Uniz Slash Plush vs Formlabs Form 2 (2021)

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We decided to compare two popular UNIZ Slash Plus and Formlabs Form2 photopolymer printers .

Slash Plus uses LCD stereolithography technology, while Form2 uses classic SLA method for illumination. Both methods produce amazing accuracy at a fast enough print speed, and also promise a smooth, monolithic print surface.

Printers have found their way into areas that require maximum precision and detail, such as making dental aligners and models, medical demo models, jewelry making, design and master model printing.

Uniz Slash Plush vs Formlabs Form 2 (2021) 1

However, Slash Plus and Form2 have key differences in print and mechanical performance:

Specifications UNIZ Slash Plus Formlabs Form2
Plot area 192mm * 120mm * 200mm 145mm * 145mm * 175mm
Volume 4608 cm³  Volume 3679 cm³
Dental Cast stamp (special dental resin). Layer height 0.05 mm 6pcs / 1h 28 min 4pcs / 6h 21 min
Ring printing (burned out photopolymer) 60pcs / 3h 51 min 55pcs / 11h 22min
Layer height 0.025 mm 180pcs / 12h 55pcs / 12h
Cube printing: 10 * 10 * 10cm 3h 54min 39h 18min
Layer height: 0.1mm 256 ml / h 25.9ml / h
Resolution X-axis: 75 μm 140 μm
Y-axis: 75 μm
Z-axis profile 10 – 300 μm (customizable) 25 – 300 microns
Supported file formats STL, OBJ, AMF, 3MF, UNIZ STL, OBJ, FORM
Control It is possible to control several printers from one UNIZ slicer One printer control
Maintaining the printer You can discuss it yourself A skilled engineering approach is required
Brand resin price 5200-13000 rub / 0.5l 14300-38000 rub / liter
Consumption of photopolymer cans (1l) Over 17,000 layers 1,000-3,000 layers

We print the same dental models with a resolution of 0.05 mm.

Slicer in Form2 calculates time 6 hours 21 minutes for 4 parts. Using simple arithmetic, we get 1 hour 35 minutes to print 1 model.

Uniz Slash Plush vs Formlabs Form 2 (2021) 2

The Slash Plus printer slicer gives a more optimistic forecast: 6 models will be printed in 1 hour and 28 minutes, for a total of only 14 minutes per model.

Uniz Slash Plush vs Formlabs Form 2 (2021) 3

Slash Plus also beats Form2 with a good timing advantage in printing masterbatch rings. The layer thickness here is 0.025mm.

The Form2 printer will take 11 hours 22 minutes to print 55 models, for a total of 12.4 minutes for one ring.

Uniz Slash Plush vs Formlabs Form 2 (2021) 4

While Slash Plus will print 60 patterns in just 3 hours 51 minutes, and one ring in 3.8 minutes.

In total, while Form2 is printing one ring, Slash Plus will already finish 3 of the same.

Uniz Slash Plush vs Formlabs Form 2 (2021) 5

Now consider printing a 10cm * 10cm * 10cm cube with a resolution of 0.1mm.

The Form2 printer takes 39 hours and 18 minutes to print, compared to the Slash Plus in 3 hours 51 minutes.

Uniz Slash Plush vs Formlabs Form 2 (2021) 6

But the resin consumption of Form2 is significantly lower and amounts to 25.9 ml / h, in comparison with the Slash Plus, which has a consumption of 256 ml / h.

Uniz Slash Plush vs Formlabs Form 2 (2021) 7


The Slash Plus printer confidently surpassed Form2 in many respects. In particular, it has almost 1000 cm³ more volume of the construction area and almost 2 times more accuracy. In addition, the Slash Plus has a customizable Z-profile, i.e. different areas of the same model can be printed at different resolutions. Empirically, we found out that Form2 lags far behind in print speed, but at the same time it uses much less photopolymers. This is important, especially considering that Formlabs’ branded photopolymer is significantly more expensive than Uniz photopolymer.

Considering the capabilities of 3D printers, both of them are perfect for solving both business problems and for private use. Both have a fairly wide connection interface, the ability to work with cloud data storage and heavy files. However, if you have to print a lot and use several printers at the same time, then Slash Plus can provide more convenience, as it allows you to print with several 3D printers from one slicer.

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