Ortur Laser Master 15W Review

Since the Creality CP-01 3in1 printer with its 0.5 watt laser head, I’ve got a taste for lasers. Such a laser is not a toy, but the little hobbyist in me was awakened and I could already imagine one or the other Christmas present for relatives that could at least partially be made with such a laser.

In the case of the CP-01, the laser is only 0.5 watts – the Ortur Laser Master 15 W laser engraving device tested here is, as the name suggests, 15 watts at least on paper. Now, unfortunately, it does not behave as I had thought. In my head it went something like this:

The 0.5 mm “paints” only a little on wood with its force, then the 15 mm theoretically has to cut through 5 mm panels like butter.

But let’s start from the beginning with the scope of delivery and the first screwing together. As with 3D printers etc. from China, the package is packed in the Tetris style with a lot of foam around it.

Ortur Laser Master 15W Review 1

Inside the package is the laser engraver in its rough individual parts. Important things, such as the laser including the fan, etc. itself or the motors and V-belts on the axles are already assembled in advance.

Basically, you only have to screw the two axes together with four screws and attach the laser to its place on one of the axes with two more screws and a cable tie (everything is included).

Then plug in 2-3 cables and that’s it. The well-illustrated “manual” shows these steps clearly and point by point.

Ortur Laser Master 15W Review 2
Ortur Laser Master 15W Review 3
Ortur Laser Master 15W Review 4

As I said, the assembly is done in a few minutes. Unpacking the laser engraver takes almost longer than the actual assembly.

For those who can do something with it, here are a few small technical details about the Ortur Laser Engraver:

  • Laser wavelength (nm): 445 ± 5nm
  • Laser Power: 15W (Input: 12V 1.85A)
  • Laser Reaching Range: 160 * 150mm
  • Power adapter 12v 3A
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • 32-bit motherboard

After unpacking the laser engraver, the LaserGRBL software must be downloaded and set up on a Windows computer . By the way, the only facility meant is that a few more buttons are added to the app that the laser specifically needs and then you can start. The language of LaserGRBL can even be set to German!

But before we start with the laser, the usual and important note :

NoteAs always, the essential safety glasses are important! If the laser accidentally shines in the eyes, this can have really bad consequences.

What is possible with the laser?

Here I am very curious to see whether the manufacturer hits too much on the proverbial shit, or whether cutting with the laser is actually possible. In any case, Gearbest says in the description of the laser engraving device :

  • 15W engrave: wood, bamboo, carton, plastic, leather, PCB, aluminum, non-reflective galvanized metal, blackened knife
  • 15W cutting: cardboard, fleece, thin wood chips, thin plastic

In the case of the Ortur Engraver, the power of the laser can be set in steps S0-S1000 , which enables deeper lasing or just engraving. Conventional even cheaper or weaker lasers are made to laser a little deeper by changing the focus point or adjusting the height.

Manufacturers usually save themselves an extensive table or information about which settings are best used to print or laser which material. In the case of the Ortur 15W laser, however, there is actually a table that provides at least a rough direction and enables faster approach to the correct settings for the respective material.

Ortur Laser Master 15W Review 5

There are some materials in the scope of delivery that can be tried out. From a little thicker paper to slightly thicker plastic (foamy), a small metal tag, plexiglass and much more.

The Ortur Laser Engraver has a motion sensor, which deactivates the laser if it should be tilted or jerked. A security feature not to be despised, in my opinion.

The actual test on different materials

The following video shows a few examples achieved with the laser. So material is actually cut here.

I would of course like to show you my own results, but I just unpacked the laser and tried it out briefly. Everything still worked without any problems.

Then a firmware update was leaked to me, which I had packed on the laser. Since then, one of the two axes can no longer be controlled via the app. Homing when switching on the laser does not work with both axes either. So something went wrong with the update.

I’m currently waiting for a downgrade file so that I can provide you with more material. For now you have to be satisfied with the video above. So far I have only tried 3mm thick wood and even with a thickness of 250 (1000 are possible) it was already lasered 1mm deep. The wood should actually be cut through with full force.

Of course, I will provide you with further information as soon as the laser works completely again and I have been able to try out the various materials.

What else?

There are various glasses to protect the eyes when working with a laser. Gearbest also has such glasses in its range . Either order directly or keep an eye out for other high-quality glasses on the web. You should only make sure that the protection of the glasses corresponds to the wavelength of the laser used. Of course, glasses are also included, but who wants to save money when it comes to eyesight?

Conclusion on the Ortur 15W Laser Engraver

The Ortur 15W Laser Engraver is currently listed at Amazon. if you are not too stupid for an update like me, it is definitely worth considering.

Of course, it is only worth buying if you have a suitable and well-ventilated craft room, because the odor development depending on the material being processed is quite noticeable.

Nevertheless, such a laser should be a chic gadget for pretty much every hobbyist. Whether you paint a saying on a Vesper board, laser and glue the next Christmas cards made of paper and cardboard, and much more.

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