Asiga Max UV 3D Printer Review

In this article, we are looking at the Asiga Max UV 3D printer. This is a unique high-precision device specially created for dentists and jewelers. Let’s find out its capabilities.

History of Asiga

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Asiga revolutionized desktop stereolithography with the launch of the world’s first DLP LED 3D printer in 2011. In 2012, the company received the MJSA (Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America) award for Best New Technology.

Asiga designs and manufactures all products at its headquarters in Sydney, Australia. The team comprises of specialists in mechanics, electronics, software and materials science, and is constantly improving products and creating new technologies.

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Asiga 3D printers are sold with lifetime software updates and can use materials from any manufacturer at no additional cost.

Watch the video below to learn more about Asiga.

Asiga Product Overview

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All Asiga 3D printers use DLP technology to create an image on a UV-sensitive polymer resin layer. The printers are also equipped with SPS (Smart Positioning System).

The two most popular 3D printers from Asiga as the Max and the MAX UV.

Structurally, the MAX and MAX UV 3D printers are completely identical. The only difference is the wavelength of ultraviolet light generated by the LED matrix.

Asiga 3D Printers

Asiga 3D printers are divided into two series:

  • Max Series

    • Max (wavelength 405nm)
    • Max UV (wavelength 385 nm)
    • Max X27 (pixel size 27 microns)
    • Max X35 (pixel size 35 μm)
    • Max X43 (pixel size 43 μm)
  • Pro Series

    • Pro 4K65 (pixel size 65 μm)
    • Pro 4K80 (80μm pixel size)

Apart from 3D printers, Asiga products also produces materials and software.

Asiga Max UV 3D Printer Review

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Asiga MAX series high precision 3D printers are generally used in three areas:

  • In dentistry
  • For jewelry production
  • In the manufacture of anatomically accurate custom earmolds.

Design Features

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The main distinguishing feature of Asiga printers is the SPS (Smart Positioning System), which actively corrects the position of the print bed.

Most 3D printers on the market passively count the number of revolutions of the drive screw. This, even with the use of precise mechanics and calibration, gives a rather high percentage of errors when moving the platform.

The Asiga MAX UV 3D printer, like all Asiga printers, is equipped with a radiometer that continuously reports the exact position of the print bed to the host computer. Thanks to this, the platform position is adjusted continuously, in real time.

The intelligent UV LED matrix has the ability to change the light output depending on the position of the platform, for the ideal exposure time of the material on each layer.

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The MAX series also features a special design of the resin bath. The bath can be replaced in under 30 seconds and without any special tools. This allows for quick material changes.

The innovative one-point platform calibration system allows users of all skill levels to accurately and quickly prepare the printer for printing.

When setting up a print job, you can select different print resolutions, i.e., 27, 35 or 43 microns through the software.

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The inside of the printer body maintains the required temperature for printing with a specific material.


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The Asiga MAX UV 3D Printer uses DLP (digital light processing) technology developed by Texas Instruments. When printing is started, a stream of ultraviolet light jets from the LEDs onto the DMD array, creating an image on a UV-sensitive polymer resin layer in a transparent-bottomed bath. After printing a layer, the print bed is raised by the layer thickness and the process is repeated.

The hardened resin in the exposed areas is attached either to the print bed (in the case of the first layer) or to the previous printed layers, thereby creating a 3D part.

Asiga recommends using the MAX UV 3D printer primarily for prototyping dental products and surgical guides. The quality of the printed parts makes it possible to use them directly, without additional mechanical post-processing.


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  • Dimensions with packaging: 410 × 500 × 480 mm
  • Dimensions: 260 x 380 x 370 mm
  • Weight: 18 kg
  • Software: Asiga composer
  • Manufacturer country: USA
  • File formats: STL, SLC & Stomp
  • Shipping weight: 21.6 kg
  • UV wavelength: 385 nm
  • Light source: UV LED
  • Application area: Medicine; Dentistry
  • Performance: 40 mm/h
  • Working chamber: 119 x 67 x 75 mm
  • Source pixel size: 62 μm
  • Layer thickness: from1 micron
  • Connectivity: Wifi, Ethernet

What’s in the Box?

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The Asiga Max UV printer comes with the following items:

  • 3D printer
  • Asiga Flash – compact device for post-curing parts
  • A set of tools for calibrating the printer
  • Material package including 1L resin and one resin bath
  • Asiga Composer software



Composer Asiga MAX UV

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Asiga MAX 3D printers work with the Composer software.

Composer is free, cross-platform software that supports Windows, Mac and Linux. The license does not limit the number of jobs you can do.

The automatic part nesting tool is able to optimally position parts on the platform for maximum printing efficiency. The software works with Stomp, STL and SLC file formats without the need for additional conversion. You can also combine several files into one project.

The automatic support creation function is based on a proprietary algorithm that significantly reduces material consumption.

3Shape Exocad

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The German company Exocad, one of the largest manufacturers of CAD/CAM software for dentistry, is the official partner of Asiga. Optimized for use with Asiga 3D printers, Exocad uses a number of Asiga proprietary printing algorithms and Asiga 3D printer presets for a wide range of materials.

Comparison with EnvisionTEC Vida

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Asiga Max UV is one of the best 3D printers in its class, outperforming the competition through innovative technology and total transparency in terms of the materials used.

Let’s compare it with one of the closest competitor, the EnvisionTEC Vida.

Comparison of Technical Characteristics

FEATURES Asiga Max UV EnvisionTEC Vida
Working chamber 119 x 67 x 75 mm 140 x 79 x 100 mm
Layer thickness from 1 micron 25 microns
Software Asiga composer Perfactory software suite
File formats STL, SLC & Stomp STL
UV wavelength 385 nm Unknown
Printing materials Any 385nm UV cured resin ABS; E-Guide Tint; E-Appliance; EC500; E-Dent; E-Guard; E-Partial; EPIC; E-Shell; E-Silicone; E-Tool; HTM140; PIC100, PIC100G; Press-E-Cast; Q-View; E-Denstone; R5; RC70; RC-90; E-Model; E-Gum; E-IDB; E-Model Flex; E-Denture
Manufacturer country USA Germany
Pixel size 62 μm 73 μm

The Asiga MAX UV, despite having a slightly smaller print area, has higher precision, much higher Z-axis resolution and gives users more freedom in their choice of print materials.

When choosing between these two printer models, decide on the characteristics that are more important to you. Are you looking for a larger printable size or increased accuracy?

Examples of Printed Products

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In these photos you can see dental products printed on Asiga UV.Asiga Max UV 3D Printer Review 41


Asiga Max UV 3D Printer Review 42


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Examples of Application

Ceramic Veneers, Dr. Nazariy Mikhailyuk

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M.Vision Kyiv , which employs Dr. Mikhailyuk, manufactures advanced ceramic veneers. Nazariy uses an Asiga printer to prototype veneers in dental restorations.

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Dental Surgery Guidelines, Dr. Lola Karolina Welch

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Dr. Welch from Warsaw used an Asiga Max UV 3D printer to manufacture surgical guides for dental prosthetics. Layer thickness 100 microns, Optiprint splint 385 resin, printing time – 20 minutes.

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Dentistry, Dr. Iman Ochizi

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Dr. Iman Ochizi from Turkey has been engaged in dental prosthetics for many years. He doesn’t hide his admiration for his new Asiga Max UV printer:

“Highest speed, highest precision, highest quality possible!”

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Asiga Max UV 3D printers help their owners achieve one of their main business goals – to produce as many high-quality products as possible in as little time as possible. With this 3D printer, dentists will have all the models required for the job at hand, instead of ordering them in a separate workshop. This saves not only the doctor’s time and money, but also the time of the patients.

If you are interested to learn more about Asiga Max UV Photopolymer 3D Printer, get in touch with us for a consultation.

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