Atezr P20 Plus Laser Engraving Machine Review

At our Test Lab, we get various common and niche gadgets from different companies. Some of these gadgets may not appeal to everyone but will certainly be appreciated by those who understand their capabilities. A good example of this is the Atezr P20 Plus Laser Engraver.

The Atezr laser engraving machine comes with either a 10W or 20W head. The machines are essentiallt the same, apart from the power generated by the laser head. The 20W diode laser is more powerful in terms of cutting than the 10W laser head. Other than that, these machines are nearly identical.

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Below, we provide our thoughts after using the P20 Plus machine for a couple of months.

Atezr P20 Plus Review

At first glance, the Atezr P20 Plus 20W Laser Engraving Machine seems to be a simple engraving device that uses laser technology. However, its capabilities extend far beyond that.

This unit can engrave various materials, including different types of wood, slate, ceramic tiles, leather, paper, and more. Additionally, it can cut through paper, wood, and thin metal. This makes it a versatile tool for creative projects.

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Design and Features

The Atezr Laser Engraver has a number of impressive design features. Below, we look at its key strengths and weaknesses.

Diode Laser

The Atezr P20 Plus 20W laser engraver has a 20-24 watt diode laser, which consists of four 6-watt lasers. The laser engraver’s generous working area spans up to 430mm x 430mm, or nearly 17 inches square. This machine can easily cut through solid wood, up to 15mm thick, in just one pass at full power. It can even cut through metal, up to a thickness of 0.3mm.

Air Assist

To enhance its cutting performance, the Atezr laser engraver comes with an “Air Assist” attachment that blows away the dust and debris arising from the laser cutting. The Air Assist helps to producing cleaner and smoother edges. We were impressed by this feature given that  the blowers for many other laser cutters come at additional costs.

Display Screen

The Atezr P20 Plus laser engraver offers a removable 3.5 in. display screen for basic operation controls,

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Mobile App

There is also a mobile app with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and a TF card slot for remote machine control. While Atezr claims that the app makes it easy for beginners to use the P20 Plus and encourages creativity, independent PC software may provide better results, as we’ll discuss in our review. It’s important to note that the P20 Plus is designed for use in well-ventilated areas and not suitable for general household use.

The Atezr P20 Plus is intended for use in a well-ventilated area and not in general household areas. Proper airflow is essential for safe and effective operation.

Assembly and Setup

Setting up the Atezr P20 Plus 20W  is a straightforward process. Simply follow the provided instructions carefully. They are clear and concise.

The assembly process went smoothly. However, we noticed that Atezr only provides the exact number of parts required for assembly. Therefore, be careful and ensure no screws or parts are lost during the assembly process. Fortunately, all screws are provided in individual bags, and each step of the process clearly labeled for easy reference.

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One challenge we encountered during assembly was adjusting the tension on the three drive belts. However, this became less confusing when we followed the instructions closely. Overall, the parts of the Atezr engraving machine fit together seamlessly and accurately. After assembly, we ended up with a well-designed and reliable product.

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The remainder of the assembly and adjustment process for the Atezr P20 Plus  went off without a hitch. This involved mounting the laser module and managing the cables to prevent them from getting caught in any moving parts. Follow the instructions carefully and ensure that no parts are lost in the process.

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However, there were a few issues that we encountered during our review of the Atezr P20 Plus laser engraver. First, the display screen is magnetically attached to the P20, but the magnets are not particularly strong. This makes the HDMI cable to push the display to the side, making it difficult to view at a comfortable angle.

Moving on, while the display is a nice color touchscreen, it only provides minimal information. The display becomes practically useless once more sophisticated software, such as LightBurn, is used. As a result, we may disconnect the display and put it away.

The laser’s lens may show signs of wear and tear after repeated use, with the inside glass layer feeling etched and unable to be rubbed out. It’s unclear if this is normal, but it doesn’t appear to impact the laser’s performance or etching quality. Unfortunately, Atezr does not currently offer replacement lenses, although this may change in the future.

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To ensure safety during use, the laser module of the Atezr P20 Plus laser engraver is equipped with a blue-tinted safety glass cover. However, the cover can hinder precise positioning as the laser becomes more difficult to see.

Additionally, the machine includes a metal board designed to protect the tabletop during cutting. Unfortunately, the tabletop warped after just one use, rendering it unusable. Therefore, instead of it, we recommend purchasing a honeycomb panel which provides better support.

To demonstrate the etching process, refer to the time-lapse video below. The actual etching took about 3-4 minutes.

The Atezr P20 Plus 20W laser can be used for a wide range of applications, depending on the user’s expectations. For instance, we’ve used it to make personalized items and gifts. We are still exploring the engraver’s capabilities in our Test Lab.

Before engraving or cutting any material, the laser must be accurately focused on it. Unlike many other laser machines that use spacer blocks, the P20 Plus features an integrated kickstand that simplifies the process and enhances precision.

Our projects have included creating wooden Christmas ornaments, hanging art, personalized slate coasters, fkitchen utensils, and organizing boxes. However, we have yet to engrave rounded objects, such as wine glasses, which would require purchasing the optional Rotary Roller ($140 US). We’ll purchase this accessory in the near future.

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We created a box using free plans we found online and let the Atezr P20 Plus laser engraver work its cutting magic based on the dimensions we entered. Engraving coasters, particularly on slate, is a simple task. We just entered the desired size, artwork or text in LightBurn, selected the appropriate burn settings and speed, centered the laser module on the item, and watched the machine work its magic.

Engraving on canvas with the Atezr P20 Plus laser engraver requires a unique approach. First, the canvas needs to be painted. You can use multiple layers of paint and choose to expose only certain colors by setting the engraver accordingly. For example, we engraved a canvas with two layers of paint, gold and black. The laser burned through the paint to reveal the white canvas and then exposed the gold layer. To burn through both the black and gold layers, we had to use more laser power at a slower speed. Experimenting with different settings opens up almost limitless possibilities.

In this review, we’ve simplified the process for clarity. Practicing with the P20 Plus on various items helps you master the speed and power settings. There are plenty of online resources available, and Atezr has a Facebook page for user Q&A as well as direct contact with their team.


When it comes to software, the Atezr P20 Plus laser engraver can be operated with various apps. However, LightBurn is the preferred choice ($60 US after a 30-day free trial). We used the software for this review.

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Although LightBurn may seem intimidating at first, there are numerous online tutorials available on how to use it. The software allows the import of bitmap or vector art files, similar to other design software like Photoshop. Some laser engravers come with their own software, which are usually inferior to LightBurn. Hence, Atezr recommends using LightBurn.

The default settings for LightBurn with the P20 Plus can be found on Atezr’s website. After installation, the laser will start operating.

LightBurn features a materials library that can be customized to set the speed and power required for different materials that need to be cut or engraved. Additionally, user-created libraries are available for the P20 Plus. For example, we came across “The Louisiana Hobby Guy’s” library, which is quite comprehensive. Check it out for yourself!

We could delve into many laser technicalities, but we aimed to cover enough to spark the interest of anyone considering how a laser engraver or cutter could enhance their hobby or profession.

ATEZR Rotary Roller Attachment

ATEZR offers an additional attachment called the Rotary Roller for the P20 laser engraver. The accessory allows engraving on round objects like tumblers, glasses, and rolling pins.

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The Rotary Roller is built with the same quality and craftsmanship as the P20. It is also easy to assemble and connect to the laser machine. The kit includes the roller, a rolling stand for longer cylindrical objects, taller legs for the P20, and all necessary tools and cables.

The laser engraving process requires lifting the P20 to a higher position and removing the short legs, which is a tedious and time-consuming task. Each leg is attached with 3 screws, making it necessary to flip the P20 over. To save time, we created risers that allow the shorter legs to remain in place, reducing the leg-swapping process to just 30 seconds.

The addition of the Rotary Roller is a clever solution that works well, but some settings in LightBurn are not user-friendly. We had to rely on YouTube videos for assistance in correcting the settings, which was frustrating.

Once the settings were in order, we attempted to engrave a $10 powder-coated aluminum drink tumbler. We saw a helpful tip on a YouTube video suggesting we use masking tape on the tumbler and a low-power setting to mark the tape to ensure correct placement of the design and settings. After some trial and error, we began the engraving process.

Atezr P20 Plus Laser Engraving Machine Review 11

One challenge we faced was the tumbler slipping off the rollers while we were testing the design’s placement. As the rotary spun, the tumbler would move horizontally, causing the engraving on the tape to become misaligned. We found a solution on a laser engraving forum: place a beanbag inside the tumbler to weigh it down.

After a few minutes, the engraving was complete, and the result was impressive in its precision. However, one major drawback of ATEZR’s rotary attachment is its inability to engrave drink cups with handles. Since the rollers physically touch the sides of the object being engraved, a handle would interfere with the rolling motion.

Overall, the ATEZR Rotary Roller Attachment is a good option for occasional use, but the learning curve and limitations may not make it a worthwhile investment for everyone.

Highlights of the Atezr Laser Engraver (P10 and P20 Machines)

Here are some things that make the Atezr P20 Plus stand out:

  1. Superior Engraving Performance

Utilizing advanced physical optics-based spot compression technology and a innovative laser coupling method, Atezr’s laser engraving machine can penetrate over 100 materials and cut up to 15mm of solid paulownia wood, 40mm of black acrylic, and 28mm of wood at a time.

  1. Precision Engraving

The 10W and 20W machines have a spot area of 0.08 x 0.06mm, and can automatically identify gray scales in picture materials at 529 DPI. The two machines can maintain picture material quality even during fast work.

Atezr P20 Plus Laser Engraving Machine Review 12

  1. Robust Machine Structure

The machine has an excellent fuselage structure. The frame is the most stable and can bear 200-300KG, which ensures that the laser head doesn’t shake under high-speed operation. Metal sliding gears reduce machine wear and improve work efficiency. The one-piece body prolongs the life of the machine by using a one-piece lead screw instead of the combined coupling, stepping motor, and lead screw to make the movement of the laser more precise and the coupling more durable.

  1. Large Engraving Area

Both the P10 and P20 laser engraving machines have an engraving area of 430 x 430 mm. This is larger than the average machine in the market.

  1. High-Speed Engraving

An upgraded algorithm allows the two machines to reach a maximum speed of 24,800 mm/min with a movement accuracy of 0.01 mm. This increases efficiency by 40-80% during the engraving and cutting process.

  1. Enhanced Safety Features

The machine is designed for safety. It has a flame-retardant filter glass to block ultraviolet rays and protect eyes. The flame-retardant filter panorama filter cover can filter 97% of ultraviolet rays. It also has a limit switch for precise anti-collision positioning and an emergency stop button to ensure safety during operation.

  1. Metal Color Engraving

Both the P10 and P20 are capable of completing color-changing metal engraving. Colored oxides are generated on the surface based on the amount of defocus, pulse frequency, and other appropriate parameters, expanding the color palette to over 340 colors.

  1. Application Control

a) Atezr’s laser engraving application allows for remote creation of new works via mobile applications and supports offline engraving.

b) Compatible with multiple operating systems, including Win XP/7/8/10, macOS, and Linux. The machine supports engraving file formats such as NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DXF, and more.

  1. Improved Creative Experience

Equipped with air assist and additional accessories like honeycomb panels, Atezr’s laser engraving machine provides a better creative experience for users.

  1. Expansion Accessories:

In addition to the air assist, the P10 comes with a 360° rotating drum.


  • Quick assembly and easy setup
  • Secure packaging for shipping
  • Strong and robust build quality
  • Highly versatile and powerful laser
  • Seamless software integration with LightBurn
  • Excellent results achieved on a variety of materials
  • Comprehensive starter kit included


  • Noisy laser fan
  • Display screen not necessary with LightBurn
  • Metal matte board warped on first use
  • Inadequate sample pack with small pieces
  • Vulnerable placement of USB and power cables protruding from the control box.


In conclusion, the Atezr laser engravers may not be suitable for everyone. However, for woodworkers and craft enthusiasts who enjoy engraving and woodcutting, this machine can be a game-changer, providing outstanding results with minimal effort.

Overall, we are impressed with the P20 Plus. In the future, we plan to build a customized box to house the machine, which will help improve ventilation and reduce laser fan noise.

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