YaYa3D Printing Pen V1.5

In the times we are in, creative games and toys for kids are developed and manufactured every single day. And yet most of these are designed in such a way that they make our children zombies by killing their creativity and getting them addicted to games that kill their moral perspective.

The timing of the development of YaYa3D printing pen is so perfect considering the void in creative gadgets in the market for both kids and adults. With its ability to write on air instead of paper, the 3D printing pen gives individuals an opportunity to develop and expand their creative abilities. With the invention and development of this pen, there is no excuse for anyone to hold back their creative potential anymore.

Features of the Yaya3D Printing Pen

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  • Dealers Official Website: http://www.yaya3dpen.com
  • Model Name: YaYa3D Arts P Crafts Drawing 3D Printing Doodle Printer pen V1.5
  • Nozzle Diameter: 7mm copper nozzle. This is perfect for quality 3D freehand drawing
  • Dimension: 1 pound. 8 x 2 x 1 inches
  • Cool Technology. It has a fast cool technology that makes it accurate and safe.

You can purchase this quality 3D printing pen from the dealer’s official website or from Amazon.com .


This 3D printing pen is designed like a glue gun but instead of glue, it inks out molten plastic. The multi-colored plastic can be used to create life-like 3-dimensional shapes and figures and hardens the moment it comes into contact with air. There is a port in this machine where you fill in the plastic filament and then there is a heating mechanism in the pen which heats it before itís ejected from the tip of the pen. The result of this is a malleable plastic ink.

Features Of The Yaya3d Printing Pen

It does not require any software installation or setup

Although it has the name printer in it, the YaYa3D printing pen has no association with the electronic paper printers. Neither does it require any computer connectivity. The only requirement for using this pen is connecting it to a power cable, engaging plastic filament refills and then using it.

It has a fast cool technology

You must have been wondering how plastic refills will come out of the pen and create your 3D art designs. Well, the YaYa3D printing pen, and all other 3D pens have been created with a nozzle thatís super-heated. This nozzle ensures that the plastic filament is completely melted so that it comes out in a malleable form and then hardens the moment it comes into contact with air.

This heating technology is what makes most 3D pens not recommended for children as it can lead to accidental burns. Fortunately, the YaYa3D Printing pen has a super cool technology. What this means is that the moment you stop using this pen it will instantly automatically cool itself. It is therefore much safer for kids in comparison to most of the other 3D printing pens.

Can use 2 types of thermoplastic refills

Most of the 3D printing pens will compel you into using their own recommended thermoplastic refills. This can be a big challenge for using the pen in cases where the plastic is not easy to find, or itís overpriced.

The YaYa3D printing pen gives you the freedom of using either the ABS filament or the standard PLA filament. You will, therefore, appreciate using this pen even more.

Customer Feedback and Rating

There is absolutely no product in the market that is praised by literally everyone. With that being said, the YaYa3D printing pen has gathered a lot of fans but there are users who have also complained about some features.

Pros of the YaYa3D Printing Pen

  • It is quick to use and is simple.

You can start working on your 3D creation almost immediately after plugging in the power cable for this printing pen. I say almost immediately since the warm up time for this pen is less than 1 minute. There is also no struggle with buttons or any settings for this pen. This means it doesnít require any expertise or technical know-how for using it.

  • Enhances artistic Skills

The development of artistic skills was traditionally restricted by the use of a paper and pencil or pen. However, the YaYa3D printing pen does not have any of these limitations as you can create your designs on air. How innovative can you and your kids get with this kind of freedom?

  • Versatile

You can literally create anything with the YaYa3D printing pen. And when I say anything I mean just thatÖanything and everything.

You can never know when the YaYa3D Printing Pen V1.5 today will run out of the market. ORDER NOW!

Cons of the YaYa3D Printing Pen

  • Needs time and patience to master.

This was the only negative feedback that we saw from most reviews. First-time users of this pen find it challenging to use and to get used to. One needs to be patient and to put quality time in practicing making designs with it. After you have understood the malleability of the molten plastic ink and its flow, you will be more seasoned in creating designs with this pen.


The YaYa3D printing pen is an excellent art tool for artistic expression. It is simple and versatile and therefore makes for an excellent art tool both for upcoming and seasoned artists. You donít have an excuse for giving your kids freedom to be innovative. Also, you donít have an excuse for being bored. You could spend quality time making designed with the YaYa3D Printing Pen V1.5.


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