QIDI Black Friday Deals & Sale

As the holiday season approaches, brace yourself for a 3D printing revolution courtesy of QIDI Tech’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. Renowned for their innovation and quality, QIDI Tech presents exclusive deals on their top-rated 3D printers. Get one, two or all the three 3D printers to revolutionize your printing experience this festive season.

From the acclaimed X-Smart, with its user-friendly design, to the precision-driven X-Plus and the futuristic capabilities of the X-Max3, QIDI Tech’s trio of printers have garnered attention for their exceptional performance. This year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is your opportunity to bring these cutting-edge printers into your workspace for cheap

Limited-time deals await on each of these printers. Whether you’re seeking affordability without compromising quality, aiming for top-tier speed and precision, or exploring versatility and futuristic features, QIDI Tech has a printer tailored for your needs.

Don’t miss out — these limited-time offers will be available only during this year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday season.

For starters, here’s a rundown:

QIDI X-Smart

Enjoy affordability without compromising quality. The QIDI X-Smart redefines ease of use with its user-friendly design, enclosed structure prioritizing safety, and a promise of high-quality prints. Embrace this gem, now available at an irresistible Black Friday/Cyber Monday offer!


For those who seek speed, precision, and versatility, the QIDI X-Plus stands tall. From its impressive printing speed and mechanics to its unparalleled print quality, this printer commands attention. Take advantage of the Black Friday/Cyber Holiday discount and usher in the future of printing.


Elevate your printing endeavors to unprecedented heights. The QIDI X-Max3 promises an effortless setup, unparalleled print quality, and a blend of features that define innovation. With its enticing pre-order price and Black Friday special, this printer beckons you to embrace limitless possibilities.

QIDI Black Friday/Cyber Monday 3D Printer Deals

QIDI X-Smart 3D Printer: Perfect Blend of Affordability and Quality

QIDI X Smart 3 3D Printer 1


Searching for an entry point into the world of 3D printing without breaking the bank? Look no further than the QIDI X-Smart 3D Printer – a game-changer tailored for hobbyists and enthusiasts alike. This printer stands out with its exceptional features, challenging the norms of affordability versus functionality.


Setting up a 3D printer can sometimes feel like solving a complex puzzle. Not with the QIDI X-Smart! It arrives almost fully assembled, sparing you from endless hours of assembly frustration. Thanks to its intuitive 4.3″ touchscreen and plug-and-play design, diving into your printing journey becomes a breeze. Plus, the comprehensive manual ensures a smooth start for beginners and veterans alike.

Safety and Efficiency

Ever worried about the safety of your prints or the noise disrupting your creative flow? The QIDI X-Smart’s fully enclosed design provides a secure environment for printing while minimizing operational noise. This enclosed structure maintains a consistent temperature within the build space, thwarting any chances of warping. With its turbo cooling fan ensuring comprehensive cooling from all angles, precision is guaranteed.

Wide Range of Materials

One size doesn’t fit all in the world of 3D printing, and the QIDI X Smart 3 3D printer understands that. It supports an array of materials, from flexible to rigid filaments, offering boundless creative possibilities. The heated, removable build plate, coated on both sides with PC material, ensures hassle-free print removal and durability.

Power and Resilience

Speed demons, take heed! The CoreXY architecture enables impressive print speeds of up to 500 mm/s, while the print resume feature ensures your masterpiece is unscathed by unexpected power outages.

Flawless Prints, Every Time

Bid adieu to uneven prints! The printer’s automatic bed leveling sensor compensates for any imperfections on the print bed, guaranteeing proper adhesion and consistently impeccable prints.

Tech Specs and Beyond

Compact yet mighty, the QIDI X-Smart 3 offers a build volume suitable for small to medium-sized parts. Packed with features like built-in LED lights, a 4mm nozzle, and multiple connectivity options, it’s a powerhouse in a small package.

qidi x smart 3 black friday sale

Ready to elevate your printing game? This Black Friday/Cyber Monday, seize the opportunity to own the QIDI X-Smart 3D Printer at an exclusive $100 OFF. Don’t miss out – this promo is valid for a limited time only. Embrace the future of printing at an unbeatable price!

QIDI X-Plus 3D Printer: Unmatched Speed, Versatility, and Reliability

Are you in pursuit of a 3D printer that effortlessly balances blazing speeds, diverse material compatibility, and reliability? Look no further than the QIDI X-Plus 3 – a powerhouse designed for both novices and seasoned printing maestros, presenting an array of features that redefine the printing experience.

Meet the New QIDI X-Max3 & X-Plus3 3D Printers 2


Unrivaled Speed and Precision

Featuring CoreXY mechanics, the QIDI X Plus 3 3D printer zooms ahead at a remarkable speed of 600 mm/s with acceleration exceeding 20,000 mm/s², rivaling even the industry’s top competitors. The high-temperature extruder coupled with pre-installed Klipper firmware solidifies its position as a direct rival to the Bambu Lab.

Quality Components and Comprehensive Accessories

Equipped with a copper alloy nozzle and an extra hardened steel nozzle capable of reaching 350℃, this printer stands ready to conquer even the most abrasive materials. Bundled with an assortment of accessories, from a dryer box to a spare parts kit, this package ensures you’re equipped for any printing venture.

Effortless Setup and Intuitive Interface

The setup process is a breeze, taking a mere 10 minutes with clear instructions provided in the manual. Boasting a 5-inch touchscreen interface, navigating through this printer’s capabilities is as intuitive as it gets. Beginners benefit from stickers with helpful tips, easing them into their printing journey.

Ample Build Volume & Smart Chamber Technology

The QIDI X Plus 3 has an expansive 280 x 280 x 270 mm build volume for you to unleash your creativity. The heated chamber mitigates warping and delamination of high-temperature materials, reaching a maximum temperature of 65°C. With a fan for quick filament drying, it’s a perfect balance of heat and cool for efficient printing.

Excellent Print Quality and Reliability

Enjoy pristine prints courtesy of modified QIDI Slicer presets, based on Prusa Slicer, ensuring clean details, minimal stringing, and accurate dimensions. The hollow steel rods on the printer enhance stability, enabling faster print speeds and impeccable quality.

qidi x plus 3 black friday sale

For enthusiasts seeking a robust printing companion capable of handling diverse materials, the QIDI X-Plus 3 stands as an exemplary choice. This Black Friday/Cyber Holiday, seize the opportunity to acquire this remarkable printer at an exclusive $60 discount. Don’t wait—stock is limited, and this deal won’t last forever!

QIDI X-Max3 3D Printer: Elevate Your Printing Experience

Enter the realm of cutting-edge 3D printing with the QIDI X-Max 3 – a stellar upgrade from its predecessor, delivering an impeccable blend of efficiency, precision, and convenience. Brace yourself for a world of innovation and creativity with this state-of-the-art machine.

Meet the New QIDI X-Max3 & X-Plus3 3D Printers 1


Unmatched Print Quality and Speed

Immerse yourself in a world of immaculate prints. The QIDI X-Max 3 offers unparalleled print quality with smooth surfaces and intricate details, boasting a remarkable 50-micron per layer capability. Equipped with two 0.4mm nozzles, this printer strikes the perfect balance between speed and detail, achieving print speeds of up to 600 mm/s.

Extruders, Chambers, and Versatility

Redefining versatility, this printer showcases upgraded lightweight extruders, enabling you to explore a diverse array of materials. The heated print chamber and control chamber work in harmony, ensuring warp-free printing across a broad spectrum of materials. Moreover, the air purifier option keeps your printing environment pristine.

Effortless Setup and Superior Controls

Experience hassle-free printing with simple bed leveling, quiet operations, and a convenient print-pause function. The Wi-Fi connectivity offers seamless interactions, while the user-friendly controls on the full-color touchscreen make operations a breeze.

Sleek Design, Ample Build Volume, and Value

Wrapped in a sleek black design, the QIDI X-Max3 seamlessly blends into any setting. Its manageable weight of 24.5 kg ensures both stability and portability. Revel in a spacious build area of 325 x 325 x 325 mm, perfect for unleashing your creative visions. This printer embodies exceptional value, especially with the enticing $50 off deal this Black Friday.

qidi x max 3 black friday sale

Elevate your 3D printing journey with the QIDI X-Max3 – a gateway to unparalleled creativity and efficiency. Seize the opportunity this Black Friday to acquire this exceptional printer at a $50 discount, unlocking a world of limitless possibilities. Act swiftly and step into the future of 3D printing today!

The QIDI X-Smart, QIDI X-Plus, and QIDI X-Max3 offer unparalleled quality, speed, and value. Each printer embodies unique traits, catering to diverse needs while promising a future filled with boundless possibilities.

From the affordable yet feature-rich QIDI X-Smart to the high-speed precision of the QIDI X-Plus and the futuristic capabilities of the QIDI X-Max3, these printers invite you to unlock the gates to creativity. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, these machines serve as your trusted companions on your 3D printing journey.

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