Creative 3D Printed Home Decor that Will Inspire You

Looking for inspiration for your next home design project? Why not consider some 3D printed home decor. Here are 39 ideas that are bound to get your creative juices flowing.

It’s time to add some razzle and dazzle into your home with a set of unique 3D printed home decors. Today’s 3D printers can bring your imagination to reality without breaking your bank.

We reached out to Meg Boone or Meg Boone Interiors to discuss the role of 3D printing in the interior design industry. One thing clearly came out: there is literally no home decor that cannot be printed. You only need to find the right printer for the job.

Whether you are a professional 3D printing enthusiasts or a hobbyist, here are some 3D printed home decors that can inspire you. We’ve also linked to the websites where you can get the source files or get more information about the projects.

39 Best 3D Printed Home Decor Ideas

1. Lampe

LampeLampe is a fully 3D printed and customizable designer lamp. (Download Files)

2. Plantygons


Print this gorgeous Plantygon arrangement and fill the compartments with marbles to add some variety to your home. (Download Files)

3. Dot.


Print this wall-mountable protrusion that you can use to hand umbrellas, coats, umbrellas, and other accessories. (Download Files)

4. Stag Skull

Stag Skull

Hang this Stag skull on your wall. No, you don’t have to kill any animals for the skull. (Download Files)

5. Cranke Lamp

Cranke Lamp

Add a spark of new light to your home with the prismatic Crinkle Lamp. The lamp scatters photons in a stylish crystalline fashion. (Download Files)

6. Vessels

3d printed vessels created from distorting aligorithms3D printed vessels created from distorting algorithms (More Info)

7. Self-Watering Planter

Self-Watering Planter

This sophisticated and tactile self-watering planter will ensure your household plants never dry up. (Download FIles)

8. Curved Honeycomb Vase

Curved Honeycomb Vase

This cool curved honeycomb vase plant with a unique geometric texture pattern will make visitors want to take a second and third look in your home. (Download Files)

9. Monitor Shelf

Monitor Shelf

You definitely want this monitor shelf to store your collectibles and save some space. And did we mention it looks awesome when placed next to a flat screen TV? (Download Files)

10. Super Mario Paper Towel Holder

Super Mario Paper Towel Holder

Give your napkins and paper towels some treat in this Super Mario Bros holder. This 3D printed home decor will get your friends talking at dinner during game night. (Download Files)

11. Geared Light Switch

Geared Light Switch

Steampunk, anyone?  This mechanical piece of over-engineering rotates and spins to actuate the light switch. (Download Files)

12. R4 Retro Clock

R4 Retro Clock

Here is a throwback 3D printed home decor you can make. The R4 will complement your home decor. Place it on the clock, desk, or wall  in any room in the house. (Download Files)

13. Lace Vase

Lace VaseA 3D printed Lace Vase made of nylon (More Info)

14. Droplet Vase

Droplet Vase

Here’s another vase, this time inspired by a water droplet.  This vase would look perfect in a modern home  after smoothing and some paint. (Download Files)

15.  2D Astronaut Wall Sculpture

2D Astronaut Wall Sculpture

Add life to any blank area of your wall with this 2D wall art. The fairly simple print can be stunning if set up right. (Download File)

16. Coral Lamp

Coral Lamp

This coral-like lamp is simple but stylish. Use it for a solo lamp or multiple lamps to give your home that chic look. (Download Files)

17. Voronoi Mushroom Lamp

Voronoi Mushroom Lamp

The Voronoi 3D printed home decor is a mushroom lamp with the shade made up of irregular shapes. Doesn’t get any creative than this. (Download Files)

18. Aqueduct

mini-aqueduct-modular-plantarMini modular “Aqueduct” planters are 3D printed for windows (More Info)

19. Arcade Button Light Switch

Arcade Button Light Switch

Pring this retro-modern Frankenstein Wall Plate alternative to control your apartment lighting with a colorful set of arcade switches. (Download Files)

20. Hodor Doorstep

Hodor Doorstep

The ready-to-print Hodor doorstep is sure to get your guests talking whenever they leave your home. (Download Files)

21. Artichoke Lamp

Artichoke Lamp

This easy-to-print lamp that looks like an artichoke is a perfect 3D printing project for students. The lamp is eye-catching when the lights are off but even more when you flip on the switch. (Download Files)

22. Floating Photo Frame

Floating Photo Frame

Breathe some life into your postcards and photos with this floating photo frame. The minimal 3D printed home decor prints in less than an hour and is simple to mount to the wall. (Download Files)

23. Unicorn Trophy

Unicorn Trophy

A list of DIY room decor ideas cannot be complete without a polymodel. Here is a unicorn trophy that you can print for the home. (Download File)

24. Bonsai Planter

Bonsai Planter

This oddly compelling bonsai planter is sure to make your visitors ask questions when they stop by your home. (Download Files)

25. Stackable Hex Drawers

Stackable Hex Drawers

This fantastic DIY 3D printer home decor is a modular design where you can 3D print as many hex drawers as you need, and then simply clip them together. (Download Files)

26. Key Holder

Key Holder

Still losing small items after emptying your pockets? 3D print this simple key holder and shelf  to safeguard those items. (Download Files).

27. Angel Wings Pendant

angel wings pendantModern pendant light romantic angel wing hanging lamp (More Info)

28. Banknote clamp

Creative 3D Printed Home Decor that Will Inspire You 1

This cool banknote clip can be obtained even if cash is not used as often in Sweden anymore. It is practical, robust, and lightweight.


Download:  Cults

29. Holder for headphones / headsets

Creative 3D Printed Home Decor that Will Inspire You 2

This cheeky headset holder is an easy gadget to print with the 3D printer, which can embellish the room a bit. Perfect for those who are always looking for their headset at home. Now you can leave it in a dedicated and stylish place every time.

By:  Heliox

Download:  Cults

30. Storage box for refrigerator

Creative 3D Printed Home Decor that Will Inspire You 3

This practical storage box for refrigerators comes in very handy when you no longer know where to put certain smaller foods such as berries or fruits. Print in matching colors and it will be even more fun.

By:  Cerega

Download :  Cults

31. Measuring spoons

Creative 3D Printed Home Decor that Will Inspire You 4

It is almost always the case that you look for measuring spoons when you need them!
And often they also break, or are lost.
Now you can print these with the 3D printer at home.
Practical and good!

By: charliearmorycom

Download: Thingiverse

32. Mailbox

Creative 3D Printed Home Decor that Will Inspire You 5

Receipts, bills, papers, advertising, letters, documents, no matter what you need to use it for, it fits on the desk. Now you can print these with 3D printers easily and smoothly. How many you want! Also stackable. Very practical!

By: i3Dsd

Download: Thingiverse

33. Wrench

Creative 3D Printed Home Decor that Will Inspire You 6

3D printers can print tools nowadays, and they last! Do not have the right tools at home, but have a 3D printer on hand? Then you can download the model and print a wrench.

By: barspin

Download: Thingiverse

34. Whistle

Creative 3D Printed Home Decor that Will Inspire You 7

This whistle printed in 3D is perfect for attracting attention when needed. In the description, it should sound as high as 118 db.

Av: jzisa

Download: Thingiverse

35. Salt and Pepper Tubs

Creative 3D Printed Home Decor that Will Inspire You 8

These fun salt and peppercorns printed in 3D are a more fun variant than the boring ones that everyone usually has on the table. Maybe they print in different colors so that it becomes even more colorful?

By: berpixel

Download: Salt / pepper

36. Secret shelf

Creative 3D Printed Home Decor that Will Inspire You 9

This secret shelf can be handy if you want to hide a little less valuables. With 3D printers, your imagination becomes your limitation, why not modify this into a slightly larger object?

By: Walltosh

Download: Secret shelf

37. Shoe holder

Creative 3D Printed Home Decor that Will Inspire You 10

3D printed shoe holders that can be easily attached to a wall. Print in any color you want to match the interior!

By: andy25lion 

Download: Shoe holder


38. Stackable HEX drawers

Creative 3D Printed Home Decor that Will Inspire You 11

3D printers can do amazing things nowadays, and these stackable boxes make everyday life a lot easier for those of you who have very small things to save.

By: O3D

Download: Stackable HEX drawers

39. Glasses attached to the car

Creative 3D Printed Home Decor that Will Inspire You 12

3D printed holder for glasses, which fits perfectly on the sun visor in the car. Why not 3D print two, so the passenger gets one too?

By:  drotron 

Download: Sunglasses Car Sun Visor Clip

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