SprintRay Pro 55 3D Printer Review

Read our SprintRay Pro 55 review for the specs, performance and price of the dental 3D printer. What should you expect?

The SprintRay Pro 55 is a dental resin 3D printer, which is the smaller cousin of the SprintRay Pro95. The high printing accuracy and compatibility with special software and materials makes the SprintRay Pro 55 a true dental printer.

However, its use is not only confined in dentistry. You can use the printer for any projects where high precision and quality surface are critical.

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SprintRay Pro95, SprintRay Pro55 and additional equipment

What features and technical solutions does the SprintRay Pro55 model present? Is this 3D printer for dentistry worth buying? Read on.

SprintRay Pro 55 Review

Let’s start by looking at some of the notable features that come packed in the SprintRay Pro 55 3D printer.
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High Accuracy

The SprintRay Pro55 has an XY resolution of 55 microns and a pixel toning function. According to the manufacturer, this 3D printer is ideal for direct restoration work, creating hybrid prostheses on implants, printing casting models and more.

Watch the video below to see the printer in action.


SprintRay goes to great lengths to ensure its machines are easy and convenient to use. If you already have one SprintRay Pro series printer, you may want additional machines in your dental lab.

SprintRay 3D printers are equipped with projectors from the same manufacturer. Moreover, they have the same ergonomics and software. This uniformity in hardware and software makes it easy to scale production without the need for additional training or having to get used to new equipment.

All previously introduced features, such as Pixel Toning and Ludicrous Speed, remain available in the Pro 55 unit The Pro55 also integrates with SprintRay Dashboard, allowing you to remotely monitor prints and automatically upload models.


SprintRay Pro is one of the best desktop 3D printers for digital dentistry. Its touch-sensitive controls and user-friendly on-screen interface make it easy to work with.

There are also on-screen tips and contextual video instructions that make it easy for anyone to get started with using the printer. You won’t have to study long setup and operational manuals.

Cloud Service

The SprintRay cloud service allows you to monitor the printing process remotely. You can also recieve reports and notifications by e-mail about work completion, resin use, printer uptime, past jobs, and so on. All this information can be accessed from any device connected to the Internet.

New Print Materials

Thanks to the material partnerships with Bego and DENTCA, Pro55 is compatible with the world’s most advanced indirect restoration materials.

Multiple Printable Models

Hybrid dentures and surgical guide guides can now be created at a higher quality than before with this 55 μm printer. Aesthetic temporary designs such as aligners, where precision is paramount, are another application for ultra-high resolution printing.

SprintRay Pro55 Specs

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  • Dimensions: 350 x 500 x 610mm
  • Weight: 18kg
  • Body material: Aluminum
  • Software: RayWare 2.0


  • Additional sensors: Resin temperature, outside temperature
  • Light source: LED 405 nm
  • Tank volume: up to 50 liters
  • Working chamber: 105 x 59 x 200 mm
  • Technology: DLP
  • Layer thickness: from 55 μm
  • Display: 7″ touchscreen
  • Interfaces: WI-FI
  • Print speed: Up to 7.5 cm / hour

SprintRay Pro55 Application

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SprintRay Pro55 is a high-precision (55 micron) dental 3D printer designed to print parts needed for restoration and treatment of teeth, create hybrid prostheses on implants, casting and much more.

Using SprintRay Pro 3D printers helps dental practices (clinics, offices, orthodontists and dental technicians) to control costs, increase flexibility and range of services, and optimize treatment.

Thanks to its high ergonomic qualities, powerful and functional software and a wide range of compatible materials, SprintRay Pro55 will be very useful arsenal in your dental lab.

SprintRay Pro55 Advantages

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Powerful and Accurate Projector

All SprintRay Pro series 3D printers are equipped with powerful and accurate projectors from the world’s leading manufacturer, Texas Instruments. Texas Instruments is the owner of DLP technology . The quality of the luminous flux is appropriate.

Large Print Volume

The large enough print chamber allows the relatively small desktop 3D printer to print up to 30 dental arch models in one go.

Lightning Fast Printing

Compared to previous models, the printing speed of the Pro 55 is three times faster.

Powerful Processor

The built-in 6-core computer helps you to manage jobs, ensure successful prints and calibrate the SprintRay Pro55 .

Easy Update

Get wireless updates for the latest useful features. Send model files to the printer, queue them up for printing, and track execution from anywhere with internet access.

SprintRay Pro 55 Disadvantages

The main disadvantage of the SprintRay Pro55 is the degree of its availability. The printer is not easy to find.

SprintRay Pro 55 Alternatives

If you are looking for other dental 3D printers that compete with the SprintRay Pro 55, the following fit the bill:

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SprintRay Pro 55 3D Printer Review 6

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2. Makex M-One Pro 25

SprintRay Pro 55 3D Printer Review 7

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3. Formlabs Form 3

SprintRay Pro 55 3D Printer Review 8

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