Phrozen Cure V2 Review

The post-exposure station for resin models greatly facilitates all post-processing compared to curing models in the sun. One such device we’ll be looking at in this review is the new UV camera from Phrozen Cure V2 .



Packaging and appearance

The station is packed in a cardboard box with foam for extra protection during transport.

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The Phrozen Cure V2 has a white metal body with a red tinted window on the front. The window protects from ultraviolet radiation and allows you to watch the process of curing the models in the device.

The design is very nice, laconic, like all Phrozen products. Compared to the famous Anycubic Wash & Cure model, the Phrozen Cure V2 looks more solid. The Cure V2 will look great everywhere from the hobbyist to the dentist’s office.

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The UV camera is slightly smaller than the Sonic Mini 3D printer .

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Size: 21.5 x 19.5 x 28.5cm

Weight: 4.2kg

Displacement: 17.5 x 14 x 18.5 cm

LED specification: 365nm, 385nm and 405nm. Only 60 watts.

Voltage: 100-240V 50-60Hz


Below the base with legs of the Phrozen Cure V2 is the power supply, which is fixed with a metal bracket.

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The platform is rotated by a small motor located in the center. The LEDs have simple connectors that make them easy to replace when needed.

Inside the UV camera, LEDs are located on the sides and top. This ensures an even distribution of light on all sides of the model.

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The front door opens and is held in place by a magnet that serves as a sensor.
When the door is opened during curing, the device stops working to protect the user from harmful UV rays.

Multifunctional UV LEDs

The advantage offered by Phrozen Cure V2 is the use of UV LEDs with 365nm, 385nm, 405nm wavelengths.
This allows a wider spectrum to be covered and provides the best cure for the model. All three LED rods have a total wattage of 60W, which should be more than enough for proper curing.

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After a few minutes of curing, the model becomes warm to the touch due to the exothermic reaction generated by the resin during cure.


The Phrozen Cure V2 is controlled by five buttons on the front of the device. The duration of the curing cycle can be set in seconds or minutes using the corresponding buttons S and M.

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The station is turned on and off using the purple button, which also serves as a pause button.
Overall, the controls are easy to use, the only thing that might confuse someone is the loud beep when switching.

Phrozen Cure V2 in action

Filming the process of work on video is quite difficult.

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The noise is slightly amplified by the microphone, in real life the UV camera is quieter.

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Phrozen Cure V2 vs. Anycubic Wash & Cure

Since when choosing a station, most users will compare the models on the market, it will be fair to compare the Phrozen UV camera, for example, with the Anycubic Wash & Cure, which both rinses and cures the model.

The size

The technical characteristics of the Cure V2 have a larger exposure volume than the Wash & Cure. For a reliable cure with Cure V2, it is best not to expose models larger than 140 x 170 mm.

Additional exposure

The Cure V2 has three LED rows, two on the sides and one on top. This arrangement will speed up the cure and also make it more uniform. Anycubic curing station has only one row of UV LEDs on one side. There is no light from above.

Apart from this, Wash & Cure only uses two LED wavelengths (405nm and 365nm) compared to Phrozen, which uses three types of UV LEDs (365nm, 385nm, 405nm).

Control over curing time

Another benefit of Phrozen Cure V2 is the additional control over cure time. You can set the exact time to the second, and on Anycubic station, you can only use three presets: 2 minutes, 4 minutes or 6 minutes.

Flushing function

Unfortunately, the Phrozen Cure V2 does not include a model wash function like the Anycubic. If you really want both, the Anycubic Wash & Cure Station might be more beneficial. But keep in mind that you will only be able to wash 115mm x 65mm x 165mm models. If you need to wash many models or larger items at once, it is better to buy an ultrasonic bath and a UV camera separately. The ultrasonic bath will provide better cleaning of the models from the resin residues than the usual mechanical cleaning in Anycubic Wash & Cure. But at the same time, there is an opinion that ultrasonic cleaning is less safe for models.


Conclusions after using Phrozen Cure V2?

Phrozen Cure V2 is an excellent post -curing device for resin models. The price may seem a little overpriced to someone, given that it is used only for additional exposure. Currently Phrozen Cure V2 can be purchased at a price of 36,900 rubles.

But after comparing with other devices on the market, you will see that the price is justified. Phrozen Cure V2 gives the best UV exposure from different angles, more control over cure time and is generally very reliable in construction.

Perhaps in the future we will see the Phrozen Wash and Cure V3, which will add rinsing functionality. This will make the proposal comprehensive and save desktop space

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