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HARZ Labs was founded in 2017 in Moscow, after many years of research and development in polymer materials. The company prides in using high-quality raw materials, its own innovative developments and modern industrial production. These are some of the things that make the company’s 3D printing materials popular among makers.

HARZ Labs supplies its products to more than 50 countries around the world. The company has a wide range of materials for DLP, LCD and SLA printing.

Harz Labs 3D Printing Materials

Harz Labs has a number of 3D printing resins. What sets the company’s resins apart from the competition are their high level of detail and precision in printing. The resins do not shrink, and this makes prints stable and predictable.

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Harz Labs resins also do not produce a strong odor. If you work with a resin 3D printer, this is something you will like. The resins are hypoallergenic and safe for your health. Therefore, they can be used in the lab or in rooms without special ventilation.

Harz Labs Basic Resin

The HARZ Labs standard line consists of Model Resin, Basic Resin and Art Glow decorative resin.

Basic Resin is the easiest material for daily use. With this resin, even mistakes in print settings will not prevent you from getting a decent result. Therefore, it is recommended for educational institutions, office use, home users and those just starting to master 3D printing.

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Harz Labs Model Resin

The Model Resin is developed for printing rigid, durable models for functional use. Finished products are resistant to both mechanical and physical stress, for example, to high temperatures (up to 100°C). There are even videos of nails made from Model Resin being hammered into a log.

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Model Resin is available in five intense shades: black , white , gray , blue and cherry. The resin also comes in natural transparent and pure transparent. The latter is perfectly tinted and can be used as a base for creating your own color.

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Harz Labs Art Glow Resin

Art Glow resin is intended for printing decorative patterns. The resin contains an intense fluorescent pigment that provides a bright green glow for up to two hours. With Art Glow, you get very effective glow-in-the-dark models!

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Harz Labs Dental Resins

HARZ Labs also offers dental resin materials. The company’s high-precision resins are quite affordable. The availability of high-quality consumables has made many clinics and laboratories to actively introduce 3D printing into their daily work.

HARZ Labs’ line of dental resins includes 9 materials for a variety of applications. All of them are certified, made from class 1A biocompatible raw materials and meet the requirements of GOST-ISO 10993.

Dental RO is one of the company’s dental resins. This is a radiopaque polymer specially developed for manufacturing computed tomography templates. CT scan results with a Dental RO resin template help to more accurately match the position of the teeth and the simulated model that will be used during surgery.

Templates made of this material cannot be used during the operation, since it has a dense white color and does not give the desired view. However, the material is perfect for making accurate surgical templates.

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Of course, there is a special rein for printing the surgical templates. This resin is the Dental Yellow Clear resin. The resin has a transparent yellowish color for good visibility of the work area. The finished models are highly accuracy. Moreover, they are strong, which allows you to firmly fix them in the patient’s mouth.

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Another transparent resin in the line is Dental Clear. The resin has a transparent color, without any shades. This expands the scope of its application. You can use it to print surgical templates, demo models, and aligners.

Today, more laboratories are choosing to print aligners on a 3D printer instead of vacuum forming technology. This is because 3D printing saves time and resources. Therefore, it is more cost-effective and efficient for both the clinic and patients.

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Another of Harz Labs’ dental resins is Dental Peach. This resin is suitable for thermoforming aligners and other corrective devices. It has short-term stability at a temperature of 180°C, and long-term stability at a temperature of 100°C. The resin is also strong, and therefore can be used to demo and master models.

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Models for thermoforming aligners

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Harz Labs Dental Pink resin is used for 3D printing models of gums and gum masks. The resin has a pink color that is close to the natural color of the gums. This material is quite easy to work with. Therefore, it can be used for printing and other products.

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For example, the ear canal model from our last review is printed with Dental Pink resin

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Dental Sand series A1-A2 , A3 and Bleach resins are designed for printing temporary crowns and bridges. This is a composite resin with ceramic micro-filling, whose properties are similar to PMMA material.

Finished products made from the resin are highly resistant to aggressive environments, such as acids and alkalis, as well as mechanical stress. The colors correspond to the Vita scale.

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Dental Cast resin is used to create models for direct casting. The resin produces great details and zero ash content. It also burns out quickly at high temperatures and does not leave any residue. This resin is perfect for making high-precision metal and ceramic crowns, bridges, dental implants, arch prosthesis, etc.

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As you can see, the HARZ Labs Dental line of resins covers almost all areas of dental care. Consistent print results, high precision and quality make all HARZ Labs materials among the best in the dental industry.

You can find HARZ Labs resin print settings for most popular 3D printers here .

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