Best 3D Pen for Artists

Buying a 3D Pen is something that attracts more and more people, but which 3D Pen is best?
Whether it is a gift, or for children, 3D pens are becoming more common.

Below you can see a complete list of the best 3D Pens that you can buy. We have compiled tests, reviews and best-in-test reviews on 3D pens in a single top list.

The best-in-test list below reflects customer reviews, and is compiled from the largest e-commerce players online.

We therefore start with a top list of the 5 best 3D pens in 2020.

After the top list, you can read in more detail regarding 3D pens and how they work.

We compare the best 3D pens so that you can easily make the right purchase.

Best Filament Brand?

See which filament became Best-in-test 2020


Below we list the top 5 Best 3D pens for artists in 2020.

1- SUNLU SL-300



Sunlu SL-300 is a popular 3D pen that is easy to handle for all 3D lovers around the world. This pen is the same as TECBOSS as it is the same manufacturer that makes them. There are certainly more brands that sell this pen under their own brands, and it’s not so strange, as the pen maintains a high quality and gives good 3D prints.

This 3D Pen has i.a. 8 speeds to choose from, an LCD screen, Auto-sleep and some safety mechanisms that protect you from burning your fingers.

The 3D pen can print both PLA plastic and ABS plastic in the size 1.75mm.

The price tag is completely affordable, and we recommend this pen to both beginners and professional 3D hobbyists, whether it is in a school full of students or an office it should be used for.

Sunlu SL-300 thus ends up in first place in our top list of the best 3D pens for artists 2020.




Wacom 3D Pen is next on our list, and with all due respect. This pen can handle all the most common things you can demand from a 3D pen, and is also ergonomically comfortable to hold. The pen has an LCD screen that shows the temperature, and the pen can of course handle both PLA and ABS plastics without problems.

The pen is available in a number of different colors to choose from, which can be fun if it is for a slightly younger hobbyist for 3D modeling, or if you just want to embellish your life with a little color.

The price is not very high here either, and thus Myriwell comes in any case in second place in our top list.

3- 3Doodler START

3Doodler START


3Doodler START is next on our list, and has become more and more popular recently. This 3D Pen handles the usual work of printing easily and smoothly to create your favorite object in no time.

The pen should be one of the few that should be childproof, however, it should be taken with a pinch of salt, we believe. They promise that the pen will not create burn marks, which can make it ideal for school children or students in a classroom.

3Doodler START comes in third place in our list.

4- 3Doodler Create / Create +

3Doodler Create


3Doodler Create is a more sophisticated version of 3D Pen than its predecessor 3Doodler START. This 3D pen should be able to handle PLA and ABS without problems, and has a Slow and Fixed setting.

The filaments that are supported should have the dimension 3mm instead, which is quite unique for 3D pens.

The price and reviews mean that this 3D Pen ends up in fourth place in our list of the best 3D pens.




Polaroid Play 3D Pen is another participant in our best-in-test list to find the right 3D Pen for you. This pen is capable of printing the PLA plastic in the dimension 1.75mm. This is a disadvantage as most pens nowadays can also handle ABS filaments.

The speed can be set according to 4 different modes.

This is a simple and popular 3D pen that comes in fifth place in our top list.

How Does a 3D Pen Work?

3D Pens work quite like a 3D Printer, they have a pair of gears that extrude (pull) the filament through the inlet and further out of the nozzle of the pen. Along the way, the plastic filament melts and you can shape or create whatever you want with the pen in your hand.

If you want to know how a 3D Printer works in detail, you can read our complete guide on 3D Printers.

The filaments that are fed to the 3D pen can have different colors, and also different specifications if you want to experiment a bit.

The size of the filament is usually 1.75mm in diameter, however, 3D pens and their manufacturers vary according to what they accept as material size.

You can replace the nozzles on many 3D Pens so that they have different dimensions, from about 0.5mm and up. This makes it possible to create thicker strings into thin detailed strings.

Care should be taken with these 3D pens as they are heated to very high temperatures, and we would recommend everyone to read manuals and be careful not to leave hot pens unattended.

What can you create with a 3D Pen?

You are responsible for creativity, but we can suggest a lot of things that you can use 3D Pens for. It’s everything from repairs and simple maintenance of everything, to design and art.

How about a pair of sunglasses? A hat? Make a mount? Decorate a vase? Everything is possible.

You can, for example, create 3D art from 2D figures by printing on the figures. You can build a toy bridge, or practice your strength skills by building the eiffel tower with a 3D pencil.

It is even possible to create decorations on textiles. Maybe on the shoes? The backpack? Yes you see, it’s pretty free.

Schools and institutes are increasingly taking in 3D Pens for students. These are so easy to use, basically the same as a glue chair, and can thus be easily used in these areas.

The most important specifications

3D Pens do not have many specifications, but there are still some that are quite general and that you can read about below:

  • Filament size3D Pens come like 3D Printers with support for a certain size of filament. It is usually 1.75mm, but there are other dimensions as well.
  • Filament supportMost 3D pens can handle both PLA and ABS plastic, but there are still 3D pens that only take PLA.
  • DisplayDisplays are not a matter of course, but most 3D pens have an LCD display.
  • SpeedDifferent 3D Pens have different speed settings for printing the filament.
  • TemperatureDifferent 3D Pens have different temperature settings for printing the filament.
  • SecuritySome manufacturers have thought that it should not be so easy to burn yourself, this is a mechanism that is worth checking out, especially if it applies to children.
  • Power sourceThe 3D pen needs its power supply from somewhere. Sometimes it is only possible to connect to electrical outlets at home, but sometimes USB outlets are also supported, which can make it possible to take the pen out and use it.

Material / Filament For 3D Pens

Filament is the material used for 3D pens to create the model. The material comes in PLA or ABS plastic.

There are also other filaments that have mixtures of other substances, such as copper, metal or wood. However, these filaments do not have to work in a 3D pen, but you must check with the manufacturer if possible before using them.

Read about the materials and what filaments are

Read our large list of materials for 3D printers to see the properties of all the materials / filaments available for 3D Printers.

You can also read about What filament is to better understand how it all works with raw materials for 3D printers.

Schools and similar activities

3D pens are becoming more common in schools and similar businesses where creativity meets education. Since these pens are so similar to glue guns, they can easily be taken into everyday life for both teachers and students without major problems.

3D Pens For Kids

As you have understood, 3D Pencils are a fun thing to create and develop your creative ability with. It goes without saying that children will of course think they are fun to have, and play with.

This is why many children appreciate a 3D pen at a relatively young age. Maybe a gift for the kids’ next birthday? Or a Christmas present before Christmas?
Regardless, 3D pens are something fun and also edifying for children’s creative minds.

There is often no specially developed 3D pen for children, but we recommend that you go for the safe 3D pens that contain protection against burns, and the like. Read the manual and safety information before purchase and use.

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