Sindor 3DWOX DP201 3D Printer Review

sindoh 3dwox dp201 3d printer reviewCompletely Hassle-Free 3D Printing is Here!

Sindohís DP201 3D printer might be the perfect machine to buy if you are looking for a printer that doesnít have any complicated setup or that will not waste your filament with endless failed builds.

The company has spent years perfecting their craft in the designing and manufacture of 2D printers. They listened to what consumers wanted and improved on it. The result is a 3D printer that is almost as good as inkjet printers. The DP201 printer works nearly as good as a conventional 2D printer.

This printer ships ready to print. You wonít be required to fasten a bolt here and there or even struggle with calibrations. Simply plug in and start printing right away.

The features and performance of the Sindoh 3DWox make it the best 3D printer for schools.

Sindoh 3D Printer Review: Features

Below is a list of some of the features that are unique to the DP201 3D printer:Sindoh 3DWOX-DP201 3D Printer

Filament Cartridge

This printer filament is inserted in a similar way to a 2D printer ink cartridge. Youíll have fewer worries about filament threading as the process can be tedious sometimes. Some printers do not even indicate if youíve done it right.

With the Sindoh DP 201, you will always have it right with the filament because it uses only one color option only.

Auto Bed Leveling with Clicks

Sindoh will assist you in an intuitive way to level the printing bed the first time you switch it on. The printer display will walk you through the required steps of leveling the bed. You donít have to be familiar with bed leveling. Simply do as the printer tells you and before you know it, you will have successfully leveled your printing bed.

The printer has Clicks that indicate your progress in the bed leveling process.

Flexible Bed

After your printing is complete, removing the object from the printing bed can be rather annoying. Unique to this printer, however, is the ability to bend the printing bed so that you can simply peel off the object.

The bottom of the bed is magnetic. Therefore, it will always snap back into place without you having to re-calibrate the printer. You will always end up with the initial bed leveling, even if you bend the bed.

Camera Monitoring System

Inside the Sindoh 3D printer is a small camera that allows you to monitor your print progress. This camera can be connected to your computer or mobile phone. You will find it very useful if your object will take a few hours to complete and you need to attend to some other priorities away from your printer.Sindoh DP201 3DWOX 3D printer app

You can make the monitoring process interesting by record it and turning the video into a time-lapse of your finished 3D object.

Email Notification

You can set up e-mail notification to be notified when the printer runs into problems while producing your models or when the final object is completed. When you set this feature, you do not have to keep checking the printer often.

Tell Me More

The Sindohís print resolution is premium 50 microns. The print quality is very close to what youíd get on high-end FFF home-based printers.

The no-hassle software included makes the printing process intuitive and fun for both beginners and more experienced 3D printer consumers. The software has useful tips on the slicing and other processes.

Youíre spoiled with a fairly large build volume of 8.3x 7.9 x 7.4 inches. If you have a large part to print, you can split it into a few smaller parts.

Should I Buy the Sindoh DP201?

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The Sindohís price is quite high (check current price here) than some of the rival machines with similar features. However, by paying extra, you will have the peace of mind that comes with Sindohís 3D printer.

This is the type of printer you should consider if you want a hassle-free experience. You get everything and more from this home-based 3D printer.

If you are not sure which printer offers great value or is right for you, I highly recommend the Sindoh 3D printer. The printer is hassle-free and checks all your boxes for an ideal home 3D printer.

Disadvantages of the Sindoh 3D Printer

However, there is one major downside with the Sindoh 3D printer for teachers. That is, you will have to use the branded filament from Sindoh. You cannot use other filament brands. The filament cartridge costs slightly more than what youíd pay for your average filament reel.

Overall this printer is a really good machine that provides a hassle-free experience for years.

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