Phrozen Resin Review

We have started deliveries of a full range of resin resins from Phrozen , already a well-known and well-established manufacturer of resin 3D printers and consumables for them.
Phrozen resins are not only eagerly awaited by Phrozen printer owners, they are suitable for most resin printers that print at 405 nm. The line includes standard resins, flexible, reinforced, 4K and many other resins interesting in their characteristics and purpose. We will tell you about all types, as well as show examples of printing.

Phrozen ABS-like

Purpose: Printing functional products or prototypes

It is a resin similar to ABS plastic and can be used to create durable functional models, engineering prototypes. It is presented in  white and gray colors, which can be painted in any other shade after printing if necessary.

Phrozen Resin Review 1

Model from Phrozen ABS-like Gray by Paweł Jaruga (source: Facebook)

Phrozen Resin Review 2

Made in Phrozen ABS-like Black

Phrozen biege flex

Purpose: Printing flexible products

Phrozen Biege Flex is a highly detailed beige flexible resin. Elongation at break is 50-60% and allows functional models to be printed with great flexibility.


Phrozen Resin Review 3

Models from Phrozen Biege Flex


Phrozen water washable

Purpose: For home or school use, alcohol-free

Models printed with Phrozen Water Washable resin can be cleaned under running water without the use of alcohol and have a mild odor. Therefore, it is excellent for home or educational use. This resin is characterized by fast illumination of the layers, for example, 7 seconds on the Shuffle XL 3D printer and 1.5 seconds on the Phrozen Sonic.

Phrozen Water Washable is available in black and gray .

Phrozen Resin Review 4

Models in Phrozen Water Washable in black and gray


Now let’s move on to the most interesting Phrozen resins that have caused a lot of excitement among users.

Phrozen TR250-LV Gray 


Purpose: printing models for thermoforming and functional heat-resistant models

Resin  TR250-LV  has very high strength and hardness and is temperature resistant up to 150 ° C. Designed for dental or engineering applications, although it can be used in other applications to create durable, heat-resistant products.

Phrozen Resin Review 5

Phrozen Resin Review 6

Models from Phrozen TR250-LV Gray

Photopolymer Phrozen Aqua

Purpose: fast 3D printing

Phrozen Aqua resins with low shrinkage and high precision, the main feature of which is high speed of 3D printing. Also, models made of this resin are very durable and resistant to breaking.

The range of colors is 2: g oluboy and green .

Phrozen Resin Review 7

Models from Phrozen Aqua Green (model author on the right by Richard Cleveland )

Phrozen Resin Review 8

Models from Phrozen Aqua Blue


Photopolymer Phrozen the Aqua Gray Gray 4 K  

Purpose: for 3D printers with 4K print resolution

Gray Gray 4K the Aqua – one of the most anticipated of resins, which provides fast and most accurate printing on printers with a resolution of 4 the K . It also has many other advantages: low shrinkage, low odor, low viscosity. Curing time for layer – an average of 7 seconds, 1.5 seconds, 3 D printer Phrozen Sonic (50 microns thickness).  Models from Phrozen  Aqua Gray 4K
Phrozen Resin Review 9
Phrozen Resin Review 10

Photopolymer Phrozen Beige Low-Irritation

Purpose: printing dental models, products in contact with the skin.


Phrozen Beige Low-Irritation is free of heavy metals and has passed the ISO-10993 10 test, which means it is non-irritating and the printed models can come into direct contact with the human body. Also, the resin has high flexural strength, good hardness, low shrinkage.


Phrozen Resin Review 11

Model from Phrozen Beige Low-Irritation


Phrozen nylon green tough

Purpose: printing functional robust models  Phrozen Nylon Green Tough

nylon resin  withstands pressures up to 19 MPa and does not break. It is characterized by high tensile strength and stiffness, making it ideal for creating functional parts or test prototypes.
Phrozen Resin Review 12

Made from Phrozen Nylon Green Tough

Phrozen Rock-Black Stiff

Purpose: Creation of durable heat-resistant industrial products and prototypes

Phrozen Rock-Black Stiff Resin  is an engineering resin with temperature resistance up to 97 ° C, high strength and detail. For example, it is stronger than Phrozen ABS-Like resin

Phrozen Resin Review 13

Phrozen SC-801 Clear

Purpose: Creation of fully transparent models

Phrozen SC-801 Clear allows you to create highly accurate fully transparent models without a yellow tint, they also do not turn yellow during post-exposure. They are also characterized by high strength and accuracy.

Phrozen Resin Review 14

Phrozen Wax-like Castable Violet

Purpose: printing of burned-out products in dentistry or jewelry

Phrozen Wax-like Castable Violet is used to print zero ash post-burn models. It also has low shrinkage, high detail and low water absorption.

Phrozen Resin Review 15

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