Best Budget 3D Printers

Buying 3D printers is right now, but which model is best?

The growth of 3D printers has made it harder to know which one to buy.

Therefore, today we list the best and cheapest 3D printers you can buy right now.

This guide suits you thinking about buying for:

  • Home for private use
  • Minor activity / school


Are you going to buy for bigger business?

When buying more advanced or larger quantities, you should do the best to read more about metal 3D printers or contact us for free personal advice here.

Do you know what the best is?

While the price has dropped and made the 3D printers cheaper, technology has also improved at the same rate.

Before you buy 3D printers, there are important things to keep in mind as we go further down the page.

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Difference Between Cheap and Expensive 3D Printers

3D printers have been too expensive for a long time to be worthwhile for private individuals to acquire for private use.

Prices have been heavily pressed in recent years, and today there are really cheap 3D printers for as little as $ 3,000. See examples of cheap 3D printers further down.

3D printers in the cheaper class can be delivered in sets of kits that must be mounted on their own.

Generally speaking, 3D printers in a kit are cheaper but also require some skills and often a lot of computer problems by the user.

Most 3D printers ready to buy are currently around $ 4,000 – $ 20,000, with many more costly models of over $ 30,000, which are more targeted to companies for professional use.

The second variant of 3D printers are large columns intended for industry or for areas where the smoothness of the surface and precise dimensions are of the utmost importance.

That type of industry-specific 3D printer can cost from a few hundred thousand crowns up to several million.

In general, price differences on 3D printers are about areas such as:

  • 3D printer maximum volume for printing
  • What different filaments and materials themachine is capable of printing with. If you think it’s important to be able to use different materials or colors for your prints, read our filament guide
  • Printer speed
  • Transparency and precision are a major factor in which expensive 3D printers generally do a better job than a cheap 3D printer can do

How Much Should You Spend?

As always, when a new technical gadget is to be acquired, we have to weigh the features, the design and the goodness of your own wallet. If you are an amateur in 3D printers and do not have a larger budget available for this type of purchase, you are absolutely right in buying a variation around $ 5,000.

Want to wager a bit more, the 3D printer Ultimaker 2 Extended or SLA printer Form 2 from 3D-print company Formlabs can be interesting.

Choosing a 3D Printer in Kit

The attentive user notes great benefits in price by buying 3D printers at the rate rather than investing in an already assembled model.

3D-based printers mean that you as a user build the 3D printer yourself by assembling and assembling the machine, as well as installing any software.

This often requires a lot of computer skills and technical knowledge, but for those who are technical, this can be seen as a fun challenge in itself.

Generally speaking, the quality of prints is the same as in the already assembled machines, and when properly assembled, there are few differences on the kit and ready-made.

The advantages are that a built-in 3D printer can be modified to suit the individual user perfectly and the machine can be upgraded with new software and modifications on how the prints are managed can be modified to pinch the end result.

Again, however, this is a job that requires technical knowledge and computer skills, but for those who possess these skills, a model at a construction rate is often a cheap alternative compared to already installed.

Best 3D Printers Kits

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So, which one is the best?

Which one is the best 3D printer depends on what you want to achieve.

The models differ depending on several factors, such as the type of material and filament you want to use.

But also how the detailed end product’s surface needs to be in combination with the size, material, precision and color of the object.

There are generally two large groups of 3D printers on the market today:

  • Relatively simple 3D printers used for personal or small businesses, which are cheaper
  • Professional 3D printers that are often quite expensiveand amount to around 30-50,000 kronor.

Specifications to Consider Before Purchase

The different 3D printers available today differ a lot from the current volume, and the one who prioritizes a quieter machine may need to pay something more.

The same applies if specific material requirements exist – it may be important that your 3D printer can print in metal, wood or glass depending on the desired final product.

Read more about metal 3D printers

Which CAD Program Should You Use?

Different CAD software works very differently, making it important that you choose a CAD application that works with your 3D printer.

Read more about software in our CAD program guide

Duplicate Printheads?

Another thing to consider is 3D printers with dual printheads.

Heated Building Platform

This gives more precision and smoother printing, a heated building platform, so-called heated bed, can affect both price and performance.

Can you Rent 3D printers?

In order to determine if a 3D printer is something for you or not, it may be smart to hire one and try before you make a decision and buy your own.

Because they are still relatively expensive, it may be good to try out the new technology through a hired 3D printer, whether it’s planning to use it at home or in a more professional environment.

Advanced machines that work with rhythm production often require their own room, or at least a secluded area, when some still sound quite high, and the print itself often takes several hours.

Depending on the material you choose to print, a certain odor may also spread in the room, such as a smelt of plastic.

Read more about PLA plastic

This means that the person who intends to use a home printer or in a smaller workplace is wise to hire a machine and test how performance, results, volume and any other aspects affect the site otherwise.

Renting also makes it possible to try different models and machines from different manufacturers, to see which features are prioritized and value extraordinarily high. There are several landlords of these printers in the larger cities, and these can often also deliver to smaller towns in the countryside.

Best 3D Printer is for Companies and Schools

The uses of a 3D printer vary, of course, depending on where to use.

A trained staff has other options to handle more complicated machines in front of someone who has never used a 3D printer earlier. A more easy-to-use and user-friendly model may be preferred in these cases.

If you are looking for a 3D printer for your professional or university business, contact us so we can provide you with appropriate models and assistive information, and answer any questions that may help you.


XYZprinting Da Vinci Mini W


Everything with XYZprinting Da Vinci Mini W breathes agility and ease of use. Although the model is 30 percent less than its predecessor, the Vinci Junior 1.0 can print equally large items – and it performs better in the tests. The resolution can be set between 0.1 to 0.4 mm (100-400 microns), and the quality of the prints matches or surpasses those achieved by much more expensive models.

The printer is sold ready, so it’s only the protective plastic that has to be removed before you can get started. With the help of Vinci Mini’s automatic calibration, installation is quick and easy. The printer itself has hardly any buttons, but is controlled by XYZprinting’s own downloadable XYZware for Windows 7 and Mac OS. The job is fed wirelessly via USB stick or WiFi, and the built-in memory makes it possible to start printing, go away with the computer and return only when the modeling is completed. The printer manages low-resolution prints relatively quickly and efficiently – High-resolution printer jobs may take time.

Compared to many other models, Da Vinci Mini is really quiet, despite the open design without a printer door. The XYZware program allows users to print multiple 3D objects in the same session, but not edit the models themselves. Note that the model only supports XYZprinting’s own PLA filament, and that the easily replaceable printer surface is not heated during printing. Therefore, it is recommended to iron over a thin layer of adhesive on the replaceable aluminum envelope for larger 3D models to stay in place during modeling.

XYZ printing Da Vinci Mini W is perfect for beginners who do not want to mount their own writing kit, teachers or parents who want a simple model to use with children, and developers who want a simple and well-functioning 3D printer at a good price.


XYZprinting Da Vinci Mini W is the market’s best 3D printer in the budget class. For less than 2500, you can now get a printer that does as well or better than many more expensive competitors. With easy-to-install and handy size, it’s perfect for the beginner who still wants to make quality prints. You will not find a better 3D printer for the money!

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M3D Micro 3D Plus


M3D Micro 3D Plus faster than its predecessor and suits you as a priority for ease of use and ease of use over speed and large print sizes. This market’s absolute smallest and lightest model lacks buttons and is controlled via USB with its own intuitive interface. And despite its modest price, it can print objects with precision up to 0.1 mm.

Considering the printer’s user-friendly and colorful concepts, it’s hard to avoid comparing it with the bigger and even cheaper XYZ printing Da Vinci Mini W. A plus to this competitor is the flexibility of Micro 3D. Even though the printer in its basic mode receives the company’s own PLA filament underneath the removable printer surface, it also supports other materials. With an extra-mounted arm on the chassis, it can handle the bobbin sizes that have become standard in the industry. Traditional PLA is recommended, as the harder ABS filament often loosens from the printer’s BuildTak – a special plastic that has been developed to keep the items in place on the printer surface without any need for heating.

Keep in mind that the software tends to be a bit optimistic in estimating how long the print will take. You cannot work in 3D while it is printing, so be sure to do something else – the Micro belongs to the slower 3D printers on the market, even at lower resolutions, and the printer must be connected to the computer throughout printing. Fortunately, it is relatively quiet during ongoing modeling.

Despite the family-friendly look, the open design is not ideal for families with children. Easily installed and compatible with both Mac and PC, the Micro is suitable for beginners and households who want to print smaller 3D objects with almost the same ease as when printing a paper document. Read the full review for M3D Micro 3D.


M3D Micro 3D Plus (also called the Micro Plus) suits you looking for a user-friendly and affordable 3D printer that works well from the delivery. With its compact, elegant cube design, it takes less space on the desktop than a traditional paper printer – and it requires about as much care!

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