Best 3D Printed Home Decor to Inspire You

It’s time to add some razzle and dazzle into your home with a set of unique 3D printed home decors. Today’s 3D printers can bring your imagination to reality without breaking your bank. We reached out to Meg Boone or Meg Boone Interiors to discuss the role of 3D printing in the interior design industry. One thing clearly came out: there is literally no home decor that cannot be printed. You only need to find the right printer for the job. Whether you are a professional 3D printing enthusiasts or a hobbyist, here are some 3D printed home decors that can inspire you.

5 Best 3D Printed Home Decor Ideas


LampeLampe is a fully 3D printed and customizable designer lamp. (Download Files)


3d printed vessels created from distorting aligorithms3D printed vessels created from distorting algorithms (More Info)

Lace Vase

Lace VaseA 3D printed Lace Vase made of nylon (More Info)


mini-aqueduct-modular-plantarMini modular “Aqueduct” planters are 3D printed for windows(More Info)

Angel Wings Pendant

angel wings pendantModern pendant light romantic angel wing hanging lamp (More Info)

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