Nova3D Bene4 Review

The Nova3D Bene4 3D Printer is a small, simple and reliable 3D printer, best suited for use on 3D printed farms: its compact size allows multiple machines to fit in a confined space, while Wi-Fi connectivity eliminates unnecessary wires. Find out more by reading the article.

Nova3D Bene4 Review

Nova3D Bene4 Review 1


Nova3D Bene Specifications

Printing Specifications

Resolution 2560*1600
X Y Axis Position Accuracy 0.05mm
Print size ( X Y Z ) 130 x 70 x 150mm
Print Speed 30 – 40mm height/h (max)
Layer Resolution 0.025-0.1mm
Print Precision (Layer Thickness) 50 x 50um

Mechanical Specifications

Exposure Time 2-15s
Touch Screen 4.3 inch color display.

Software Specifications

3D Printing Software NovaMake
Supported File Formats STL,OBJ,NMK
Operating System Windows 7/8/10

Electrical Specifications

AC Input 110-240V
Power Requirements DC 12V / 50W
Connectivity (Interface) Wifi, Ethernet or LAN Connection, USB Flash Drive

Electronics Specifications

Electronics (Motherboard) Quad-core Cortex A7 1.5G

Shipping Specifications

Machine weight 9.5 kg
Shipping box weight 10.5 Kg
Machine Dimensions 236mm*243mm*421mm


What’s in the Box?

nova bene4 items
Items that Come in the Box

Nova3D Bene 4 comes with:

  • Power supply unit and cable to it,
  • Four pairs of nitrile gloves, for the first time, you need more,
  • One FEP film for the bath, you also need to buy a spare one ,
  • Plastic spatula,
  • A set of keys and spare screws,
  • Side cutters, they are also nippers, for removing supports from printed models,
  • USB flash drive for storing 3D model files,
  • A pair of filter funnels for draining and filtering photopolymer,
  • Spray bottle for isopropanol, for cleaning surfaces from liquid polymer residues and rinsing printed models.

Description of Nova3D Bene 4

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Nova3D Bene 4 is a modern and one of best resin 3D printers under $500 . It is equipped with a hinged cover, which makes operation easier – unlike a removable cover, it can be opened with one hand and you do not have to look for where to put it. Robust and stable all-metal body and linear guide with ball screws ensure stable printing.

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The 2K LCD screen provides 10% more uniform illumination than previous models, saving 8% energy. Find out more about the features of Bene 4 below.

Features of Nova3D Bene 4

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The touch control display with a diagonal of 4.3 inches is informative and has a user-friendly interface.

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The printer is equipped with 8 GB of memory, can download models for printing via Wi-Fi and online, which makes it more convenient to work with multiple machines at the same time.

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The legs of the photopolymer bath protect against damage to the FEP film by friction against the backlight screen, preventing polymer spillage and maintaining the quality of prints. The inner walls are chamfered, which makes it easier to drain the polymer into bottles when printing is interrupted. The bath, as well as the printing platform, are made by milling on a CNC machine, and not by casting, which ensures their dimensional accuracy.

Print volume Nova3D Bene 4 allows you to create objects with dimensions up to 130x70x150 mm.

The most simple and familiar calibration: set the platform to the lower position and adjust the pressure with a sheet of paper – it should pass between the platform and the screen with resistance.

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Side inward access to disconnect the LCD wires when replacing, makes replacing the light source simple and safe by eliminating the possibility of accidentally ripping off the ribbon.

The manufacturer provides a one-year warranty for the printer, excluding the FEP film and backlight screen, and also provides lifetime technical support.

Pros and cons of Nova3D Bene 4

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  • The hinged lid is very convenient.
  • Excellent print quality.
  • Thoughtful and high quality bath.
  • Wi-Fi connection.


  • The USB connector is on the back, which is inconvenient.
  • Proprietary file format. NovaMaker software is not the most convenient, and when using Chitubox or Prusaslicer, you will have to convert the model files.
  • The hinged lid requires space behind the printer, it cannot be placed close to the wall, which somewhat reduces the compactness.

Nova3D Bene 4 print samples

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Nova3D Bene4 Review 10

Nova3D Bene4 Review 11


Nova3D Bene4 Review 12


Nova3D Bene4 Review 13

Nova3D Bene 4 is an affordable high quality 2K photopolymer printer that is perfect for both hobbyist 3D printing and professional 3D farm use. Stability of printing and the quality of the resulting surfaces do not cause any questions. Nothing is perfect, and there are downsides – proprietary file format, inconveniently located USB port – but the pluses of this 3D printer, usability and print quality override them.

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