Push Pins

If you want to make your walls or office outstanding, the 3D pen is just the right gadget to help you out. You can use your 3D pen to make unique pins for pinning important papers on the notice board or you can simply decorate the normal push pins by adding some petals at the end of the pin, making the handle pop up. One tip is blending the color of the plastic material with that of the push pin.

  1. Push Pin Holder

Placing push pins in the normal office organizer can be dangerous as they might prick you. Thatís why itís necessary for you to design a push pin holder. A cool idea is to design one in the shape of a ball or a pot that stands on a thick base and where you can prick the pins all over. Not only will this be efficient in keeping the pins from getting lost or pricking you, it will also make them easy to access.

  1. Tablet Holder

If you have a tablet that you often use at home or in the office then you can reduce the exhaustion of carrying it in your hands by creating a tablet holder for it. The base of the holder that you design should be thick enough and stable and it should also accommodate the height of the tablet. The best thing about a custom made tablet holder is that you will customize it to the weight and size of your tablet.



Though the above items are basic, designing them with your 3D pens will give them some spark and put life into them. The freedom to design in any object or shape means you can stretch your imagination for as far as you wish.

You donít have to design these items only for your use; you can use them as gifts to your loved ones. You can also design them with other family members and create valuable memories together.




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