Delta Wasp 60100 3D Printer Review

The Delta Wasp 60100 is one of the best FDM industrial 3D printers on the market. In this review, we o through its specs, features, quality of print as well as where you can buy it.

The Delta Wasp 60100 is a professional FDM 3D printer that is mostly designed for prototyping and manufacture of big parts. This delta 3D printer is fast, accurate and has a build volume of Ø600 x 1000mm. The printer is fully enclosed and has a heated chamber to reliably print temperature-sensitive materials.

Delta Wasp 60100 Review

The Wasp 60100 has a replaceable extruder and a stainless-steel heated bed. You can remove the extruder and replace it with either the LDM Wasp or Black Spitfire clay extrusion kits.

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The LDM kit is tailored for ceramic 3D printing as it’s designed to easily extrude dense-fluid material. On the other hand, when the Black Spitfire is installed, the printer can produce high-quality models within a short period.

The delta 3D printer has some features that help to recover print jobs, i.e., the Free Z-system and the resurrection. The Free Zeta System enables a new print job or an interrupted one to be resumed from a specified height. On the other hand, the resurrection function allows you to save a print job for future recovery in case of a power outage.

The Wasp 60100 is recommended for workshops or companies that usually prototype their parts in-house or produce a small series of parts.

Below is everything you should know about the printer.

Delta Wasp 60100 Specs

Print volume Ø 600 mm x h 1000 mm
Print chamber: closed and heated
Minimum layer height: 100 micron
Maximum print speed: 200 mm/s
Maximum printing speed: 200 mm/s
Acceleration: 3.000 mm/s2
Maximum bed temperature: 120 C°
Filaments (1.75 mm di diameter) PLA, ABS, PETG, PA carbon
Black Spitfire Extruder (for high-quality fast prints) Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm, 0.7 mm, 1.2 mm (filament diameter 1.75 mm)
LDM Wasp Extruder (for dense-fluid material) Nozzle diameter: 1.2 mm
Operative systems: Windows, Mac, Linux
Slicing software: compatible with all slicing softwares (Cura – SLic3r – Simplify3D®)
File type: .stl, .obj, .gcode
Dimensions:  118 x 104 x 254 cm
Machine weight: 100 kg

Unboxing the Delta Wasp 60100

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The Delta Wasp 60100 is shipped with the following:

  • A wooden box for keeping the printer safe during transit
  • Stainless steel print bed
  • Power cable with schuko plug
  • SD card
  • User manual
  • 1kg PLA filament
  • A spool holder

Look and Feel

The Delta Wasp 60100 looks stylish in its black aluminum gray frame, black polycarbonate and wood covers. This machine will look good in a professional workshop.

The printer measures 46.5 x 40.9 x 100 inches and weighs 100kg.

Delta Wasp 60100 Features

The Wasp 60100 can print layers at a resolution of 100 microns. Therefore, the models come out smooth but not as much as you would get with more expensive industrial printers. Still, the quality of print is good enough for rapid prototyping and professional use.

The printer prints at 200 mm/s and accelerates at 3.000 mm/s2.

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When you install the Black Spitfire extruder, the printer becomes compatible with three different nozzles (0.4mm, 0.7mm, and 1.2mm). With this kit, you can print various filaments at different speeds.

On the other hand, when fitted with the LDM extruder, the printer can only use 1.2mm nozzles.

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The delta 3D printer has a high printing speed. The bearings have a sliding system that reduces vibrations on the print head, which results in high quality printed models.

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Delta Wasp 60100 Test Prints

The Wasp 60100 prints smooth, high-quality and accurate models. The prints come out with clean edges and polished surfaces. Here is a test print of a huge vase printed by the machine:

Delta Wasp 60100 3D Printer Review 7

The printer has also been used to print some giant legs:

Delta Wasp 60100 3D Printer Review 8

Delta Wasp 60100 Materials

The Wasp 60100 can print PLA, ABS, PA carbon, PETG and other types of filaments. The printer’s extruder has a fan for printing PLA filaments. The fan helps to cool the model down to reduce the possibility of stringing and warping, which usually lead to poor quality prints.

Check this castle model printed by the Wasp 60100. You can see various details clearly.

Delta Wasp 60100 3D Printer Review 3

The Wasp 60100 print bed is made of stainless steel and heat up to 120°C. You can print 1.75mm filament from a wide range of materials.

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Delta Wasp 60100 Build Volume

The Delta Wasp 60100 has a build area of Ø600 x 1000mm. Therefore, you can print large models in one go.

Below is an example of a large green vase printed by the machine. Compare its size to the person holding it.

Delta Wasp 60100 3D Printer Review 11

Printer Controls

The Wasp 60100 has a built-in screen with the controls. You can also operate the printer through a PC.

Models can either be printer via a USB or an SD card.

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The printer is compatible with Cura, Simplify3D and SLic3r slicing software and runs on Windows, Linux and Mac. The models have to be in STL, G-Code or ONJ formats.

Delta Wasp 60100 Price

The Delta Wasp 60100 price is about $20,000 (check current price). You can purchase the machine at Top3DShop.


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