3Doodler Accessories for Personalizing Your 3D Experience

Which are the best 3Doodler accessories on the market? Read on to find out.

The 3Doodler 3D pen resembles the traditional pencil or pen but presents unlimited possibilities for drawing of 3D objects on air. The pens use a unique technology that heats up plastic filament and extrudes it in molten state that cools on contact with air.

The only limitation to the artistic creations you can make with the 3Doodler pen will come from your hands or lack of imagination.

3Doodler 3D pens are preferred by expert 3D artists. Most people like customizing their 3D pens. Read on for a list of 3Doodler accessories that will help you get the most from the pen.

Best 3Doodler Accessories

Doodler Blocks

3Doodler Accessories for Personalizing Your 3D Experience 1One aspect of doodling that is challenging for most people is creating perfect patterns and shapes. To make your work easier, you can use 3D blocks. These are durable, stencil-like silicon molds that you can fill with PLA or ABS filaments to form contour lines of varying objects and shapes.

You can transform the contour lines to a variety of sizes, forms, shapes and patterns, e.g. numbers, letters and stars. You can also purchase customized 3D structured molds to help you create mind-blowing shaped 3D objects.


3Doodler Nozzle Set

3doodler nozzle set3Doodler nozzles are made of brass that hardly wears out. The nozzles come in different sizes and shapes that you can experiment with. If your 3Doodler nozzle is worn out, you can replace it with a new one.

A 3Doodler nozzle set comes with a nozzle holder, a clip-on smoothing tool, and six nozzles of varying shapes and sizes. When you buy a set, you can experiment with the different nozzles to suit your needs.

The nozzles also have varying tips, including superfine nozzle tip, square, ribbon and triangle. With these nozzles, you can customize the flow of the filament extrusion to ensure a perfect finish.

To ensure your nozzle lasts long, make sure you store it properly.


3Doodler Stand

3doodler standHaving the right 3D when undertaking a 3D design project is important. Most doodling sessions take long to finish and you will need to take short brakes in between. A 3D stand is a perfect compartment for storing your doodler filaments or strands and the 3D pen.

The colorful 3D stands have buttons that you can use to control the speed of your 3D pen. A gentle press on one of the buttons and moving the whole stand will enable you to create stable, flat, clean and accurate 3Doodles.

A 3D pen stand also extra spaces for storing Plastic and ABS refills of your 3Doodler.


Project Book

3doodler project bookDoodling can be challenging for beginners since it does not follow the same rules and patterns like in 2D design.

A 3D project book is a great investment for an enthusiast who wishes to improve their doodling skills to get to the next level. The books have step-by-step instructions that armatures can follow to improve their skills. Some of the information in the books include:

  • How to use 3D pens
  • How to use 3D accessories in creating multi-faceted 3D doodles
  • Practical 3Doodling tutorials.
  • Stencils that you can photocopy, enlarge and use as examples for your 3D projects

Most people imagine that writing on air with 3D pens is complicated. Well, it is challenging but not complicated. There are various 3D project books that can help you master the skills within no time.


3Doodler Pedal

3doodler pedalA 3Doodler pedal is meant for use when handling versatile lengthy doodling projects. This gadget has two pedals featuring with two extrusion speeds.

The pedal is connected to the 3D pen and, therefore, gives you the freedom of moving and creating your doodles from any angle. You can use the pedal to control the start of extrusion and stop, thereby eliminating the need for using the pen controls.

A 3D pedal also allows you to reverse the direction of the strand with a simple tap of your toes.



3doodler jetpackJetPack is a powerful battery that powers 3Doodler 3D pens. Before the Jetpack was developed, 3D artists had to create objects only in places with a power source since the 3D pens were powered by cables.

The JetPack power pack allows you to doodle continuously for two to three hours. It also comes in handy in the event of a power shortage while you are in the middle of your project.

The powerpack is portable. Therefore, you can create your 3D models anywhere whenever your creativity kicks in; be it at the hillside or the beach.

The Jetpack does not require any setup. Simply connect it to your 3D pen and begin doodling.


3D Highlights

3doodler 3d highlightsMost 3D artists prefer using more highlights or colors for their models. You are likely to end short of ABS filament when you need it the most. To avoid this frustration, you should always have an extra pack of colorful highlights with you. This will allow you to create your models to a finished state and with the colors you need.



When you buy a 3Doodler pen, it’s important to get the above accessories to maximize your experience with the pen.

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