Velleman K8200 Review

Velleman K8200 is a 3D printer developed by the American company Velleman.

This is a 3D printer in construction and is therefore assembled according to instructions. A certain amount of tools are needed to assemble the 3D printer and expect it to take 10-20 hours to put it together.

Both the hardware and software of the Velleman K8200 have open source, which means that any user or individual has the opportunity to develop the machine for the better, both in terms of programming and in terms of its construction structure.

Overall, the Velleman K8200 is a slightly cheaper 3D printer of simpler model, but it’s a good 3D printer for those who just started to be interested in freeform production and the kind of 3D printer.

However, you should be an enthusiastic builder with a “do-it-yourself” philosophy, considering that after all, you must assemble the ingredients and be responsible for the final product. Of course, the majority of guides are available to vellman’s own forum thread for the k8200, but you should still appreciate the art of art to see the charm of putting together a Velleman K8200.


The 3D printer Velleman K8200 has neither walls nor roofs but consists of a relatively simple steel structure.

It is made of a heated bottom plate that helps the filament perform well during printing. The building space itself is as large as 20x20x20cm, which gives a lot of space for the prints.

The K8200 lacks both windows and plastic caps, which exposes the object that is written for winds and temperature differences, which in turn may adversely affect the printout.

However, the sideways must be considered to be of high quality considering the relatively low price of the 3D printer, and in addition, the heated building plate contributes to the printout not being subject to warping, which may destroy the printout.

Connections and connectivity

Like most other 3D printers, the K8200 is advantageously connected to the computer through a USB cable included in the package.

Through this you can send the files you want to print to the 3D printer. The K8200 is capable of connecting to a computer running Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 operating systems, or with Mac Os X of version 10.6 or later.

Filament and Material

The Velleman K8200 uses a 3 mm filament roller and can handle plastic materials such as PLA and ABS in their prints.

In addition, the Velleman K8200 also offers a varied print speed, which gives more control over using different materials when printing the item.


Rehearsals are the program that the Velleman K8200 uses to help you with the prints and with this software installed, your freeform production will be both clear and simple.

After all, it’s only importing the CAD files you want to print as you do with simplicity via the mentioned USB cable.


Overall, the Velleman K8200 is a great price and it’s a good 3D printer for those who want to own a not too expensive 3D printer while learning a lot about the machine.

However, always compare with other 3D printers in the same or a nearby price range before making your purchase. This 3D printer can handle both ABS and PLA and has a varied speed in printing, which makes it better manage different materials.

It has to be tricked together on its own which may be a plus and minus depending on how you are set for such an activity.

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