Panospace One 3D Printer Review

Heard of Panospace’s 3D printer and are wondering what to expect. Find out the features, specs, performance and print quality of the unit in this Panospace One 3D printer review.

Panospace is a fast-growing 3D printing company. The company’s flagship 3D printer is the Panospace One, a  uniquely-shaped futuristic-looking unit. We had an opportunity to test this 3D printer and are ready with our review. By the end of reading this article, you should be able to know whether the printer will be right for you.

Panospace One 3D Printer Review: Overview

panospace one 3d printer


Paospace One is a budget consumer 3D printer at the mid-range level. The 3D printer is excellent for hobbyists and small businesses that need fast prototype prints.

This 3D printer is very well thought out in terms of design and frame. The unit has a futuristic design and comes with comprehensive setup instructions with illustrations. After going through the guide, you will be ready to print your first 3D models in about 10 minutes.

The Panospace 3D printer comes fully assembled and ready to print. If you are a beginner and are wary of installing and calibrating a 3D printer, this Panospace unit is for you.

Technical Specs

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Feature Specification
Display Widescreen display with color
Accuracy 15 micron X and Y positioning accuracy
Filament PLA – 1.75 mm in 326 g-rolls. Filament brackets can be downloaded from the website, in case of larger rolls
Build volume 150 x 150 x 150 mm
Print resolution 0.25 mm
Number of printheads: 1
Nozzle diameter 0.4 mm
Printer dimensions 407 x 288 x 333 mm
Heated building platform No
Net weight 7.8 kg
Accessories 1 filament roller, scraper, adhesive pen, Quick start guide and adjustment key

Video Overview

Here is a short video showing how the Panospace One 3D printer works:

In our tests, the quality of our 3D prints surprisingly exceeded our expectations. We got good results, even at lower stock heights than the printer should handle according to specification. This is mainly because the printer is made of quality components for better accuracy, low noise levels and longevity.

Panospace One 3D printer prints at significantly higher speeds than many competitors in the price range. The printer’s linear bearings ensure good results, unlike axial bearings that most cheap printers have.

We had to take the 3D printer to see whether it’s capable of printing the 3D Benchy. This 3D model is commonly used as a benchmark to test the capability of a 3D printer. Read more about benchmark tests here:

We were able to print the 3D Bency in just under 60 minutes with infill and speed settings at medium. This is relatively fast.

The Benchy came out nicely!

3d benchy

The printer has a build volume of 15 x 15 x 15 cm. Moreover, it is a single head extruder. Therefore, you can only print in one color at a time, unlike is the case with dual-head extruder 3D printers. We would have preferred if the unit was a dual extruder.

The built-in holder can only accommodate small filament coils. However, if you want to use filaments that are larger than 1.75mm with this unit, you can download a filament adapter on Panospace website, which can be mounted on the printer.

panospace one filament adapter
Large Filament Adapter

Ease of Use

The 3D printer comes pre-assembled and does not need to be calibrated. Just plug in and print. This makes it one of the best 3D printers for beginners.

The Panospace One 3D printer is easy to use. The unit has clear menus and a full-colour touch screen. You can access all settings that you need in just a few presses.

The 3D printer has a  USB port and 8GB microSD card

Panospace 3D printers have built-in filament brackets for their own filament of a small smaller model, the filament works well for the printer without any craziness at all. If so, it’s great to print a custom filament holder for standard rolls and let them stand next to the printer.

Design and Software

Most 3D printers have a “box-shaped” bulky design. However, Panospace One is a little different. This 3D printer has a unique frame shape and sleek finish that leaves an elegant impression. You will want to place the 3D printer on your desk!

So far, we’ve got nothing but good things to say about the Panospace One 3D printer. However, the first drawback we realized is that the printer is locked to the company’s proprietary slicer software, the Panobuilder. The software can sometimes be a bit buggy and contains some spelling mistakes.

panobuilder software
Panobuilder Software

For example, we realized that the software prints at the same speed, regardless of whether you choose slow, medium or fast. Also, over time, we experienced the software crashing occasionally.

The Panobuilder is easy to understand and use. However, it lacks some advanced settings, such as being able to choose spiral infill or prints for the advanced user.

Update: After our tests, Panospace updated their slicer software. It is now more stable and can now print in slow, medium, and fast option
The printer comes with a software called Panobuilder, which can be downloaded from their website and works both for Mac / PC.

Panospace One 3D printer uses PLA plastic filament (1.75 mm). After slicing your model through Panobuilder, you can connect the printer to your computer using a USB cable to start printing. Alternatively, you can print your models straight from the 8GB microSD card that is shipped with the printer.

The printer cannot print through Wi-Fi or other wireless networks. Therefore, you will need to put it next to your computer. Of course, make sure you’ve placed the printer on a sturdy 3D printer desk.

To ensure your print stands on the printing plate, you can use the included adhesive pen that comes in the box. Simply lubricate a layer of glue on the glass plate and start printing.  This simple solution works!

The Panospace One 3D printer operates relatively fast. We were able to print large models that fill most of the build volume in 4 to 8 hours, depending on the complexity.

The resolution is not high enough for building watch gears. However, we found it excellent for hobby work, for example, creating a new handle for the kitchen cabinet.

3d printed kitchen cabinet handles
3D Printed Kitchen Cabinet Handles

Most of the models we printed were both solid and without any major flaws.

Should You Buy the Panospace One 3D Printer?

The Panospace One is an easy-to-use 3D printer that comes fully assembled. Therefore, we highly recommend it for beginners.

The print quality is fine, but will not be great for your miniature projects. However, for a first prototype or for the hobbyist 3D printing enthusiast, this unit will be great.

This printer will be great for :

Private Use: For the hobby user who needs a fully-assembled printer ready to use, the Panospace One 3D printer is a great option. The unit is easy to use and can print everyday items, such as toys, kitchenware, blossoms, spare parts, etc.

Small Business: Panospace One is perfect for small businesses that do not want to invest too much in prototype R&D. The printer is easy to use, even for those who are not experienced. We can confidently say that it is one of the best 3D printers for small businesses.

Schools & Universities: The unit is also great for schools that rely on 3D printers for various class projects. The 3D printer can help students develop their creativity in all types of subjects. This is one of the best 3D printers for schools.

Our Verdict

Panospace One is a great 3D printer for those who want to get started quickly. This printer works straight out of the box and is quite affordable.

The quality of printouts and ease of use are far above average, compared to their competitors. This is a good 3D printer for beginners. However, it won’t cut out for more polished 3D models. If you are a profession, you might want to check our list of the best 3D printers for professionals.

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