Scribbler 3D Pen V3

What is a 3D Pen

A 3D pen is just like an ordinary pen or pencil, except that it uses lead instead of ink and itís somewhat bulkier. So instead of filling the pen with ink, you put in plastic filaments which also come in an array of colors. The pen has a heating technology inside which is responsible for liquefying the plastic at the other end of the pen. Thereís nothing special about learning how to operate a 3D pen. It just requires patience.

How does a 3D Pen work?

If you know how a glue gun works then the same principle is applicable for 3D pens. Using this pen is like drawing on air. The liquefied plastic hardens when leaving the tip of the pen and puts marks on the paper. A creative person can do wonders with a 3D pen since the drawings done with this pen have some life.

What does a 3D Pen do?

3D drawings are raised objects, patterns or decorative figures drawn on a paper or any other medium and have much more life than the traditional 2D images drawn using ordinary pen or pencil. 3D drawn images are so real that you will feel like you can literally pull them out of the paper.

You can use this pen when drawing images for a presentation. Not only will you be able to use the same image on so many different presentations without getting the feeling that itís old or has faded, your audience will also relate better with the life-like drawings as it will create more vivid and permanent images in their brain.

You can also use the pen during an indoor creative activity involving children. You can draw the outlook of a house and cut out the sides of the house. Ask children to cover the drawings with their favorite cartoon character cut-out drawings. When done, re-assemble the house. Behold, you will be happy at how the children will be fascinated that they have created a 3D object on their own.

The V3 3D Pen Review

Features of V3

  • Itís 6 X 2 X 4 inches; 1 pound
  • It weighs 2.36 Oz
  • It has OLED-display
  • It has a slender body thatís gives a perfect grip on the hands
  • It comes in p different colors that you can choose from

Where to Buy V3

You can purchase the V3 from Dealers Official Website;

You can order for the pen from

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The Design of the Scribbler 3D Pen

The concept behind every 3D pen is the same and therefore V3 works in a similar manner as all other 3D pens. However, unlike its competitors, the V3 is endowed with user-friendly features. It has a fresh look and a new feel as a result of the cosmetic changes that were made by the company.

This pen has unique construction thatís different from its predecessors like the V2. The design is simple but more studier and more fascinating. This pen is capable of taking both ABS and PLA plastic which is an excellent deal.

The pen has a large screen that makes it easy even for people that use spectacles to notice the settings even in the event that someone interfered with them. The V3 is endowed with 6 speeds. That means it is capable of adjusting to just about any persons writing style and speed.

Features and Details of the V3 3D Pen

  • New Version

The V3 is the newest 3D pen in the market and has a sturdy outlook in appearance but also quality in performance. It is lighter and slimmer when compared to previous versions of 3D pens. It comes with a big LED screen monitor that is important for keeping track of the state and functioning of the pen.

  • Versatility

With this pen, you can easily change the temperature control, use ABS or PLA or any other type of plastic and itís easy to switch between these. To top it up, on purchase, you are given 3 loops of plastic filaments that you can start with.

  • Easy to use

The V3 weighs 2.36 Oz making it lighter than most of its predecessors. It also has user-friendly settings that help you to switch between plastic filaments, choose temperature and also control extrusion speeds.

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User Reviews on the V3 Scribbler 3D Pen

As expected, most users noticed the difference in the feel with this pen in comparison to what they are used to drawing or writing with. There are users who have reported that they find the pen somehow strange. There are also users who were apprehensive about the heating technology used in melting the plastic.

It takes patience and practice to master the ability to draw on air because really that is what you do with the 3D pen. You should not worry too much about the plastic heat since you will hardly even notice it. It is however not recommended for children to use this pen.

Who is the V3 Scribbler 3D Pen designed for?


Who can buy it?

3D drawings have just begun revolutionizing the world of art. The 3D pen provides a leap into the revolution in addition to other beneficial features like its ability to assist in repairing specific objects. People who can benefit from the V3 therefore include:

  • 3D graphic designers and architects
  • Artists that are more right brained than left brained or any experienced artist
  • Mothers of elementary school going children can use it to create fun and more realistic drawings
  • Ordinary people in need of an easy way of repairing objects can take advantage of the ABS plastic I the pen and use it in repairing cell phone cases, TV stands, Legos or even coffee makers.

Who is this pen not good for?

To effectively use this pen, you must get accustomed to feeding in the plastic, finding the correct speed setting and also the general feel. It, therefore, goes without saying that all this requires patience and practice. After all, this is drawing on air. Someone who canít practice patience should therefore not invest in the V3 or any other model of 3D pens.


The V3 pen is an excellent tool for even amateur artists and stay-at-home moms or dads to invest in. Recent developments have even seen its business importance come out more clearly. Since it is also affordable (About 120$) just about anyone can invest in the 3D pen. It is a great item to gift a loved for a special calendar day or a birthday.

My rating for this pen is 4.6 stars

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