Z ZTDM Art 3D Stereoscopic Printing Pen

Not only is 3D printing the current technological hype, itís also the most rapidly advancing. The newest invention in 3D is 3D pens. These are much simpler and portable gadgets that donít restrict artists to drawing on paper or on a studio. One such gadget is the Z ZTDM printing pen. Just like regular 3D printers, this gadget uses molten plastic for drawing, except that one can hold it in their hands like a normal pen or pencil.

The Z ZTDM 3D pen has an inlet on one end where plastic polymer in the form of colored filament ribbon is fed into it. A mechanism of heating in the pen then heats up the ribbon which is then extruded from the other end of the pen as a malleable ribbon. The resultant ribbon easily sticks to plastic surfaces and hardens on contact with air. It can therefore be used by designers and art lovers to create simple or detailed art pieces.

Features of the Pen

  1. Multi-colored printer filament

This 3D pen is designed with a filament inlet hole that allow you to feed in colored plastic filament (polyethane) which is then stored in molten form in the pens reservoirs. On pressing the ejection button on the body of the pen, thin, malleable filaments are extruded. Since the plastic filament is used with Sinoute filament, the color is extensive and is capable of producing multicolored 3D designs. The available filament colors are orange, red, violet/purple, green, turquois, white, pink, indigo, black and so many other shades.

  1. Ease of Functionality

The Z ZTDM has a very simple design. The body only has an on-off button and a filament flow control button. It also has two indicator LEDs that automatically light when the pen is on standby mode. One of the standby lights indicate that the pen is drawing source filament and melting it, while the other shows the pen is ready for drawing.

This simple nature enables the user to concentrate only on their design and not worry about controlling the smooth flow of drawing media. Also, during standby as the pen reloads its reservoirs, the user can assess and evaluate their 3D creation.

  1. It uses high quality drawing medium

This pen uses a high quality plastic polymer (a colored polyethene) that has a low melting point. This means that the material is melted even with very low amount of heat. It is therefore possible to use rechargeable batteries with this pen instead of continuous power supply. This pen is thus more portable flexible for an art enthusiast.

  1. It has a sturdy light-weight design

This Sinoute art printing pen has a light-weight but sturdy design. It is therefore ideal for long projects sessions that can run for hours as your hands wonít easily tire. The compact design also makes the pen more durable.


Advantages of the ZZTDM art printing pen

  • This pen can be used even by armatures due to its simplistic design.
  • The light weight hand held design is perfect for continuous doodling.
  • The pen has a compact design that makes it durable.
  • It uses a variety of colored filaments which makes it possible to fill your art world with color.
  • It gives freedom for wireless operation since it can use rechargeable battery.


Disadvantages of Sinoute art printing pen

  • Most reviewers of this pen are happy with it. However, the main complaint was about the individual filaments used in doodling remaining partially visible.

This is however a very small issue considering the vast number of advantages that the pen has. This pen would therefore make for a great artistic gift, either for you or for a loved one as itís a reliable pen for doodling.

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