Best 3D Pen Stencil Book for Beginner Projects

Use your 3D Pen to make great designs with a stencil book, patterns or finished projects.

Three-dimensional pens are very good inventive instruments. At times, your ability to make designs require some form of drive to make it move in a smooth pattern.

Three-dimensional pen books contain designs that you can imitate with your 3D pen.

There are books that give easy stencils that you can follow using a three-dimensional pen. There are also books that give finished projects to trace and help you learn about three-dimensional pens in its entirety, starting with the fundamental methods before moving to the use of various design items.

No matter what you know, there are still new things to gain from the books that will help you make wonderful prototype.

3Doodler ìWhat Will You Create?î Project Book


3Doodler “What Will You Create?” Project Book

  • It contains the 3Doodler lesson
  • It contains 26 different how to do it projects.
  • Exceptional vacation projects
  • It contains many stencils that are simple to utilize.
  • It has more than 40 leaves of very good photographs.


You can use any pen apart from the one made by 3Doodler to do the projects. This is despite the fact that 3Doodler made the book.

The beginning of the book contains a lesson that helps you learn about the importance of making use of a three-dimensional pen. The project lessons come after this.

It has 26 projects that can be traced, they include animals, plants, photographs, and objects.

The lessons are organized from the simplest to the most difficult, helping you to better you ability to use the three-dimensional pen as you progress.

The guidelines to do the projects donít include much information. It is only the stencils and pictures that serve as the directions.

The book propagates learning by practice, not learning by only reading a lot of how to do it information.

The book helps those who just started using the 3D pen to do well, and if also tells you what the pen can do.

The book also explains how to use the various snoot of the 3Doodler three-dimensional pen and also the ABS and the elastic filament.

3D Pen Jewelry: 20+ Modern Projects to Make

3D Pen Jewelry: 20+ Modern Projects to Make


  • The book teaches how to make twenty contemporary projects.
  • Rayan Turner
  • It was released by Taunton Press
  • The version number is 0 (11/01/2016)
  • It has 24 leaves.


This publication will show you astonishing things that can be done with a three-dimensional pen.

The designs found in the publication look easy and are not difficult to do, but the final outcomes are jewelries that a person will be happy to put on.

Using the instructions in the three-dimensional pen jewelry can help you make wonderful jewelries that people will love and cherish.

The beginning of the book contains different information on how clasps and chains can be added to designs. It also gives you information about the possible faults your pen may have, and how to correct usual issues.

After that, the book will show you some models that you can practice. The various designs have simple guides and complete models you can follow.

The book has some great projects that you may like if you go through it.

Some of the designs in the book are very popular now, and they enable you to show what you can make.

If you are a female from the age of ten and above, having a three-dimensional pen jewelry will be wonderful.

After finishing all the projects in the publication, you will have adequate creative inspiration to design jewelries.

3D Pen Stencils for Kids and Adults ñ Dikale

3D Pen Stencils for Kids and Adults – Dikale (2017 New Design) It has three-dimensional sketching Stencils, 15 Paper Designs, 30 types of Designs for Scribbler, Soyan, MYNT3D three-dimensional Pen, and Great Christmas presents

  • ?QUALITY STENCILS FOR THREE-DIMENSIONAL SKETCHING? It is a wonderful instrument for making three-dimensional models. This stencil is compatible with three-dimensional pens. It is a good fit for people above the age of six, not minding what they do.
  • It is a very good printer that is white, stocky, unruffled, and shiny.
  • ?BETTER FOR 3D DRAWING BEGINNER? it is good for those who have just started learning three-dimensional drawing. It has thirty color printing styles for learning three-dimensional sketching with a three-dimensional pen.
  • ?IT HAS A FINER OPTION THAN THE ELECTRONIC BOOK? You can use the three-dimensional pen that goes together with this stencil to make three-dimensional sketch. You can also reproduce any design and sketch on the reproduced design. It is not very difficult to learn to use the three-dimensional pen.
  • The measurement of the paper is A4(8.27″*11.69″)


The book has thirty interesting stencils that will be perfect for kids. The size of each stencil is huge; they are placed on an A4 (8? x 11.5?) page.

The stencils in this book are based on land and flying animals. They are also based on homes, and various means of transport.

There is a Polyvinyl chloride sheet that you can put on the paper page, enabling the user to have a visual of the stencil under so that you can draw on it with a three-dimensional pen, not destroying the paper.

As a result of this, the stencil can be reused many times if it is not traced into different papers. This also means that it can be used by different people.

The stencils contain different components that enables the trial if various colors and feel. This helps in making elaborate three-dimensional models.

This publication is perfect for children from six-years-old and above.

Glyby Design Paper Mold for three-dimensional pen 2016 Glyby NEW Design Paper Mold for three-dimensional Pen. It has a three-dimensional sketching and Doodle Model producing design illustration. Its Color printing style includes twenty pictures and various style.

  • Guarantee: Make sure it is well parceled before you put down your signature. Another product can be given to you if it gets spoiled within one and a half year of buying it.
  • Compatible: This material is perfect for three-dimensional modeling. Any three-dimensional pen can be used on it. It is also ideal for people from the age of eight and above.
  • Grade: It is a Copperplate paper!
  • It is a ideal for starters, and it possesses twenty color printing styles.
  • To prevent harm, please buy from GLYBY, who are the makers.


The book has up to twenty colors of stencils that are published on a very good, stocky, and shiny material.

The stencils consist of different objects that children can find interesting.

The stencils will interest kids from the age of six and above because it is bright, huge, and has different colors.

The book is devoid of guidelines, but it has stencils that have figures indicating the number needed to finish the three-dimensional structure.

This entails that children will require assistance to join the parts together to make a complete three-dimensional model, but experience folks will be able to perform the action.

Children will enjoy this book and benefit from it as they are in the early stages of using a three-dimensional pen, before heading for the complex part.

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