Phrozen Cure Luna Review

The Phrozen Cure Luna is an illumination camera from Phrozen that comes in handy during resin 3D printing. Find out what to expect from this 3D printing accessory.

The Phrozen Cure Luna UV illumination camera is a great 3D printing post-processing machine that helps you save time, especially when it comes to large format resin 3D printing.

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Phrozen Cure Luna Review

The Phrozen Cure Luna UV camera was released together with the Sonic Mighty 4K, and looks similar to the 3D printer in terms of design. The UV camera measures 11 x 11 x 14.75 inches (28 x 28 x 40 cm), which is just 2 inches smaller in height than the Sonic Mighty.

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Comparison of the Sonic Mighty 4K printer and the Cure Luna camera

This UV camera is used during the final exposure of resin-printed parts. Secondary lighting, or “baking”, is an indispensable part of the resin 3D printing process. Post processing resin prints ensures that the parts you have printed end up with the desired strength.

Watch the video below to see the UV camera in action:

Phrozen Cure Luna Specs

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  • Power supply :100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
  • Dimensions, :280 x 280 x 400 mm
  • Weight: :5kg
  • UV wavelength: :405 nm
  • Curing time: :1-120 minutes
  • Working chamber: :220 x 220 x 270 mm

The Phrozen Cure Luna UV camera is 3D printer accessory that can work with any resin 3D printer. The device is used to cure the resin parts printed.

Phrozen Cure Luna Features

The Phrozen Cure Luna camera is noticeably larger in size (220 x 220 x 270 mm) than the print volume of the Phrozen Sonic Mighty 4K printer (200 x 125 x 220 mm). However, its outer dimensions are smaller. Thanks to the larger print volume, the Luna can process resin prints from both this printer and larger ones.

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Phrozen Luna Print Volume is 220 x 220 x 270 mm

This is the largest consumer UV camera on the market. The only larger UV cameras than it are the industrial ones.

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The device uses UV LEDs and an automatic turntable to ensure uniform polymerization of the object from all sides, regardless of its size.

The device measures 28 x 28 x 40 cm, weighs 5 kg and has a chamber for processing objects of a cylindrical shape, 27 cm high and with a base of 22 centimeters diagonally (circular automatic turntable).

The machine emits ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 405 nanometers in a time range of one minute to two hours. It also draws current from standard power grids (100-240 V, 50-60 Hz).

Phrozen Cure Luna Safety

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The camera cannot be turned on when the protective cap is removed. During operation, the lid must be firmly in place at all four corners,. Otherwise, the device will not turn on and a warning alarm will be sounded.

Phrozen Cure Luna Control

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Phrozen Cure Luna controls are simple and similar to that of the previous versions of the Phrozen Cure. The controls comprise of a three-digit digital indicator of the selected or remaining time and several buttons.

  • The pink button is for turning the power on and off.
  • S – select from preset intervals of 5, 10 and 20 minutes.
  • M – switch to manual time selection.
  • Yellow up and down arrow buttons – increase and decrease the number of minutes for manual selection, in the mode turned on by button M.

Reliability of the Phrozen Cure Luna

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The Phrozen Cure Luna is equipped with ultraviolet LEDs with a service life of about 40,000 hours of continuous operation. That’s almost eleven years if you use the device for 10 hours every day. The timer and turntable are also unlikely to cause any problems unless they are coated with resin and handled carelessly.

This UV camera is sold with a 1 year manufacturer guarantee.

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Pros and Cons of Phrozen Cure Luna


  • The 360° rotating platform, together with three-sided diodes, give a full, uniform and sufficiently powerful illumination.
  • Can process many resin prints at once. Any resin 3D print from a desktop 3D printer will fit and can be processed in Cure Luna.
  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • High reliability and durability.


  • The camera only offers UV treatment only. There is no rinsing like we have in Anycubic Wash and Cure 2.0. However, Wash and Cure is significantly inferior in other features.
  • The camera is quite expensive for beginners.(check current price.). However, he price is justified by the power and volume of the device, the service life and reliability.

Should I Buy Phrozen Cure Luna?

If you are into resin 3D printing, Phrozen Cure Luna is a great accessory to have. It will make your post-processing work easier, thanks to its large volume, power and extensive runtime control options.

While it has a simple design, this curing station functions well and will last for many years without breakdowns or any special maintenance. And the price, which may seem high at first, will pay off many times over with thousands of high-quality models.


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